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El Carcinero en el Coche: Post Episode Discussion


Hi all,

What did you think of this ep?

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19 thoughts on “El Carcinero en el Coche: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Wow! Pleasantly surprised by this episode. I LOVED IT!!!

    I was really expecting not to like it so much because it was “Sweets centered”. But there were plenty of great moments!

    -Booth with aviator sunglasses and gun! The scene where he pulled his gun when the door opened and there was the boy.
    -Booth & Sweets on the porch when the shoot out goes down. The guys in the car, all shot up. EEK!!
    -The look Booth gives Brennan in the diner when he tells her “I’m sorry”. He just keeps staring at her with a little smile.
    -YUK!!!! The head!! Reminded me of the creepy Howard Epps episode with the head in the refrigerator. I am not squeemish, but pulling her face off was pretty gross. [yes]
    -I HATED that mother for what she said to her son after he admitted he killed the guy.
    -Booth being all HOT as the FBI raids the house at the end. Red laser dots on the suspects
    -The Founding Fathers scene with Sweets. The gang all back together for a drink after the case. And Booth calling Sweets his “little brother”. OMG, my heart with that one!!

    This episode was amazing!! It felt “old school” Bones to me. When Booth, Caroline, Sweets & Brennan were eating food in the conference room, that room brought back memories from Hole in the Heart and also from Memories episode.

    Was not expecting to love this episode. Will be rewatching for sure!!

  2. Yes. I liked it. When the episode ended, I thought maybe little Javier could have a chance at a decent life.

  3. Have to agree with Karen-really a good episode, there. I guess I wasn’t expecting anything at all since I’ve been so focused on what lies ahead for Booth and Brennan, but this was one very solid hour. I think they did a pretty decent job portraying the harsh realities of gang life. The gang is family, and the guy you’re with rules, and anyone that comes between those allegiances, even children, can get caught in the crossfire. The little boy was heart-breakingly adorable-what a harsh scene at the end, though.

    I also liked that the story didn’t feel preachy, like some of last year’s episodes did. The message was powerful but not delivered in a heavy-handed manner. Nice directing, too; the streets scenes had an creepily ominous quality to them, as did the FBI raid.

    Loved the return of Booth’s little “charm smile” (c’mon, who wouldn’t go all weak at the knees in its presence?), loved the “little brother” comment, and the fact that it was Booth who, as the one most worried about Sweets, was also the person to tell him he should go off to do what he needed to do. Reminds me of when he told Brennan to go with Sully-he’s a self-less guy. Even when it hurts him, he’s going to give people he loves their space it that’s what they need.

    One aside-that head! I’m seldom ever repulsed by anything on Bones anymore, but I have to admit that made me a little queasy. No wonder Hart was talking about it in interviews and laughing! I think they threw me for a loop, since their icky scenes are usually a the beginning of the show. I’ll never let my guard down again, that’s for sure.

  4. Booth is checking up on his Baby Duck. Worried he didn’t call, awwww…..
    “Take care, Sweets”
    Hodgins at the crime scene. Love him and the look he shot Brennan.
    Caroline + Booth = Sweets doesn’t have a chance!
    Woman’s skull….so gross!!
    Brennan trying to help Sweets…everyone loves their duck.
    Cocky Sweets wants to interrogate, baby is growing up.
    Twist with the son…and his mom’s reaction. Didn’t expect that.
    Founding Fathers!!!
    Little brother, awwww.

    No spoilers…..but that promo. I’m freaking out. NO ONE MISS THAT EPISODE!!

  5. Great twists throughout as well as the gravity of the case– it seemed that at any point a war might break out and then there’s akid involved. Fine, fine episode.

  6. I liked it quite a lot.

  7. sorry this ep of Bones bored me….booth and brennan didnt even do the crime scene together at the beginning and didnt have one scene together until a third way into the epi….WHERE IS MY SHOW? You know the one where B&B are the actual crimefighters and work the case TOGETHER? Brennan was the third wheel to Booth & Sweets partnership….again I ask what the hell did they do to my show? ugh not impressed….and dont start me on the Sweets buttkissing.. wretch…he is a grown up man, has been for years, he isnt an effing baby duck..just stop it…ok?

    • We had Booth and Brennan heavy episodes for the last two weeks. It can’t all be about B&B all the time, the actors need a breather once in a while and other characters need storylines. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to the B&B fest next week, I’m sure.

      I liked that they took the case seriously and the twist of having the kid be the killer was gut wrenching.

  8. That isn’t my point sorry..B&B are partners not Booth & Sweets….is it too much to expect to see one scene btwn then before 20mins into the ep ?…I GET that episodes focus on other characters but usually they dont throw B&B partnership under the bus and Brennans contribution to working the case with Booth out in the field, for the Booth & Sweets bromance hour ..ugh

    • Their “bromance” was necessary on many levels.
      1. Booth has faced his own demons with this line of work. He knows more than anyone about feeling guilt, and how a person will need to talk about it (confessing to Aldo).
      2. Yes, its overused, but Sweets is the “baby duck”, who has been learning from Booth (and Brennan) for years. He’s still learning.
      3. Sweets had to back up Booth while Brennan was pregnant, and has worked a lot on the field with him since.
      4. The whole storyline around the episode was Sweets being on a break and why, what he will do next, and all of that. So there’s gonna be lots of him.
      5. Finally, in real life, we know Emily has cut her hours a little bit since the baby.

      Anyway, I like Sweets growing into this bigger role, it makes sense to me. Of course, that’s IMO 🙂

  9. Whatever…the show is SUPPOSE to be about a FBI BOOTH working with a Forensic Antro named BRENNAN with the help of the supporting characters…go read FOX write up of the series, this is fact….its not suppose to be about Booth and Sweets partnership….or the way you would have it renaming the show SWEETS and eff the other characters who deserve to have plots and character storylines just like your precious Sweets….NEWESFLASH Bones has two leads called Booth and Brennan not three…geesh…AND the whole Sweets leaving the gang is the most ridic over the top thing esp with all the Sweets sadsack buttkissing from the gang made me want to VOMIT….as anyone who watched the ep and the trailer right at the end knows that is pointless cos he is back the next ep…UTTER NONSENSE

  10. SORRY but In Season 7 even when Emily was heavily pregnant and she had reduced hours B&B still had more scenes together than this ep ……AND NEVER has there been an ep in the entire history of BONES have B&B not had a scene together for the first 20mins….Sorry reducing Brennans role in this ep to sidekick third wheel just to highlight the Sweets and Booth bromance hour was delib done by the Sweets biased fanboy co-writer of this ep to shove Sweets down our throats and to make the haters like him hence all the Sweets buttkissing and trying to make him the hero of hour….Well some of you might be ok with completely restructuring the essence of Bones, the backbone of the show B&B partnership to do this type of ep but I sure as hell am not…bottomline for me is fine let Sweets have his work crisis but it shouldnt be at the expense of reducing B&B partnership and turning Brennan into not even a sidekick but the spare part to enable the Booth and Sweets bromance hour.

  11. I didn’t expect to like the episode at all…Sweets is definitely not a favorite. I haven’t cared about his character since he stopped doing the couple therapy for B&B. And I was very bored through the first 20 minutes, wondering, like “not impressed,” when we were finally going to get a B&B scene. (I the diner one was pretty good when it finally came, BTW…Brennan teaching Booth about communication in a relationship was a nice change and I loved how he just couldn’t stop looking at her when it was time to go.)
    But back to the episode in general, at some point I started actually paying attention to the case (RARE for me these days since I think they’ve tended to become very predictable and the guest characters are over-the top / unrealistic.) But wow! I was really pleasantly surprised. As has been said it felt like “old school Bones..” The actors who played the gang members were nearly as believable as the guy who put a hit out on Brennan in early seasons. I feared for Booth’s safety in that final weapons confiscation more than I have in years. And, even though I pinned the boy as the murderer early on, I still thought his story was very well-written and acted.
    I’ve always liked the dramatic episodes far better than the lighter, more comedic ones.
    Yes, the episode was far too Sweets heavy, but this is one I’ll watch all the way through at least a second time rather than just fast forwarding from one B&B scene to the next.

  12. Agree with you Nora Bolt. The supporting cast was excellent. The thugs at the beginning when Booth & Sweets were questioning the mother also made me worry about their safety. I thought they were going to get jumped. The guy on the porch pulling out that automatic weapon and blowing away the guys in the car while Booth covers Sweets was also a great scene.

    I did not pin the boy as the murderer, not at all. Very surprised by that. This episode went by fast because it was action filled & suspenseful. I did not notice so much there were not as many B&B scenes.

    Very well done episode. Action packed & suspenseful. IMO!

  13. Sweets will not be missing very long. Hart Hanson has stated many times he loves Sweets character especially the actor who plays sweets.(I’m not sure what his name is some thing like John something Daly). I really enjoyed this episode I don’t know why I say this episode as I like them all. I love this show especially Booth & Brennan’s love story. It’s good to see Booth smile again. DB has the most swoon worthy smile in all TV and Movie land.

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