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Sense in the Sacrifice: Post Episode Discussion




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24 thoughts on “Sense in the Sacrifice: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Not sure if I can articulate any better than you can right now Sarah, but…that proposal was pretty much perfect. But then I like it when things like that are simple and understated.

    A couple thoughts on the rest of the episode:

    -Dang Booth looks good in black.
    -So happy Agent Flynn wasn’t working with Pelant…although it sucks that he had to die. I didn’t like him at first, but he really grew on me (particularly after he took those bullets for Booth) and I was really hoping he was innocent – especially since Booth was so stubbornly certain. I didn’t want him (Booth) to be wrong.
    -Pelant’s take-down (Booth shooting him) was kind of…anti-climactic. I guess that’s what happens when you cram something that big into one episode.
    -The whole “creating a murder victim” montage at the beginning was insanely disgusting and really, really neat all at the same time.
    -How cute was it that the entire team got to see the proposal? And that they knew what it was!

  2. It would’ve been an A+ episode for me, if it wasn’t for the last part, which, imho, was a sort of let down. I was expecting a better proposal… and a better overall ending. It’s a shame, it could’ve been so much better. It was a B+ for me.

  3. My thoughts as I watched…..

    I lol’d at Brennan thinking their experiment was fascinating.
    aghhhh…B&B never get their sexy times!’
    RIP Flynn? Still feeling suspicious…
    Now they have faith in Booth. “Booth will never give up.”
    Checking Flynn’s house for bugs…has he checked the Mighty Hut for bugs??
    Booth and Caroline fighting is uncomfortable.
    I believe it because you believe. Awwwww! And then making out!! These two. seriously. “I have to…scientific things….”
    Why is Brennan alone in the limbo room???? Killer is on the loose! Dumb.
    Pelant gave us a big hint about the next baddie. It’s a she…
    Couldn’t Pelant kill Aldo? He has to be following B&B.
    Seeley Booth,the man I love. Sigh… 🙂
    It’s always gonna come down to you. Whoa, Aldo. That’s good insight.
    Angela should get with Pelant, she’s just as good as Pelant with computers! Haha
    Will Brennan be the one to kill Pelant?? Starting to feel that way as she’s going to the plant alone…
    Is it wrong to think that Booth looks hot with his black tshirt and gun right now??
    Yay Pelant is dead…and looks like Sweets so much!!

    Brennan: “Pigs in a blanket?”
    Booth: “God’s perfect food!”

  4. -OMG it was Flynn’s body.
    -The kiss in front of everyone. “To hell with the FBI”
    – Aldo telling Brennan “Booth is willing to sacrifice his soul for you.”
    -I am SO HAPPY Booth got the kill shot. Goodbye Pelant.
    -Brennan can tell Booth that Flynn was not helping Pelant and did not know about the money. Booth was right about him.
    -“If I ask you to marry me, will you say yes?”

    So sweet! Booth’s face as he told Brennan Pelant kept him from marrying her was heartcrushing. I

    -Booth looked very HOT in his black FBI gear.

    Our babies are soooo happy now, and so am I.
    I did not think it was “anticlimatic”. Pelant is dead & Booth killed him. If they would have dragged it out, people would not be happy about that either!!

    Here is the scene of Booth proposing. I liked how it went down. es-904

    Booth : Bones if i ask you to marry me will you say yes?

    Brennan : if i say yes, will we get married?

    I don’t know what is not to like about that!!! 🙂

  5. Love this comment on tumblr:

    Can I say my favourite part of the episode was Brennan’s flustered reaction after the kiss at the Hoover?

    Because it felt like a callback to her reaction after the kiss in Santa in the Slush in season 3.

    “I have to go do things… with bones…”

    They were both so freaking turned on I could feel the heat radiating through my television screen

  6. Wow!

    Yes, the death of Pelant is a bit anticlimactic, but who cares? Ding, dong, the creep is dead! Everything around his death was fraught with tension. Loved it!

    • I need to sleep on it…but though I felt underwhelmed at first…but i think it’s growing on me. It was classic B&B, down to Booth’s kill shot. And maybe that’s the way it should be. In the end, Pelant was no better than anyone else.

  7. I personally didn’t think the end was anti-climatic. I think it was perfect. I essentially cut him down to size. He was no more important than any other serial killer they face. To see him lying dead on a dirty power plant floor. Killed off so easily was just perfect. He didn’t deserve a spectacular ending.

    I loved the episode. I think they did a wonderful job of balancing the emotional, with the cold science, with the tension, and the relief at the end. Everyone rejoicing in the B&B’s safety and their love for each other.

  8. I’m sorry, but I respectfully disagree. I LOVE these characters and have found their struggles, growth, and passion to be refreshingly fleshed out over the years. (No pun intended, sorry.)

    As a writer myself, I have always admired how Hansen & Co. have been willing to go where the story takes them and just let the characters be who they are — growing authentically and organically as responses to stimuli and problems they face. It was breathtaking to watch Brennan go from an impervious substance to a strong one. And equally engaging to see Booth learn to understand how to love such a complicated woman, while staying true to his beliefs. They are opposites. And they are the same. And that symmetry is what makes their chemistry crackle. I could easily rattle off at least a dozen episodes that illustrate this, but I know all you are real fans and know what I mean.

    So this is why I am disappointed. I am disappointed going all the way back to last season’s finale and the clunky way that a marriage proposal just appeared out of thin air. Yes, the writers had been eluding to the idea that Brennan had been thinking about marriage. But the way that proposal came out … Really?! It was totally unbelievable! And it made me so sad because the characters deserve a LOT better. It’s not that I think there should have been no proposal at all, but the way that played out was just dumb. And in the end, the plot device of shoving a wedge between B&B felt clumsy, hurried, and reduced a seriously savory bad guy (Pelant) to a petulant boy. Lame. He could have rivaled the Gravedigger or even Gormagon! But now he’s an impotent child-man?! What?!

    Then we get to this season and we’ve got all this unnecessary tension that is just — poof — resolved by a magic trip to Aldo’s bar. What?! Why? Why would Brennan just take it on faith? Huh? And then we get to tonight… What a let-down! Not that I think Pelant deserved a more showy end, but because it was all just too neat and tidy. Plus, what was with the random side-story about Pelant being in love with Brennan? Where did that come from? Was that a writer’s room wish that didn’t have time to get fully formed so they just shoe-horned it in? Clumsy!

    And then that proposal … what can I say? Why there? And it just felt like an all-business kind of writer’s moment. “Quick, we have three minutes left! How do we have this proposal?!” I felt like it was supposed to be sweet — but just missed the mark. I mean, especially when you jump back to the kissing scene at the FBI — which was earlier in the same episode! So there’s heat … sometimes? There’s romantic gestures … sometimes? I’m not saying that Booth had to do a knee and flowers bit. That would have felt campy and all wrong for these characters. But I sort of thought it would be at home or maybe even in Brennan’s office — where a lot of serious moments (like that Santa in the Slush kiss) have happened.

    It’s not that I’m unhappy that Pelant is gone or that B&B are engaged for reals. I’m just so unhappy with the writers for getting really lazy and clumsy with our characters and story that we love so much! We have gotten so much better in the past. It makes me want to fire up Netflix for a visit to better episodes past.

    • Ditto – very disappointing. The immediate suspicion here was that Andrew Leeds had another gig waiting or something. All that build-up, Pelant’s a super-genius, and suddenly it’s that easy to kill him? Not to mention neither Bones or Booth would ever have been so foolhardy as to go into his lair alone – if they were being true to their carefully-crafted characters. Totally unbelievable.

  9. I’ll just keep it simple and sweet – loved it! Best bit: The kiss in the FBI. I love post kissed speechless Brennan 🙂

  10. Absolutely loved it. No anti-climactic feeling, no proposal-disappointment here! Sat in stunned silence after first watch – only word that came to mind was… Wow. And then…Wow. Guess that’s what known as speechless.

    The surprise-kiss at the FBI! Literally some heavy breathing going on there, yes? His expression – Lord ha’ mercy – was he turned on or what? Her too – and I loved her being so flustered – that doesn’t happen too often! – and “I have to go ….. do …. scientific things….” – immediately took me right back to “I have to go….do stuff…. stuff with bones…” “Thanks for the gum”. Haha. Great callback, show!

  11. I loved every bit of it, especially the kiss at the FBI and the flustered heat afterward. Everything except for the demise of Pelant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy the guy’s finally gone- but the way they built up his obsession with Brennan there at the end… I gotta say, I expected more. Maybe some ninja moves from Brennan, maybe a little more panic from Booth during the final confrontation, maybe just a creepier reaction from Pelant. Especially with the scene in Limbo, where Pelant says he and Brennan will die together some day. I expected him to hold a knife on Brennan when Booth came. Or… I don’t know, something. Not just stand there waiting to be shot. And I kinda expected more clutching on Booth’s part when it was all done.

    • I like how you phrased that…”more clutching on Booth’s part when it was done”. I agree! The end just seemed strangely lackluster, even the way he told her how Pelant had prevented him from marrying her. It was all just so blah. And then no proposal from Booth, just “if I asked you would you say yes?”.

      I’m definitely hoping for some sort of proposal from Booth next week, with a ring, a bracelet, whatever. Probably won’t get it, but a girl can hope, right?

  12. There were parts I loved, and parts which left me a bit underwhelmed.

    Firstly, I do feel like the writers are paying very little attention to whether or not the cases/storylines make sense. For instance – Flynn just knew that the only way the team would have any hope of finding him would be to chip and swallow his own tooth. Which just happened to pin point Pelant’s lair to one building, in the middle of nowhere. One. I mean, seriously?! And then they shoehorn in the pelant-in-love-with-brennan thing which has come out of absolutely nowhere. And now this new serial killer, which is just a bit, like, ‘yawwwwn’ because if they aren’t going to do these storylines properly, what’s the point?

    I feel like watching these days is a lesson in ‘don’t pay too much attention because if you do, it won’t make sense’, which is frustrating when you consider how top-notch the cases were in previous seasons.

    In terms of it being anti-climatic, I would say that yes, the payoff wasn’t really there. I love the character of Aldo, he’s a fantastic addition. And I understand that Brennan didn’t want to be the cause of Booth ‘losing his soul’ (although a little Angelus sure would teach the writers what a properly scary villain looks like), but it’s still a dumb-ass move on gargantuan levels for Brennan to venture off to Pelant’s lair alone. Again, you have to ignore these gaping examples of character-doing-things-they’d-never-normally-do holes.

    So, Booth shows up and pops him one in the chest. When I say I thought it was underwhelming, it comes from a place of, ‘hang on, really? That’s it? you could have done that a year ago!’ I get that in the end Pelant was just human, like anyone else, but I couldn’t help but think about when Booth shot the paramedic/clown through the door in Mummy in the Maze – it was still just a bullet, but it was done with more flare – ‘one shot, one great shot’. Remember that? Not just Pelant standing there waiting to get shot. (Can I just say, that in Pelant’s last moments he actually massively grew on me – or I should say Andrew Leeds did – when he told Brennan that he’s tried to design the blast so as not to deafen her, but no one’s perfect, I laughed out loud, and in a weird way I thought that was the moment he became an actual character, and not just a caricature ‘bad guy’)

    And then we have this momentous moment of Booth finally proposing to Brennan. Although he didn’t, and it didn’t feel momentous. It felt like not really much of a pay off at all. And everyone’s watching on the monitors and they’re all ‘is that what it looked like?’ even though it didn’t look like anything at all other than them holding hands. It just didn’t really make much sense. I thought it would have been more moving, more ‘Bones’ if we (the TV audience) watch on the monitors along with the rest of the team and watch Booth get on one knee through the monitors, but can’t hear what he says and then we see them stand up and kiss and we know what’s passed even if we weren’t privy to the words themselves – like in Hole in the Heart. The proposal felt a little, well, half assed and lacklustre. But maybe that’s just me. Specially when Brennan’s all, ‘I thought it was something like that’ when Booth reveals why he couldn’t propose before and it’s like, ‘really Brennan? You thought it was something like that huh? Why didn’t you say so then? Specially to the reprehensible Angela?’ Hmm. Sometimes I feel like the writers try so hard not to do things the ‘normal’ way, which is fine, except the ‘Bones ways’ which they think is so unique isn’t actually quite as good as the ‘normal’ way…does that make sense? I get that they don’t want to be predictable, but the problem is if you’re going to do something different, then it really should be better, or at least unique than the established ‘norm’. That proposal didn’t feel like better or unique, it felt pretty blah all in.

    We’ll see where it goes from here, I am enjoying these episodes, and appreciate what they’re trying to do and don’t want to come across like a moaner – there were just a couple of things that were a bit off for me in that episode, but I’m also excited about where they take it from here!

    • I’ve had alot of the same thoughts as you, Sophia. It’s hard to judge what the writers sometimes mean by things. Perhaps Reed Diamond’s other commitments lead to changes in the storyline that they didn’t count on (i.e. Emily’s pregnancy). Things like the writers strike happen. We’ve been introduced to a few of these characters that leave or have limited time because they book other gigs or have personal reasons. Agent Shaw, Agent Flynn, Russ, Zach, Max, and who knows, maybe Freddie Prinze, Jr. That affects what the writers can do sometimes. DB and ED have had growing input throughout the years. The network can butt in. Budgets can change. I know the writers sometimes come and go. Writers we had 9 years ago may have moved on. Point is, there are tons of moving parts.

      I’m a DVD commentary nerd, and I love heard how show put things together and how things can change. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from producers, writers, even the craft services food people!, so I kind of cut shows a break. Parks and Rec also talk alot about their deleted scenes and how they hate having to cut things and they offer “producers cuts” alongside the “TV version” so you can see what they truly wanted to audience to see, and maybe they had to do that with “Sense in the Sacrifice”, and we won’t know that until the DVD for season 9 is out!

      I don’t know what all goes on behind the scenes or how decisions are made…so maybe something that doesn’t seem quite right to me, there might be a reason for it.

      I try to step back, and think, do I still enjoy the show…even if something’s kind of weird or I need to REALLY suspend my disbelief…I try to understand the best I can. My big question is, do I still like the show, and do I still care about these characters? If I do, I;m watching and enjoying whatever I can get from the cast and crew! 🙂

  13. I agree with so many of the comments if not almost all of them, I hope I can articulate my feelings as well as others have. I agree with the comments people have made regarding Episode 100 and S6-S7-and even S8 and I was glad to see people bring them up. The fans have been cheated – can’t think of a better word – out of so much and this arc has been in the making for 2 years and I actually expected a payoff yet again. So many past debacles, here was a great chance for redemption and I feel it was blown.

    I have loved Flynn from the beginning. I never thought he was bad. I loved Booth finally having a fellow FBI Agent friend. He’s needed one and Sweets doesn’t cut it. I loved how Booth stood steadfast for Flynn against everyone and wish he would have knocked Sweets down a whole more than he did. I loved Sweets in the beginning of the series and for a long time but I think he’s gone way over the line in many respects and really needs put in his place. He’s over utilized and not in a good way, and Cam is underutilized and not in a good way. Angela and Hodgins true to form and the most consistent of all the characters. Even Angela’s anger with Booth I feel is the same as Booth’s anger with Angela when Brennan was on the run. In the end Booth said he’d been angry with Angela for a long time, then paused, and thanked her for helping get his family back, but never actually apologized. I expect the same thing between Angela and Booth and in fact I don’t expect to see anything at all regarding that situation. And while I’m on the subject I hate that when Brennan was back home and dyed her hair back Booth said he thinks he liked her better as a blonde! One of the worst and most insulting lines and I didn’t take it as a joke. The clock time was left unanswered as was Hodgins’ fortune and Cam’s identity – which I don’t even know if had to do with Pelant or not and am not even sure we’ll see a resolution to that and so on.

    Pelant’s obsession with Brennan came out of left field and made no sense after two years. In the end they made Pelant pathetic and out of character. Brennan going after Pelant alone, while ridiculously foolish, I can almost understand, but redeemed herself at the end saying what she did to Booth and telling him to shoot Pelant. Didn’t get enough time with Pelant’s surprise or him seeing Brennan and Booth together. Epps and the Gravedigger were better serial killers and had better last words and endings with our heroes than Pelant. I loved Booth going FBI SWAT. They did that in S1 and I thought it was great and I don’t think they’ve done enough of that throughout the series. What they did to Flynn was ludicrous from stripping him of his wife to his life. His faith in Booth and Brennan till the end was amazing down to his tooth. He was a Hero and I guess meant to make the end more intense and personal and justify Booth’s shooting Pelant, though I don’t think Booth needed any more reasons to shoot Pelant. I wish Booth had shot him 3 months sooner too. Pelant needed killing just like Max said.

    Loved Booth kissing Brennan in the FBI bullpen and not caring, and Brennan being as befuddled as she was after the Mistletoe kiss – excellent! The way they looked at each other afterwards was priceless and perfect. Loved that it was just the basic team and no squinterns whom I have never had any love for, even though I actually felt sorry for Daisy when Sweets dumped her. Loved Caroline as usual, though there have been a couple times I’ve been surprised and disappointed in her. I chalk it up to the writers and I don’t care, I love her and especially in this episode. Also love Aldo and hope to see a lot more of him and that he’s around till the end of the show. I’m tired of blaming things on TPTB and the writers and letting so many situations just disappear. These characters have touched me because of their back stories and how they’ve lived their lives like no other characters ever have and with good reason, as I believe someone else commented on and I agree with them (sorry I don’t remember who wrote that).

    The end with Brennan and Booth was going great up until Booth said “”IF””. I don’t believe it! After Brennan’s proposal to Booth and their conversation and closeness at the end of “Secrets” and his promise, does he really still doubt her that he didn’t flat out just propose? I didn’t need anything more than Booth just proposing right there and then! Clearly Brennan didn’t take is as proposal either as she answered his question with a question and not “yes”. Two “yeses” from Booth and none from Brennan because she has NOT actually been asked. She has grown so much in trusting, believing and love. He’s the heart and the people person and he misses a lot when it comes to Brennan. So many wrongs could have been set right in that one single moment at the end. I don’t care what comes next now, the new serial killer, what they’ve done or haven’t done with Parker – always an integral part of Booth’s life, the wedding, any part of it or whatever else happens. No more passes. After 8 real years, the Pelant ending was anti climatic and the non proposal put me over the edge!

    Sorry for the rant, but after 8 years, the ending did me in.

    • Completely agree with you! Booth is supposed to be the romantic, yet there has been hardly anything romantic from him. What was the point of if asking “IF”. Brennan had already told him she wanted him to ask… the least he could have done was ACTUALLY ask. It wouldn’t have “taken away” from Brennan’s proposal. She deserved to actually be asked after the degree of faith she showed in him. When you put it in context that he proposed to 2 other women it just feels so wrong. Like he just never wants to be put in a position to be rejected again or be that vulnerable. But Brennan had made herself be that vulnerable by showing faith in him so it would have been appropriate for him to take a leap of faith as well. There were so many other things he could have done it was very disappointing.

  14. I just had a chance to watch tonight. I loved the throwback to Santa in the Slush when they kissed at the FBI and totally expected her to say “I have to go do stuff…with bones.” I thought the Pelant ending was kind of anticlimactic but loved the proposal and thought it was classic B&B. 🙂

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