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The Lady on the List: Post Episode Discussion


Hey, hey!

What did you think of this episode!

And I know it’s tough, but no spoilers, please! 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Lady on the List: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Email again. Sorry.

  2. So happy to see B&B happy together & planning their wedding!

    -The kiss on the cliff, So, Mr. “We can’t do that, we’re at work!” is now straddling rotting corpses just so he can kiss Brennan.
    -Booth telling Brennan “Things are, you know, starting to pinch.” 🙂
    -Booth telling Brennan “If I weren’t waiting for a murder suspect I’d take you in my arms.”
    -The scenes with Brennan and Angela were very touching
    -Awww….Brennan kept that picture of a wedding dress since she was 8 years old. Remember in Cinderella in the Cardboard, she told Booth about a white dress “Never. No never” And all this time, she dreamt of a white dress.
    -Brennan highlighting “Pigs in a blanket” on their wedding menu.
    -Booth better get moving on that tux!
    -Booth really liked the bucket list guys videos! Put Christine to sleep with them.
    -The end scene of B&B on the couch was very sweet.
    Here is a gif of it! Click on pic for bigger- es-905-last-scene

    Haha, I felt sorry for Dr. Wells not having any friends. He is still obnoxious, but I felt bad for him.

  3. Thoughts as I watch….
    Booth and “dandelion hats”… I’d love to see that
    Booth is right about wedding planning…too many friends involved can make it terrible!
    Nice “Fox” plug…Mindy Kaling’s book…
    Dr. Wells…he’s a lot like Brennan. But he sounds just like Hodgins/TJ if you listen without looking.
    “As a lunch companion, I certainly prefer you.” Lol Brennan
    Angela admitting she had been unfair to Booth was nice
    Instantly suspecting the baseball coach hmmm….
    So Angela scores some points with me today
    Booth saying “lets look at some paper” instead of computers sounds like me, I prefer looking at paper copies to screens!
    And I was right about the murderer!!
    Cute B&B ending at home!!

  4. So, I’ve not been really impressed with the season so far (although I did enjoy the episodes they were not really re-watching worthy for me…), but there something about this episode that brings the sparkle to Bones for me. It felt kind of like an old school episode with:
    – the insight into team (the bucket list),
    – the teasing of Sweets (I was so sure Booth and the team was pranking Sweets with the whole VAL thing, or maybe using reverse psychology to make him more confident after the whole Pelant fiasco and Sweets’ little breakdown…),
    – Angela/Brennan friendship (and a little bit of Angela/Booth one – wish we could see Angela actually apologizing to Booth!)
    – humor from the intern (Wells is horrible, but he does makes me laugh – seriously the scene with asking Brennan out and Hodgins walking on it – priceless)
    – Hodgins and the Bird Hawk;
    – even the case was not that straightforward;
    – and most of all the vulnerable side of Brennan we saw this week – this is the best part of the episode I think.

    And on a side note, can I say I hate NS and HH? Really, I do. They are mean, and I don’t like them (and yes I’m throwing a tantrum – but it’s more like in a joking tone…). Seriously. I was so upset that they had made it so Booth had to propose, but then we got the proposal last week and it’s quite beautiful (even if I could live without the team spying on them in that moment…), also now they make Brennan wear traditional white dress, and I hated the idea of that – but then she’s been dreaming of that dress since she was 8 – do you get the significance? She kept that picture through her childhood, her parents leaving, the foster care, university and all the time she was “no marriage!” After thatk how can you say no to that white wedding dress??? I know i can’t and that’s why: Damn. I hate them for making me like the cliches that seems so not Bones yet ARE Bones at the same time… 🙂 Does anyone feel the same? Did anyone get upset with the idea of wedding dress and then got disarmed when she explained why??? I had to grudgingly admit that there is brilliance in making me happy/accepting the choices they make for the storyline even if initially I was against them…

  5. I loved that it wasn’t “Brides R Us” central, but a focus on the little messages strewn throughout. While Booth has to re-think his definition of “deep”, I would have to say that the principal’s insights got better and really helped define the essence of the episode.

    I never thought that Angela was horrible for standing up for her friend; even Brennan admitted that she didn’t see what was going on either. I’m not waiting for an apology, but I would like something later in the season where the two of them bury the hatchet, so to speak, some other way than an apology.

    I used to think that Daisy was the most annoying intern, but she’d nothing compared to this guy.

    Can’t add anything to the comments from above about the episode. I liked it and I’m really enjoying this season.

  6. I didn’t at first like the idea of a white dress either mychakk, but as you said, they won me over. Who can resist lovely, vulnerable little girl Brennan? Nobody, that’s who. Booth kinda proved that, a long time ago.
    And can I just say, Wells- WORST INTERN EVER. I feel like the guy’s gonna give me an ulcer. Still, I adored when Hodgins walked in on him talking to Brennan. The way he practically screeched to a halt with that look of “What the hell did I just walk in on?”. Of course, I feel all credit for the wonderfulness of that scene lies squarely at the feet of TJ Thyne.
    Overall, I really liked this episode. It had a little bit of everything and just enough of B&B cuteness to make me feel all warm and fuzzy about what’s to come throughout the whole season.
    I’m excited to keep watching.

  7. Can I just add how adorable it was to see Brennan’s face break out into the biggest smile when Booth joined Sweets and her for lunch?

  8. ‘I love everyday’. What a beautiful sentiment – the last scene on the couch between B&B was I think my favourite one from this season so far. It was lovely and natural, sweet and funny and very sincere. I got a bit misty when Booth said, ‘look at you…’. They have both come so far, and been through so much and where they’ve got to is just beautiful. My B&B! 🙂

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