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IDKWTM: 4:47


Hello, and happy Friday!

This is a little segment called I Don’t Know What That Means (or IDKWTM for short), and this round is brought to you by the number 4 and the number 47, as in…

Originally seen here,

447 two

and was most recently seen here…

447 one

Now, when I watched the premiere, I assumed this meant that Pelant somehow has his tabs on B&B. I was a little annoyed by that, mainly because I really doubt the writers had this plot in mind when they were writing the S4 finale (but maybe they did, who knows?), so it feels like they just toss it in whenever they want to, which makes it lose its meaning a bit, in my opinion.

BUT… I saw several other people happy about the 4:47 sighting, figuring it was more of a supernatural type sign that ‘all is right in the B&B world’, so to speak, which would match up with the S4 finale too.

I’m not sure. Thus the IDKWTM post.

What do you think?

PS… I may do an open letter sometime this weekend. I haven’t done one around here for a long time, but just so you know, when I do them, I don’t allow any comments. So if you see a post from me over the next couple of days, and you can’t comment–that is what is up 🙂


16 thoughts on “IDKWTM: 4:47

  1. IDKWTM either! I’m with you, I’m torn between going “I spotted a 4:47…yay!” to “What the heck does this actually mean, and do the writers know??” I’d like to think that they have a purpose for it, since the fans are so into it…

    Here are some lesser known 447’s:

    I tried to find all the 447s in one place but I can’t find any site that has it…anyone else know?

  2. I have no problem with the random 447 in this episode only because it’s meant to remind us about Pelant. I figure they’re going to pay off the 447 this season somehow and I’ll be patient. Given the fact that Pelant seems to have access to FBI files and Sweets’ files, it could be anything B&B related, but it’s going to have to be a good payoff to include the Pelant creepiness and the bedroom sweetness.

  3. I definitely think it was a reminder that Pelant is always watching.

    Looking forward to your “open letter”!!

    • Sarah makes a good point that we saw 447 way before Pelant entered the scene. So if they want to play this right, they can’t make it all about Pelant.

      Perhaps they can just say, hey, its one of those fun Easter Eggs for the fans to look for. They typically appear before important events, either good or bad. So maybe it doesn’t mean something specific like “Pelant is watching”, but just a general “Hey look at this fans! Something is happening!”

    • That was my initial thought but then I wasn’t sure because the 4:47 thing dates back to so much earlier. (Then I started considering that I am spending WAY too much time thinking about these fictional characters, LOL!)

      I am going with the “it means everything is on the right track in their relationship” explanation because that’s what I want it to mean. 🙂

  4. I do think it’s mainly an Easter Egg. I don’t think it would necessarily indicate something good is happening for B&B because it also appeared in the season five finale which signaled Booth and Brennan going off to different parts of the world. Maybe more along with what I’ve seen others say and that it signals a significant time for them.

  5. Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth.

    I’m inclined to think that when the 4:47 appears on a clock, there’s a deeper meaning attached, but when it appears in random places like the examples bb linked to above – it’s simply an Easter egg (like Fisher’s tower of wings in the season 5 and 6 finales, The Lab shirts in the season 6 finale, and the plaque with VNM’s face on it that’s hanging in the lab).

    Personally, I was very intrigued when the 4:47 showed up on the clock at the end of Monday’s premiere – especially with the way the clock flashed from the time (7 something) to the 4:47 and then back to the normal time. I think it’s clearly supposed to mean something. Like a lot of people, I think it’s a sign that Pelant was watching them (especially when you consider that the 4:47 on the bedroom clock in the season 7 finale showed up AFTER Pelant had been in B&B’s house).

    As far as lack of continuity is concerned…I’m not really all that upset about it. Story lines evolve, things change. I doubt that when HH wrote the season 4 finale he planned to make anything out of the 4:47 at all. I think it’s a lot more likely that particular conversation came up when it came time to write the season 5 finale and it’s evolved since then. All that being said, I do think you can argue for a certain sense of “completion” in terms of the possible original meaning – almost a closing of the loop – that makes it easier to accept the possibility of the meaning changing as the story changes.

    When the clock first showed up in the season 4 finale – B&B were a couple and we find out at the end of the episode, of course, that Brennan is pregnant (too bad it was just a dream, right?!?). If that’s the beginning of the loop, then, simply put, the 4:47 in The Hole in the Heart and then again at Christine’s birth completes the loop (B&B are a couple and have a baby). Incidentally, my theory about the flashing 4:47 in the season 5 finale representing B&B’s broken relationship/partnership does still fit into this timeline! 😉 We would then look at the Pelant arc as a new loop (although I’m honestly not positive if we saw the 4:47 on a clock at any point in season 8…if we did and it doesn’t fit, there goes my theory!). 🙂 Of course if B&B eventually end up getting married at 4:47, then my theory is shot to hell anyway, but I won’t complain!

    I don’t necessarily look at the 4:47 in Monday’s episode as a sign that everything is a-okay between B&B, but at that same time, I still think it’s possible that it’s meant to reassure viewers that everything will eventually be okay (you can look at the clock in the season 7 finale in the same way).

    Heck, at this point it could mean anything (hence the need for an IDKWYM post in the first place)…but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to speculate anyway – even if we (or maybe just me) are completely wrong or reading too much into it.

  6. I agree with you Sarah. I don’t think they were thinking of Pelant in the S4 finale either when the clock read 4:47. I was annoyed too. I felt it diminished the episode and especially the final scene which I loved and thought tied well to the S8 final scene right down to Brennan’s top. The fans latched on to it and I think TPTB took advantage of it and made a mountain out of a mole hill. I don’t mind seeing it as an Easter Egg, but I don’t appreciate them trying to tie it to Pelant. I don’t doubt Pelant is listening and watching B&B but the clock could have just flashed off and on or read 88:88 like when electronics are tested. But I won’t buy 4:47 signifying Pelant no matter what they do.

  7. I think that the timing of the 4.47 appearance in the premiere is definitely supposed to remind us that Pelant is watching. But I do agree with those of you who said that this couldn’t have been HH&Co’s original intention.

    Back in the day, we all thought it meant a ‘significant moment’ in the B&B relationship. I’m starting to think that it’s more about Brennan…her accepting a married life with Booth through her novel, her having second thoughts, her becoming a mother, her leap in faith. I know that these are intrinsically linked to Booth, but I remember reading once that this show is called Bones (rather than Brennan – as it was supposed to be) for a reason. We see her through Booth’s eyes. We’ve watched her grow for 8 seasons. Perhaps there’s some weird mathematical/scientific/logical reasoning with the number.

    Clutching at straws here…

  8. This is not related to 447 but all of this reminded me of another “hidden clue.” In the last episode of Season 5, Booth is approached by a man in uniform requesting that he return to the military. The name on the man’s uniform is Pelant. I believe the episode is the Beginning in the End. Has anyone else noticed this? Bizarre coincidence? Just a reuse of the name Pelant?

    • I did notice that too bj. It’s not the first time they’ve used a name more than once – Jared (3) – Thorne (3) – Pelant (2) – Marianne (2 – need to double check that one) and other names over the years which has always bothered me, especially using the name Jared 3 times and one as a decapitated buried son’s head. I really hated that they used Jared’s name in that episode. Could have used the name Jason at the very least. I think there’s enough name that they don’t need to repeat using them. They established Booth’s younger brother Jared in the first season. The episode with the foster brothers. I don’t think they’re hidden clues. I don’t think they’re aware how often they reuse names.

  9. Other names they use a lot are Hank, Amy and Andy or Andrew. Obviously the Andy/Andrew is a reference to the book version of Brennan in Kathy Reich’s books. The book version of Brennan’s partner is Montreal homicide detective Andrew Ryan.

  10. Funny that after several seasons of seeing 4:47 in several episodes that no one seems to have clued in on what that really means. Yes, it has to do with special moments in Bones and Booths lives, but what it really refers to is having faith in moments where you don’t have proof. What the 4:47 refers to is John 4:47. Now I’m not a religious person by far but the reference fits. What is John 4:47: “When he heard that Jesus was come out of Judaea into Galilee, he went unto him, and besought `him’ that he would come down, and heal his son; for he was at the point of death.” More important is Jesus’s reply in 4:48: So Jesus said to him, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe.” This is why the 4:47 appeared on the clock at the end of episode 1 of this season. Bones was made to realise by the bartender that Booth loves her and that what ever reason he may have to have turned down the marriage, they must be good reasons because he’s a good man and would never do anything to hurt her, which she explains again at the beginning of episode 2 to Angela. So there you have it. It all has to do about having faith in situations where we may not have direct proof or all the reasons. A recurring theme in Bones since the start of the series when the different characters are tested and all signs may point to the contrary. Same thing with what’s happening to Camille with the credit card fraud. Note that the title of episode one is “you gotta have faith”.

  11. So I’ve been rewatching old episodes and I noticed that in the season five finale, the same one with the flashing 4:47, that the soldier’s name who was following Booth was Pelant. Is it a coincidence or was it intentional?

  12. i dont think it has anything to do with Pelant. I assume it is about Brennan and her transition. all her life since her parents “dissapeared” she moulded herself into her own world of science and facts a world where faith and destiny have no roleplay and when she meets Booth its something different for her. 4:47 also shows up when booth and brennan is at a happy place, a place where brennan never saw herself being in, a place where she was scared to go. and im also speculating but will figure it out, it seriously mind boggling.

  13. it means 13 to 5

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