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Hello and a happy Wednesday to you around the world!

Okay, so I liked how the season premiere began, with Booth giving a confession, and then the camera panning out to the bar and Aldo basically being like “stop, seriously” in good old fashioned male bonding, haha.

I admit I felt trepidation about this new character of Aldo, mainly because of an article I read (I think with Hart Hanson) saying that Aldo knows Booth better than Brennan does.



So, I was hesitant. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that his character worked (for me) and that he supported Booth and Brennan in a way that was beneficial to both of them. It will be interesting to see if Booth finds out that Brennan went to see him (or if what happens at the bar stays at the bar—then again, Aldo told most of Booth’s stuff to Brennan, so probably not, haha).


So far, here are the pros and cons I’ve come up with. Feel free to add your own in the comments!



1. A friend for Booth to talk to

2. A somewhat impartial POV (vs. the folks at the lab, etc.)

3. Another cool place for B&B to get a drink after a case



1. Because of the nature of it (confessions, friendship, etc.), it will be interesting to see what they do with the character of Sweets, since he has filled that role (for better or worse) over the past couple of years

2. Sometimes adding a new character means less screen time for the existing characters. This is what happened throughout season 4, with the original rotation of new squinterns. It depends on whether they will try to develop Aldo’s character at all or basically just make him a ‘prop with a mouth’ so to speak, and only use as needed.


Okay, thoughts?


14 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of Aldo

  1. My thoughts on Aldo:

    *Jarring at first to have a newbie suddenly be so important to Booth that we’ve never heard of, ala “The Finder”
    *He grew on me throughout the episode. Like you said, he helped Booth and Brennan both.
    *I like how he got the message to Brennan by restating Booth’s commitment to marriage, and his love for her, thereby letting Brennan know something big without revealing the dangerous actual truth.
    *Is Aldo in danger now? Does Pelant have some tracking device on Booth?
    *I liked his general vibe, but I hope Booth doesn’t need to go there alone too much anymore! I don’t want Booth sad drinking.

  2. I would have liked it more if Aldo had been introduced earlier and then became a Booth earpiece, but without the availability of Stephen Fry, what are you going to do?

    Aldo was understated which helped sell the character. I especially liked that Booth felt the need to go to someone and it happened to be Aldo who clarified his thinking about telling Brennan the truth. Three months of tension, Cam telling him he’s losing Brennan, Brennan telling him the same thing, and a pissed-off Angela accusing him of having a fling and he’s at the breaking point. Going to Sweets just isn’t going to cut it because he can’t trust what will be shared with Pelant if Pelant is able to hack into his files, then anything he records electronically could be used against Booth.

    So Also is the go-to guy for character confessions. Okay. But he’s got to be woven into the show a bit like Caroline and Max in order for him to be more than the walking-talking prop. I hope they pull it off because he’s interesting and I’d love for someone to have a take on some of the other characters. Caroline calls them out in her own way, but to see a “civilian” do that would be fun.

  3. I love Sweets, and I would like to see him taken more seriously. Although I understand his character has developed in such a way as to undermine his maturity. I totally enjoy his interactions with Booth, but can we lighten up on the “okay, that’s enough” psychology. Certain attitudes are integral to the characters, but growth is a definite plus in a show this good.

  4. I liked the way they used Aldo without going too far with the “I know Booth better than you” theme. I hope we see more of him!

  5. “It will be interesting to see if Booth finds out that Brennan went to see him (or if what happens at the bar stays at the bar—then again, Aldo told most of Booth’s stuff to Brennan, so probably not, haha).”

    But if Aldo told Brennan what happened at the bar while she was IN the bar, wouldn’t what happened at the bar still stay at the bar?!?

    Okay, moving on. I was definitely a bit skeptical about Aldo when I first read about him over the summer, but he definitely exceeded my expectations during Monday’s episode.

    I didn’t think about him taking screen time away from Sweets and the squints…but I suppose that’s possible. I’ll be interested to see if his role extends any beyond the resolution of the Pelant arc.

    • Stephanie, I’d say his role is up to A) how we as fans receive him-which seems positive over all and B) if the actor finds a different role/gets busy 🙂

  6. I really liked Aldo. Booth & him have a history together and had bonded during war times so their close relationship is understandable. Booth confiding in his friend, calling him “father” because he needed that aspect of his old friend to be there for him. He needed to confess this terrible “sin” he is carrying around. Aldo is more of a spiritual adviser for Booth, whereas Sweets can advise on other matters.

    I like the way he helped Brennan see things about Booth. I can see him being a friend to both of them. I hope to see more of him. He did advise Booth he would have to kill Pelant.

  7. I liked Aldo…All characters are new at some point…even Caroline, Max, Sweets, Gordon Gordon, Jared, Avalon, Parker, Pops, Russ, the Squinterns, Booth’s mom etc….I don’t get my some Bones fans react to new characters like they are the plague, thinking like that means that the main cast can only interact with each other and how boring would that be…….AND its not like Aldo is a series regular now just cos he had a few scenes in the prem..he has only been booked for at least 3 eps for the entire season,.. just like Dannys character….I LOVE that Booth has a friend of his own age to talk too as a support systen cos quite frankly Booth basically talking to a work colleague Sweets (who should of had Booths back in the prem, since he knew Booth was excited to be engaged to Brennan and pointed out that Pelant would react to this, yeah were was this info? Sweets FAIL ), who has serious boundaries issues, was getting unbelievable to me…so bring on Aldo and Danny Booth needs friends who have his back/support system. .

    • I go for # 1 and # 3
      He will be a friend for Booth and Bones and I like the idea for them to go and have a drink after a case.
      Of course it is possible that Aldo knows more about Booth then Brennan does. He was his confessor during a dark time in Booth life, when he was officially a sniper for the Military. I think Booth character has not shown us all about him, what really happen before he met Bones
      I thought it was very unusually for Bones to go through Booth pockets, where she found receipts for the Bar. She thought it was a Strip- Club and was surprised that she was the only one there and Aldo told her she might start a trend. That gave her quite a relieve, that it was apparently not a Strip-Club and made her see Booth in a better light.
      Aldo just popping up on the show is not that unusually. He stopped being a Priest 8 years ago and who knows what he had done in the meantime. Maybe he came to Washington and Booth found out about him open a Bar.

      • I thought it was strange too that she jumped to the conclusion that it was a strip club and not just a bar. So much for needing proof.
        I’m not sure I’d say Aldo knows Booth better than Brennan. He certainly knows different things about him and has seen his darker side, but I’m sure Brennan knows things about Booth that Aldo doesn’t know.
        I didn’t have a problem with him suddenly popping up either. Thats’s how all new characters start. They have to be introduced to the audience somehow. I was totally on board with the back story they supplied for us.

      • The strip club thing seemed very odd to me. I didn’t think finding the receipts or business cards in the pocket was odd though. I assume they share laundry/dry cleaning duties. After too many incidents of washing things that shouldn’t be washed I always try to check pockets when doing laundry.

  8. Love Aldo! Have long wanted a friend for Booth. I hoped it would be Flynn since he was around, and Gordon Gordon hasn’t been around (love Stephen Fry) on a regular basis, and I have long lost respect for Sweets and would like him gone. I also have never cared for the rotating interns because I’ve been in this since the beginning and I hate what was done to Zach. I loved him. The interns take too much precious time away from the main characters and we get so little time as it is. I think that’s one reason why the earlier seasons were so great, that and the better writers and other reasons regarding the earlier seasons. There was a bond there that was lost when Zach was sacked. Hope to see Aldo on a regular basis. His arrival is long overdue.

    While I’m on the subject of Zach though this isn’t who this post is about, I can’t believe they’ve let 5 seasons/years go by without ONE episode to set Zach’s record straight. IMHO – Ludicrous.

  9. I loved Aldo and was happy to see Booth with a grown up man as a friend and confidant. I’m hoping JFD will become so wildly successful that we will be forced to see less and less of Sweets. I just don’t think that character is written well.

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