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The Cheat in the Retreat- Post Episode Discussion


Comments are open–did you like this ep?


25 thoughts on “The Cheat in the Retreat- Post Episode Discussion

  1. B&B were funny as Tony & Roxy. Not as sexy as when in Las Vegas the first time.
    But they do love each other and are a couple now.

    Those outfits! Booth aka Tony reminded me of an Italian mobster! I liked seeing Booth in the tank t shirt again. [hehe]
    I think that couple Bill & Evelyn reminded Booth of his “older couples who have been in love for 30, 40 or 50 years.” Booth wants to be married.

    The end scene! I liked what I saw, I just wish we had seen more! I was hoping to at least see B&B in the bed kissing, then fade out. It left me wanting more!

  2. Angela’s still mad at Booth. She said, “He forced you to propose to him”. I don’t see it that way at all.

  3. Thanks, Karen. Why is he still wearing those red shoes??!!

  4. I want a Roxie spin off.

  5. Episode thoughts:

    Booth “bug boy” to Hodgins haha
    Angela “I tend to represent all hot women” Nice.
    Hodgins wanting to help Cam about the identity theft, sweet.
    Angela and Booth, ouch. Uncomfortable.
    My thought: How will Cam buy those dresses with no money!!
    Beet hat vs fertility statue….why does Brennan have that? More Christine’s in the future???
    Brennan in the lodge…interesting 🙂
    Why doesn’t anyone suspect Pelant of the identity theft? Is he involved?
    Where is this Sweets thing coming from? Seems totally out of nowhere…
    Tony and Roxie best in obstacle course! Good relationship between them!
    Brennan happy with her acting skills as Roxy 🙂
    Booth interrogating in his sumo suit!
    The Shoemakers…like Dirty Dancing! Same name too.
    Sweets substandard math skills, good one Brennan… haha
    I’m right here, I’m right here. Awww…Booth

    Great episode. Good fun after last week’s pain.

  6. My sister, mother, and I all laughed pretty much the whole time.
    I really missed Tony and Roxy, even if they seemed a little less steam and a little more married couple this time around.
    Great episode, even though the whole Sweets thing seemed a little out of left field. I get it, but they could have led up to it a bit more.
    Overall, loved it!

  7. I expected to be a bit “it was okay” about this episode when I heard who wrote it, based on the others she’s written. So, I got what I expected.

    It was cute in random moments.

  8. FINALLY!! Someone posted this pic on tumblr!! Booth in yummy tshirt-

    Now I am happy!

    More thoughts on this episode-

    -“I did realize that compared to others, Booth and I have a very good relationship.”

    -“I can’t help it” Booth kissing Brennan.
    I loved the end scene, just wish we had seen a little more!

    “He makes a good point though”

  9. My first thought about Cam’s problems was that Pelant was behind it.

  10. I was very excited about Roxie & Tony coming back but I expected them to be like they were in Vegas only better as Booth was with Cam then and now he’s free with Brennan. I guess that wasn’t realistic. I was disappointed they didn’t have the same fire and chemistry I felt last time. Overall I didn’t think it was that good of an episode.

    • Yes! They were a lot sexier and seemed to be a lot more into each other in the second season than last night. When Tony said “we fit good in all the right places” Roxie was like trying to get away from him, instead of jumping him.

      • I think season 2 tony and roxie were “played” by booth and brennan who still had a lot of UST then? That’s why they were acting that way— ready to jump on each other. And they were at that time (as tony and roxie), engaged to be engaged.

        Tony and roxie season 9 were played by Booth and Brennan who are already in a relationship, practically married and were still dealing with the engagement issue. and so maybe it sort of transferred into the dynamics between tony and roxie. And besides Tony and roxie were at a couple’s retreat so they had to act like they were having problems. That’s just my guess why they were so different.

  11. I loved this episode. Thought the end scene was enough to convey the act without having to show it.

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