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Morning After Q: Where Does Sweets Belong?


Hello, hello!

Well, last night’s episode was somewhat different, but I really liked it. I don’t normally like doing MAQs about minor characters, but I think it works this time. The only other question I could come up with was “Which Hot!Booth was the hottest?” …and there were many.


But okay, Sweets. I actually kind of like him doing work outside of the FBI and then being pulled in on cases. What do you think?


Let’s discuss!


PS…funny story. The other night, my dad and sister were trying to talk me into watching The Blacklist. I haven’t seen it yet. My dad thinks I’ll love it, my sister thinks I won’t like it. She knows I’m not into intense shows like 24, Prison Break, etc., and I asked if it was gross, because I hate blood…I can’t do blood on TV. My dad was like “Um, you watch BONES!”, and my sister said “No blood. Just dead bodies”, and I was like EXACTLY! I felt pretty good that I’d won that argument, and then happened to be watching the ep last night with my dad…and wouldn’t you know, but it featured one of THE most disgusting bodies on Bones (in my opinion), with that scalp and face peel back move. GROSSSSSSSSS!  My dad just said “This show is gross,” and left the room. Haha. Oops!


6 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Where Does Sweets Belong?

  1. I’ve always liked Sweets (and Daisy) because I compared them to a younger B&B. This episode was no exception, as this time, Booth had to counsel Sweets about reactions that occur in their line of work. Booth has been there, like with confessing to Aldo, and he knows what Sweets is going through. It was nice to see how much Booth has evolved since his first sessions with GGW, he is the one encouraging Sweets to talk. I liked that. Brennan even attempted to help Sweets a couple of times, it seems like the three of them have been bonded from living together in the Mighty Hut 🙂

    But your question is “Where Does Sweets Belong?” And the answer is: with the team. The gathering at the Founding Fathers proved that. They like Sweets, he’s part of the team, and it was good to have him back. I liked how Booth got the others off his back and let Sweets take the time he needed to do something else. Maybe Booth will do that someday too, and maybe…I don’t know…run a nightclub! 🙂

    Like I posted last night, perhaps Xavier will be Sweets’ own “baby duck”, and he can guide and mentor him, and help give Sweets that extra purpose he is craving. I was one of those not expecting too much out of the ep, and I was pleasantly surprised. Bones has a way of doing that to me :). Feels like our Sweets is all grown up now, and I’m hoping he will have the maturity to make it right with Daisy, and admit he sort of F-ed that up!

  2. Unless JFD has decided he has better things to do, then Sweets belongs with the team. He can be a mentor on the side, like a lot of people. Given his experience as a foster kid, he could really be helpful to kids like Javier.

    I thought that “tactical” Booth was the hottest Booth.

    SN had promised that there would be even grosser stuff this season. I was wondering how they could do that, but they definitely outdid themselves last night. ;-D Usually it’s the liquid-y ones that I can’t watch, but peeling back the head — just DISGUSTING!!!

    I do love Bones. ;-D

  3. Aside – I would like to congratulate all of the grown ups who gather here for just walking away when the discussion got hijacked by a couple of trolls last night. This is precisely why we come to BT.

  4. Really think that Sweets being pulled into the cases is just fine. I think that he can be “reset” as a character and as a person by giving him a chance to grow and be more worldly. He always seems to be more of a textbook genius to me than a man who understands people by living in the real world and studying them.

    I liked this Sweets who was a bit tougher, less boyish. Shaking things up for the characters is fine with me. Giving the characters lives outside of the team is going to help the show in the long run because it will continue to be fresh with new insights into the characters we know. At times in the episode, Sweets didn’t seem as sure of himself as he was willing to step in and do something that might or might not succeed. I liked that. I hope they go farther with this than they did with Angela’s disenchantment.

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