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Morning After Q: Three for One


Well, I just can’t think of a singular question that arose from the episode. Sometimes that happens, and usually when it does, it means I liked the episode a lot or really hated it, haha. I liked this episode. It’s not going to go down in history as one of the best ever for me, I don’t think, but there weren’t really any moments where I was angry or sad or anything.

So here are a couple of questions. Feel free to add your own in the comments, as long as they aren’t spoilery…

1. Did last night’s events change your opinion of Cam and Arastoo as a couple at all?

2. While Brennan is trusting Booth, do you think she wants to know his secret because she likes knowing everything, or because she thinks it is upsetting him? (So I guess educational knowing vs. relational knowing)

3. What did you think of Sweets’ decision to take a break?


9 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Three for One

  1. Whew! Three at once! Let’s see:

    1. Hm, nah. Still not digging the Camastoo. I know they are trying hard to make me believe it…For me, it still feels like just something thrown together by the writers to keep Jeffersonian relationships “all in the family” and doesn’t feel like those two would ever be together in real life. I think it might be Cam’s hair. I really hate it.

    2. I was just so freaking proud of Brennan for standing up for Booth in the face of Angela’s anger. Before, she let Angela guide her thinking and emotions, but now that she’s a strong substance, she can stand on what she feels herself, and can tell Angela to shut it :). I liked that she has faith in Booth and can do that. I think that Early Brennan would just have wanted to know just to have that info. Current Brennan just wants Booth to be happy. She can live with the not knowing, except for that it hurts him, which hurts her. And could hurt Christine. So I’d say its a bit of both, really.

    3. Sweets came out of nowhere, man. That was a random freak out. All of the sudden, Sweets is getting everything he says wrong? That’s never been Sweets, ever. I guess they have to give him another side story without Daisy? It seems really shoehorned in the ep, and it felt contrived to me.

    Tony and Roxie still make me LOL. 🙂 It was a good ep.

  2. 1. The Cam thing does nothing for me. And the storyline about identity theft was obviously written by someone who’s never experienced it. Unrealistic and melodramatic.

    2. I’m going to pick C, all of the above. I think Brennan wants to know everything about Booth and that she can see it’s bothering him.

    3. I wasn’t surprised by the Sweets’ line. I think it makes sense for him and that they’ve been leading up to it for a while. I’m interested to see how far they take it!

  3. 1. I know that the actors are trying to sell this relationship, but I don’t feel that they are clicking as a couple chemistry-wise. It feels like one of those work-place relationships that would never have happened otherwise. Maybe if we were to see more of them in contexts outside of the Jeffersonian?
    2. Brennan wants to know everything about the case and she wants to know everything about Booth. I think that’s been borne out over the years– she finds out about his charity work, pushes him on his father and mother, it’s her nature. Since the “secret” has affected her and Christine, I think she feels she has a right to know, even if he obviously cannot tell her. It might be the “partner” thing, but I also think that Brennan is smart enough to figure out that his change of heart might be connected to the most recent Big Bad and I hope that it plays out that way.
    3. Sweets lost it during the last Pelant episode and he was worried about his abilities the last episode. He really lost his mojo here, so I think this move was evolving much more so than when he dumped Daisy.

  4. 1. Cam and Arastoo worked more for me in this episode than they have in the past, but it still seems too contrived to me for me to buy into it fully.

    2. I think Brennan likes knowing everything and she wants to know because she knows it is bothering Booth.

    3. As for the Sweets storyline, I totally buy it. When Daisy went to Maluku, he took a leave of absence from the FBI then as well. When the Gravedigger got shot, remember how despondent he got, when he was in his car replaying the recording? That was a really dark side of Sweets. So last night’s plot line wasn’t out of left field for me. It’s a well-established personality trait of Sweets, the writers just haven’t beaten the audience over the head with it.

    • I think my issue with Sweets is how they brought it out in the episode. Sweets has been conflicted in the past, but he’s never completely lost all of his skill set. It seemed weird to me that he appeared to lose all his “powers” at once, getting every single thing he said wrong. I get him struggling with his purpose and things like that, but having him get everything wrong on his initial profile, then out on the field, that seemed out of left field for me. Then, after all that, he was still in the interrogation room with Booth! If he was doing so poorly, why was he in there?

      I was just confused by it. I guess its just me 🙂

  5. 1. I have never bought Cam & Arastoo as a couple and I still resent they way they threw Paul’s character under the bus. I liked him and I thought they were a good believable couple. After Cam & Paul started dating, Michelle told Cam she wanted a new gyn and a female one at that. I do not believe Michelle would have gone back on that or that Michelle would have gone back to Paul while he was dating Cam or ever. Does everyone in the Jeffersonian have to be hooked up with someone related to the Jeffersonian? Even Michelle & Finn? Loved Cam in the beginning but over the years I’ve stopped liking her.

    2. I think Brennan wants to know Booth’s secret to know, to help, to comfort, because she’s sees how much pain he’s in. Though now it will be easier for him to bear. She has absolute faith in him, she trusts him and I believe that. A very minor comparison would be in the chicken/pig episode(?) so long ago where Booth picked up on Angela & Wendell in the bar, and Brennan knew he had a secret, and said she could wait to know because she trusts him. A long shot comparison, but what the heck. I am enjoying the Angela & Booth situation and I like the way B & B & A & H are all handling it. Great change of pace.

    3. I can see Sweets taking a break. Like Caroline once said – it’s time for you to grow up. He didn’t. He has personally and professionally screwed with Brennan & Booth, to me forever being inconsistent with them, his break up with Daisy, didn’t see that coming and I don’t like how he hurt her even though I had never been a fan of Daisy, the Pelant situation, I loved him in the beginning but I haven’t like him for a long time now as well and I hope he really does take a break and we don’t see him for awhile. Though based on the preview at the end of the episode, looks like we’ll be stuck with him front and center.

    In general I think TPTB and then some are just trying to throw all the main characters into chaos – Brennan & Booth & Pelant, Angela & Hodgins losing his/their fortune, Cam & Arastoo & Cam’s identitiy theft, Sweets & Brennan & Booth & Daisy & Pelant. Everyone’s in crisis. Thank goodness for Max & Caroline.

  6. I know I’m probably in the minority of viewers, but I like Cam/Arastoo. I feel that since he’s in the Jeff family, at least he’ll be a more permanent fixture for Cam than say, poor Paul. I don’t find it unrealistic that she’s dating someone there either. It seems these lab people practically live at work, so it’d be hard to find the time to look for someone outside of that environment. This episode also gave them more to work with than just Arastoo’s near-death which was kind of over-the-top for me, so I liked it. I think that unfortunately part of the reason people don’t see them as a couple is due in large part to Cam’s character, especially since she’s the boss; she seems so formal and put-together all the time at work, it’s difficult seeing her softer side there.

    B/B: who wouldn’t want to know a secret they feel is eating their partner alive and as a result negatively impacting the relationship? Besides, as you pointed out, Brennan is all about truth and evidence; that she’s willing to wait on this one shows just how much she loves and trusts Booth-and good for her. Bah-humbug to Angela; she can stuff it. She should be keeping tabs on her own wanderlust. I’m telling you, Booth turning down that second kiss from her when she went undercover is costing him!

    Sweets: agree with Firefly; they’ve shown several episodes where Sweets has questioned himself and his abilities, and I think that Pelant using his notes really unsettled him; maybe subconsciously he feels that Booth and Brennan’s current troubles stem from that. It seemed to me in this one that he’s more than just lost his mojo; I think what he’s really lost is interest, which is a classic sign of depression. Taking a step in another direction to get some perspective on your life and on what really matters to you is a sign of maturity. I think it’s definitely a good thing, if nothing else to show him that he does belong at the FBI. I’m sure Sweets will rejoin the flock in no time, especially if they need his skills to catch Pelant.

  7. @Mariu100, Yeah, I think I have a Cam bias – I like Cam, but I still see her as a hard ass I guess. Arastoo is probably what helped sell their relationship a little more for me in this episode. The way he cared for her and expressed his love for her was really genuine and touching and well acted by Pej.

  8. 1. I still don’t feel Cam and Arastoo. I don’t know why but the chemistry is just isn’t there.
    2. I think it’s both for Brennan.
    3. Sweets started out as a counselor for FBI agents. And now he’s a profiler. When he was still in counselling he could still see how he is directly helping people. But as a profiler, it’s not that straightforward. So he feels that he has lost his original vision as a psychologist. That’s why his personal and career crisis.

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