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The Secrets in the Proposal: Post Episode Discussion


Hey, hey, hey!

Well, how did you like this episode?


The comments are open, but please remember…no spoilers…or else!


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32 thoughts on “The Secrets in the Proposal: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I’m so glad they resolved what everyone was worried about so quickly. B&B can beat anything that Pelant can throw at them. I’m just surprised that Brennan doesn’t realize it’s Pelant.

  2. LOVED IT!
    Fave scenes: Brennan w/ Aldo. I loved when he called her “Booth’s girl.”
    The final scene. The looks on Booth’s face. Oh dear.
    I’m all teary and then there’s a preview with Tony & Roxie and I’m laughing out loud. Then back to the tears as I think about tonight’s ep.
    Now I must go do some laundry.

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you like the premier?? I thought it was amazing!

    -Booth killed me as predicted. He is carrying a heavy burden and clearly suffering because of it.

    -When he told Brennan in the hotel room “I would die for you. I love you”, my heart just ached for him.

    -I liked Aldo and Booth confiding in him. He is the one that turned the tide for B&B. Brennan knew he was right about Booth always having a good reason for doing things.

    -Booth sleeping in his office was sexy!

    -Cocky belt buckle replaced by the gun belt buckle.

    -I thought the ending was perfect! Brennan trusts Booth and now knows he will tell her when he can

    -OMG!! Brennan telling Booth, next time he has to ask her to marry her. “I will. As soon as I can” Waahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Pelant is listening!! The clock flashed to 4:47 as a signal.

    I am so glad B&B are solid.

  4. Um…that was a really, really good, albeit very painful episode. HH & SN did a really solid job establishing why Booth couldn’t tell Brennan the truth and man if I didn’t see glimpses of season 5 Booth and season 6 Brennan in there as well. I just about started bawling when Booth told her he’d die for her. I hate that Booth has to be angsty, but man DB does it so well. And poor Brennan talking about phases of love and being so afraid that she’s lost Booth…so. well. done.

    I loved the scene between the priest/bartender and Brennan in the end and Brennan telling Booth she has faith in him (and bravo to Aldo? for telling Booth that Brennan would never forgive him if he told her the truth and people died because of it! So true). That’s the difference between season 5 and earlier Brennan and season 8/9 Brennan. She can still believe in Booth even if everything in her is screaming that it’s not rational to do so.

    Great episode and great character growth.

  5. Oh and I loved how spot on Hodgins was when he told Angela to trust Booth. I also liked how in character Angela was – fiercely loyal to Brennan and how Cam reminded Booth of how fragile Brennan is.

    Great acting by DB and ED! I really felt the strain in the relationship in the beginning.

  6. Thoughts I typed while I watched:
    Bar priest felt random at first…he grew on me by the end!
    Booth calling Sweets and Caroline as “mom and dad”
    Dead bodies get Booth out of things
    Christine wanted to talk to her daddy…rip my heart out
    Mind your own business Camille…ouch
    B and B are so sadddd…this is heartcrushing
    Poor Booth is so alone! No one is on his side!!
    I’d die for you, I love you…wow, DB. Great job. I felt Booth trying to transmit his love to her!
    Finding a STAPES… anyone else think first case??
    Daisy and Hodgins…Together again!!!! Yay!
    I liked the lawyer because she complimented him about being tenacious, no one is on Booth’s side here!
    Come on Brennan!!! Realize the pattern is already disrupted, and Booth would NEVER reject you.
    Booth got to high ground, sniper style. Opposite of catching Broadsky.
    Conspiracy theory Hodgins is back!!
    Angela is annoying, use your “spiritual” skills to know Booth is suffering… Have faith in Booth like you say you do in Hodgins!
    Daisy high fiving herself. I like her, by golly!!
    Finally Cam sees that Booth is suffering! She was mean to him at first….
    Caroline catching Booth sleeping. And she adores hi !
    Booth…CIA someday? Hinting ?

    The PROMO!

    Ah. I feel better. 🙂 🙂

  7. I plan to watch it again tomorrow! So goooood!

    When Booth said, “Give me more time, I just need more time!” when he thought Brennan was going to say she was leaving him, you could literally feel the weight of his anguish at keeping such a devastating secret. And Brennan, thinking Booth was looking for a new relationship. 😦

    Great job DB & ED.

  8. I just love this final scene. DB’s facial expressions kill me.

    Here is a clip if someone wants to see the final scene again.

  9. I loved this episode! It reminded me again why I fell in love with this show. The amount of acting that DB and ED can do with just their expression and zero dialogue always amazes me. I loved Caroline and Sweets and Mmmm Freddie Prinze Jr. and I loved Booth’s friend. I hope we see more of him and nothing bad happens to him. 🙂 And the Angela quote “Detachment isn’t really my thing.”, that’s totally me. 🙂

  10. Very good. Need to think:)

  11. Wonderful episode. Really. Their sadness was just so heartbreaking. I am so so so glad that they’re doing better now. 4:47. It still hurt though watching the episode and them both just miserable. Angela was annoying. I wanted to hug Booth. I can’t think of anything else to say at the moment besides time for me to head to work.

    • I can’t be mad at Angela. If my husband started acting distant all of a sudden and it kept up for three months I think my best friend would be pretty upset with him. I can see where she’s coming from. She’s just trying to be there for Brennan.

      • I can understand her wanting to be there for Brennan but that doesn’t mean she has to completely ignore the kind of man she knows Booth to be. Angela can be supportive of Brennan without assuming the worst.

      • ^ THIS! Thank you, “lifeofaguboid”. That is exactly my thoughts about Angela. For all her supposed insights about people, she’s way off. I understand wanting to protect and support your friend. But you know she leans on you to explain social situations, and to be constantly laying doubts and fears at Brennan’s feet is just wrong. She’s known Booth for years…she should definitely know that he’d never willingly do that!! Ever! And that’s why Booth got SO mad at her when she threw out that “fling” comment. Ooh, she made me mad too! That was a low blow.

      • I mean the worst about Booth.

      • I can’t be mad at Angela either. She’s hurt and angry and frustrated for her best friend and let it out on Booth. I don’t believe she really meant what she said. She’s an action person like Caroline and I love that about her. Even so she’s not nearly as bad off as Brennan must be and Booth is at the end of his rope. When Brennan, Angela, & Daisy were in the diner and Brennan said Booth was going to a strip club, Angela said she didn’t believe that (paraphrasing) and when Daisy started running off at the mouth about Booth, Angela stuffed Daisy’s mouth shut! Hats off to Hodgins for not doubting Booth and supporting Brennan in a split second “Go” (to lunch with Booth). Glad to see Cam finally supporting the relationship. I don’t feel she has ever cared about Brennan & Booth together. Cam’s forgotten Brennan’s words and actions in “The Doctor in the Den” regarding Cam taking in Michelle, “The Proof in the Pudding” Cam stating what Brennan did for Booth, & “The Mastodon in the Room” regarding Cam – Cam was really out of line regarding Brennan in that one – IMO. Good to see Brennan seeking out evidence regarding the supposed strip club. Loved Aldo. Can’t imagine Booth’s relief, at least in some small measure at Brennan’s words and actions at the end. She’s not leaving. She trusts him. She loves him.

  12. It was a wonderful episode. I worried throughout the first half. Bones seemed headed for the door. But just in time, Aldo gave her food for thought and she realized the “logic” in what he had to say. I am looking forward to Penalt’s comeuppance. That might be a cliffhanger.

  13. More thoughts about Brennan’s reactions to Booth’s secret., after I’ve thought about it overnight:

    She’s a rational scientist, right? Even in the diner, she talked about something has to “disrupt the pattern”, implying that if he didn’t come clean, she was leaving. I was screaming at the TV “BRENNAN!! BOOTH HAS ALREADY DISRUPTED THE PATTERN! CAN’T YOU SEE?!”

    He was already acting way out of character by his action to stop the wedding. That should have triggered the “Something seriously wrong is happening”. I could not believe after all their talks, that Cam would accuse him of cold feet. That Angela, whom Brennan trusts as an advisor, would tell her that he’s lying. That Sweets and Caroline were suspicious. I felt that no one, besides Hodgins, understood something was drastically wrong. I mean, Booth had to seek out a man who he’d not seen in years to have someone to talk to! Even though Hodgins seemed to support him, he was not very vocal in that support.

    I just felt that the people that should’ve supported him did not, that his friends really let him down. I was glad that by the end, Cam seemed to change her mind about Booth, Hodgins did tell Angela to chill, and Brennan “saw the light”, so to speak and apologized. Glad it was resolved, mostly.

    • But he IS lying to her, regardless of the reason, that’s exactly what he’s doing. His friends didn’t let him down, nobody was telling Brennan to run for the hills, (except Daisy), quite the opposite. They were mad at Booth in some cases, confused about the situation in others, but they all wanted them to work it out. When Booth doesn’t share and is behaving the way he was, it’s hard not to feel as they did.

      • Well, I still feel someone should have asked the question “Why”. Why would Booth give up his dream? Why would Booth risk losing the love of his life? Why would Booth mess with something he’s wanted so badly, he is going against his religious faith for it?!

        But I’ll pose another question: What should Booth have done instead? What would you have done?

      • I don’t think we’re questioning whether he could’ve done something else, but I think it’s completely acceptable that they weren’t all puppies and rainbows towards him. He did lie, he is breaking her heart. Maybe they asked WTH is up with him? But they were all met with “mind your own business”.

    • Good catch. Booth has already disrupted the pattern. I didn’t see that. Thanks for pointing that out and all your other good points.

      • My comment above – agreeing Booth having already disrupted the pattern – was in reply to “bb” and came out in the wrong place. Sorry about that.

  14. That’s where the confusion and anger came form…..everybody wondering/ asking why did Booth change his mind? And receiving no explanation!

    Booth walking around being snide and standoffish but not explaining anything….to his friends.

    Brennan states it wonderfully in the diner ” I don’t even know everything is!”

    Booth can have all the most wonderful reasons in the world but if he’s not explaining them….there’s going to be a negative reaction.

    If you trying to understand your friend is met with “Mind your business”. What reaction should there be…oh, he’s in a mood. Oh ye faithful, Booth will explain when he feels like….I think not!

    • It’s pretty well established that Booth can be very snide and standoffish with his friends when he wants them to stay out of his business. Sweets anyone?

    • Booth apparently does not want to discuss it. He is feeling guilty and miserable over what he had to do and for breaking Brennan’s heart. I can understand the negative reactions, but I also understand why Booth is acting this way.

  15. The NSA said they owed Booth one. Do you think Booth could get them to help out on the Pelant case?

  16. I’m guessing that’s where they’re going with the whole CIA thing. It would be great to see Freddie Prinze Jr again! 🙂

  17. I too would like to see Freddie Prinze Jr’s character again. But, he did offer Booth a job at the CIA and Booth said he would consider it.

  18. I personally found the episode to be a big yawn. Borrrrring! I love Bones and have watched every single episode since season 1, but they better pick up the interest level or I might be done. I understand they needed to focus on the relationship between Booth and Bones and the case took a back seat, but it was crummy case. It was really poorly written for the first of a season. overall—- YAWN.
    Love Freddie Prince Jun. though- never seen Booth back off something so quickly

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