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Morning After Q: “Season”-al Theme?


Hello and Top o’ the Tuesday to you!

The episode didn’t immediately present me with a single question to ask, so I thought I would get your take on this season so far. Do you think there has been a single (or two or three) general themes for the season?


17 thoughts on “Morning After Q: “Season”-al Theme?

  1. I’m still peeved at Angela. She is so quick with her judgments and opinions – and all usually delivered in snarky terms, I think we need to see her contrite in full blown apology mode. As for Brennan’s white gown – charming! The story of how she kept that photo since she was 8 years old tells more than a million words could. Who knew about her romantic side? And Booth is such a charmer, all he needs do is show up, flash that brilliant grin and he owns us. As far as Wells goes, it will even out as he learns there is more to being a squint than a high I.Q.

  2. After a night of reflection…

    *Angela helped to redeem herself a little bit in my eyes. Yeah, she’s still Angela, who will probably always annoy me, but at least she admitted to being a little bit over the top. Though, if she is going to act like a yo-yo, Brennan might need another confidante. Angela’s a little flaky to keep her on an even keel.

    *Brennan’s dress reveal was very sweet. I don’t think her “traditional” wedding is OOC at all. We’ve all had childhood dreams. And it might be something that kept her going in the foster system. But for the record, Brennan’s previous way of life and talk about love and marriage have been shown to be a false front…that she was how she was to avoid hurt and the pain of loving someone again. No one had proven themselves to be steady in her life (parents, brother) until she met Booth. I’m thrilled she gets to have that little-girl memory come to life. She deserves it!

    *But to respond to Sarah’s thought, I think I’d say the theme is still “New Memories, New Life” from last season. This time, they’ve defeated Pelant, and they can officially have a new life as a married couple and parents to Christine, which is probably something neither of them really thought would actually happen! How cool is that?!

  3. That Booth “is a good man”?

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  4. *I have no problem with Angela stepping in and being Brennan’s advocate. She worked herself to exhaustion to try to figure out how Pelant had framed her and she is pretty steady in her support of her friend. We knew what Booth was dealing with, she didn’t. I like that the team still might be a bit out of sorts because of that– it would be unrealistic for everyone to go back together making nice without some consequences.
    *I like that all of the episodes so far have been a microcosm of the journey B&B have had to take to get to the endgame.
    *The theme of eventually. . . even someone as evil as Pelant couldn’t stop them.

  5. This is probably going to be controversial as I am probably the only one who feels like this but this season has been a bit unequal in the love between Booth and Brennan for me. The theme of this season is purely showing how Brennan has “improved”. She can show blind faith, openly love and become more questioning of herself. They have told me over and over that Brennan learned things from Booth — like the value of truth (not true– that is what she taught him), questioning herself, belief in gut instincts but they haven’t talked about how much he has learned from her. I am sorry but I feel they needed to show him questioning himself as well — having faith without questioning things is stupid as well (him not questioning his faith in Flynn without thinking about the evidence to the contrary is very bullheaded– his people reading abilities aren’t perfect). If working with Booth has caused Brennan to question her abilities how about some reciprocal self realization on his part that it is also important to look at evidence? How about for change they emphasize the qualities that he needs/needed to work on?

    I am probably the only one getting a little tired of the “Booth is a good man” being repeated over and over again. How about he mentions how amazing Brennan is for staying with him and having faith after he broke her heart despite not knowing where the relationship was going (something he wasn’t able to do for Hannah and not very well for Brennan). The moment he didn’t get what he wanted out of either relationship he was outta there (which is fine) but now when Brennan got hurt but she had to apologize for not having faith in him? I am sorry but he hasn’t done anything to make up for all the heartbreak after rejecting her proposal– I was hoping last nights episode would show some meaningful gesture from Booth to show how much he loves her but it was again all about her showing her love for him. He did show some appreciation but he seems so blasé about it in the end scene. He could have talked about how lucky/happy he is at the time? In S6, Brennan had to make things up to him while he was having temper tantrums (see Daredevil, Killers, Blackout) and then go through his little test in the Truth.

    Maybe for once Booth could do something specifically with the intent of making her happy? I am not saying she is not happy but rather she is doing things specifically for him like marrying in his church in a catholic wedding with the intent that it will please him and he is just sort of coasting along for the ride, while he might appreciate it , he hasn’t really done anything with the thought of wanting to make her happier or show how much he loves her. Especially after him breaking her heart. Anything he has done is in response to what she has done for him. After last nights bucket list with him having a ton of things on the list and her just being happy with him it just feels like their love is a bit lopsided. For Brennan, Booth is everything but he has not shown me that he feels the same way this season. I am not saying he doesn’t love her a lot but I think they need to show it once in a while to keep some balance in the relationship.

    • I see what you’re saying, BP, but here’s my “two cents”, or whatever its worth!

      I read someone post before (maybe on here?) that the show is called “Bones” because its more about following Bones/Brennan through her growth and development. It reminds me of my other TV love Parks and Rec. They almost called it “The Education of Leslie Knope” because it primarily follows Leslie as she evolves in her life. She’s had boyfriends and people come into her life that help her become who she is. I see Bones in that light as well. It basically shows us how Brennan is changing, through her experiences and people in her life.

      Secondly, I think they have showed character development in Booth, and the other characters as well. We’ve seen Booth address his soldier/sniper past and how that has greatly affected him. We’ve learned about his father’s abuse of him, and seen him cry over his father’s death. He’s had to deal with other family, like Jared, Pops, and his mom, and all the emotions they bring. We’ve also seen Booth and his faith-based struggles, as well as residual effects of his gambling and alcohol use too.

      But for all the Booth stuff, he is still generally, a pretty steady character. And that is to help Brennan, who’s needed that stability. In the end, I think the show is mostly about her growing…but its nice that they’ve given us good character development with Booth, Hodgins, Angela, Cam, and some squinterns, to round it out so its not ALL about Bones.

      But, IMO, it really is all about her. Does that make sense?

      • Thanks for your comments BB! I totally understand what you are saying but for me the story started out as Booth and Brennan as equals– mirror images of each other. To me the title bones is about Brennan and the fact that Booth is the only one that calls her Bones. It was about the brain vs heart dynamic. So while I totally recognize that the predominant change had to come from Brennan to learn that she can open her heart because a romantic relationship is a lot more heart than brain. I still feel that the BB relationship is the centre of the story. Booth is part of the centre as much as Brennan is. Booth has had to learn to rely more on evidence as well rather than just gut feelings. In the 100th its Brennan that says to him “truth first” while he just wanted to prove his theory. In the past they have shown Booth learning from Brennan e.g. Proof in the pudding he tells her he learned to rely on his brain as well his gut from her. Its just this season they seemed to have downplayed the things she has added to their dynamic. I guess I was really bothered by Brennan saying Booth taught her about the importance of truth. That was a classic Brennan trait that was a very positive attribute and to assign that as something that Booth taught her skews the dynamic for me. I could probably have gotten over it but then the theme of this season is to continue to say things like “working with Booth has taught me to question myself”. I don’t know if its just me but if Brennan is going to question her own squinty abilities (because working with Booth has taught her to be more open minded) then I feel I need some sort of validation from Booth that working with Brennan has taught him be more open minded as well. I would have loved a scene where Booth questions his gut in front of Brennan but then she tells him he can’t possibly be wrong. It would just feel a like there was more self realization from Booth that he may not always be right. Or just don’t tell me things like Brennan is questioning herself because of Booth? I don’t know if I am making sense.

        But if as you are saying that Brennan had to change and Booth had to mostly remain stable, then haven’t really shown that either. Booth is supposed to be the romantic one but honestly I haven’t found much romance. Yes he appreciates that she has supported him but all his romantic declarations have come after a point where she says something to prove how much she loves him but there has been nothing independently romantic where he just wants to do something to make her the happiest person in the world (even his proposal was lacklustre– technically didn’t even ask). Another example, Ep2– perfect opportunity to do something nice at the end scene but he wants to go watch a game while she wants to reconnect (I still love the scene individually and had it been last season it wouldn’t have bugged me but in the context of the fact that it is coming after she is showing absolute faith despite having her heart broken just seems off). I know they played it up for humour but that’s the thing they are showing her demonstrating amazing sentiment and then he just downplays it on his end. Like last night… She basically says he is everything she wants and he just teases her rather than returning the sentiment. If this was shown at any other point in time it would be fine but after months of breaking her heart and her standing by you (heck apologizing for her lack of faith), her giving you the church wedding because it would make you happy and basically telling you that you are her world and she doesn’t want or need anything else — you are just laughing it off? If my significant other had done what Brennan had done (even without that person having emotional hangups) I wouldn’t waste a minute in telling them how much I appreciate their love and support and how lucky i am to have them in my life instead of laughing it off in a joke. I think I am the only one in this but it just felt really off to me. His “i love everyday” comment was very sweet but again its only coming after her statement of love. The bucket lists really bugged me that he doesn’t feel like he already has everything he has ever wanted in his life but Brennan does– if they had showed it the other way around the episode would have felt more balanced. Again he is supposed to be the romantic but all the good stuff comes from her. This is pretty contrary to the way most people viewed last night’s episode so I am not sure what is wrong with me:)

        I love the way Brennan’s character has developed to the point where she has understood that she can love and is happy. I know she is happy with Booth and doesn’t want or need anything else. I love that she can have blind faith in Booth and is more questioning of herself because character growth is important. Its lovely that she is letting her romantic/dreamer side come out and I don’t want any of it to stop but I just wish Booth would also reciprocate. They are now playing up the fact that Brennan as a little girl was romantic. Booth should be showing her something romantic then. It takes me back to Ghost in the machine where she asked him why he has never made her a mixed tape and his response was “it’s romantic”. Brennan is turning out to be fairly sentimental so while booth may have thought she wouldn’t appreciate romance before she would definitely would now. I know she doesn’t need it but Booth didn’t need a church wedding either its the gesture that counts. Its the combination of all the scenes within the context of what has happened that makes me feel frustrated.

      • I guess it comes down to this, BP: If Brennan and Booth are happy, so should we be.

        Whatever they are doing is right for them, and they are in love and happy. Furthermore, as ED and DB are producers, its all right for them as well. There are reasons behind why things are as they were, so I guess we just have to love it or leave it :).

        Personally, if just got to look at DB/Booth every day, I wouldn’t care what he said or did. hehe…so, I might not be one to ask 🙂 🙂

    • You’re not alone bountypeaches. Out of town and looking forward to commenting on the two posts for this episode.

  6. BB: you are right…it is the way it is and I can’t change it. As long you understand where i am coming from and that I am not completely crazy:)

    I tend to go for personality more so Hodgins is my perfect guy;)

  7. Still agree with you bp. That truth statement really bothered me. I had the same thoughts. Many things bother me. Brennan too sorry, Booth not sorry enough. They seem more opposite than ever. This is extreme, but in short, Brennan can do no right, Booth can do no wrong – i said it was extreme, but it’s the best I can do at the moment. The scales seem very unfairly lopsided in Booth’s favor. Have been for a long time and has bothered me for a long time. I don’t think as long as they’re happy that ‘s good enough. There needs to be more balance and equality for their marriage to really work and I really don’t see it going that way. — Wish I were home and could write more, probably to the chagrin of others, but these characters have been important to me for too long to just let things go, at least thus far.

    • Thanks Lindy, that’s a lot of what I mean. It does come across as Brennan can do no right, she never had any original traits that were worthwhile and any of her positive attributes now are as a result of Booth. But Booth’s ideologies were perfect to begin with and didn’t need any change (I recognize its an extreme version of whats happening but its the gist). Even in sense in the sacrifice, she had to apologize for coming alone but he also made a mistake by walking in there alone (plus he was already loading his car and it didn’t look like he had called Brennan to tell her where he was going). Pelant was expecting Booth so it seems a like a giant plot hole to make Booth look like a demigod that Pelant didn’t have something set up to stop Booth (or at least alert him to the fact that he was in the building given his technical genius). And while I don’t mind Booth looking good I do wish it wasn’t at the expense of Brennan– Pelant overpowering Brennan was a little too easy and in previous seasons she would have broken his wrist when he touched her.

      I guess I would like to see a bit more emphasis on the fact that Brennan was an amazing person to begin with (without having them say that Booth changed the core of who she was) the only thing that has changed is that she has dropped her walls which has allowed her to live a fuller life. She was the one who always used to question things to begin with and would never just agree with things because Cam or Booth said it was the most likely explanation. She has always been the one that has wanted to truth above everything no matter how much it hurts.

  8. I guess I don’t see where Brennan is being made to look bad. I love this show and think the writers have done an excellent job in telling their story these nine years.

    I think the theme of this season is that true love does triumph.

  9. In the past, I have felt on occasion that they’ve been a bit heavy handed with the ‘Brennan-is-learning-a-lesson’ theme, but I haven’t actually felt it too much this season. I am a bit tired of the ‘Booth-is-a-good-man’ theme – we know he’s a good man, no one is questioning that he’s a good man! (Apart from Angela, but she’s proved herself a thoughtless idiot so who cares)

    I feel that Brennan is actually being presented in a rather wonderful way, she’s so utterly calm and content. It’s a lovely thing to see, and I don’t feel she’s done it by compromising herself, she’s still the same Brennan. Sure, there are lots of things changed her mind on – motherhood, marriage, wearing a white dress. But I feel like those changes have happened organically and in a believable way rather than in a ‘she was wrong in the first place’ kind of way. People are allowed to change.

    I will say that I balked at the ‘Booth taught me about the importance of truth’ comment, because, well, it’s just flat out untrue. The pursuit of the truth has been a founding stone of her character since the pilot and it bothers me that the writer’s either forgot that, or assumed we had.

    However, perhaps there is another way to look at it. Brennan has always sought the scientific truth, but I very much used to feel that she wasn’t very emotionally honest. She refused to acknowledge what she was feeling alot of the time, pushing people away instead of being honest about her feelings and fears. Maybe what she was crediting Booth with was that he taught her what can be gained through emotional honesty.

    I have my issues with the ‘proposal’ (because after all the back and forth over who was going to propose to who, I did want Booth to get down on one knee, or at least actually say the words ‘will you marry me?’!), but the final scene of the latest episode really warmed my heart, I thought it was very natural and loving. I didn’t think it was bad of Booth to have a few items on a bucket list, it doesn’t mean he loves Brennan any less. And when he saw that she didn’t have a list, he threw his away. I thought his teasing was fun, there was no malice there, it was the sort of natural thing one partner might say to another. There was enormous love and sincerity when he said, ‘I love everyday’ and ‘Look at you’. I thought those sentiments spoke volumes about how content and happy he is, as well as giving a nod to how far they’ve both come.

    It didn’t surprise me that after the premiere, they didn’t have major apologies or grovelling from Booth, because that’s not the style of the show. When Brennan broke Booth’s heart by running away with his child, he understood that although it hurt, she’d had no choice. It’s the same thing this time, with Brennan understanding why Booth had to postpone the engagement and no long conversations were required. It’s not always how I wish they’d deal with things, but I have accepted that the show often isn’t going to delve into stuff as much as I wish they would, and that from a character point of view – they are very good at not holding on to resentment, which can only really benefit them as a couple.

    • So all your points are very wonderful. I think I am starting to come around to most of it. However, the only point I wonder about is that Booth taught her emotional honesty? Because to be honest I think that is something he has struggled with far more than Brennan. Brennan’s problem is that she doesn’t understand what she is feeling so it takes her a long time to process it but when Booth is faced with something difficult he just flat out denies that its a problem until things fall apart. He knows the issue is there he just doesn’t want to deal with it. He usually shuts down or tries to deny it for as long as possible. For eg solider on the grave where it took him most of the episode to confront his demons, trying to deny the possibility that the government could be dishonest in Proof in the pudding, most of early S6 was him denying his feelings for Brennan, trying to convince himself that his relationship with Hannah was the “real” thing when she had been saying all along that she wasn’t the marrying type, even his feeling for his brother, father and mother he just ignored things until it came to a head. Pinnocchio in the planter is where he admitted to lying to protect his own feelings. Even in S8 premiere he didn’t want to talk about his anger with Brennan until it blew up in the second episode. So for me to believe that he taught Brennan to be emotionally honest is a leap? I could see it more along the lines that she was telling him that she has learned when he or they try to deny/ignore difficult emotions in their relationship it blows up in their faces so they need to be honest? The same way in “partners in divorce” she tells him that things will only be okay if they accept that they are not alright now. Maybe it was her way of saying she doesn’t want him to be polite about things? I don’t know.

      So I said earlier that I love Brennan’s character development.. she is finally free of her fears and as her mother wanted she is now flourishing! I think most of what we are seeing is the true Brennan that was taken away from her when her parents left. I don’t want her to do anything differently. I see shades of that same woman who sang “girls just wanna have fun” with wild abandon who then again closed her self off after Booth’s death (stupid sweets) and Zach’s betrayal. The same one that stole her mom’s belt buckle, or wanted smurfette, or went with her dad to chase rainbows. So I don’t think she has changed (in that her opinions were wrong before) but rather she has allowed herself to believe in that side of life again. I just don’t like the combination of playing up look at how far Brennan has come without also paying homage to the positive qualities that she has demonstrated from the beginning (or at least not assigning them to Booth). It would be nice if the show played up that she has now been able to find a balance between her rationality and her dreamer side– maybe that’s exactly what they are doing but I am just not seeing it? By the same token to keep emphasizing that Booth is a good man (it will come up again in the vows for sure) without also highlighting his flaws is frustrating because he is not perfect. It sounds like you don’t like Angela but I don’ think that Angela was wrong to question Booth. I did not like the way she did it but thought it was very reasonable for her to be upset over what had happened and she reacted true to her character Ie emotionally and stupidly. But Booth is not perfect and the fact remains that Booth did break Brennan’s heart (although he didn’t want to). So it’s a bit perplexing that the show supports this philosophy that no one had the right to question Booth’s actions. While Booth may always have the best of intentions but that doesn’t mean his decisions/actions are always the correct ones.

      But I would never have wanted Brennan to hold any resentment towards Booth and in a way glad that she had apologized in the premiere because part of being in a solid relationship is recognizing when you have unintentionally hurt someone even if you were hurt as well. But Brennan is showing her love so freely this season that I do feel that the intensity is not matched by Booth. The other thing that has bugged me is when he corrects her or chastises her for doing things are uniquely her. Like telling her “its not the right tone”, or getting her to stop talking when she was talking about the clinking of glasses. Those things are uniquely her and she is never going to stop showing her love for science or anthropology so it gets a bit condescending when I feel like those are the times he should appreciate her for who she truly is- again it feels wrong in the context of where they are in the story but any other time I would find it funny. The proposal really sent me over that edge and the fact that even in the last episode he wasn’t going out of his way to make her happy. To be honest I didn’t need much for it to work for me even if they had shown him going out and searching for the shiny shoes to make her happy while she was circling pigs in a blanket? It would just feel he is as invested in making her happy (he obviously is) but I am not feeling it. For a “romantic” guy to take such a passive approach feels a bit lacking especially now that I have been shown how sentimental Brennan really is and how much she would probably appreciate if he went all out on some sort of wonderful gesture like she has been doing for him.

      So I have though about this a lot (probably more than is healthy) as to why they are not showing Booth to be that kind of romantic and have come up with this is how Booth has evolved? Earlier in the series Booth was more the “chocolates and flowers” kind of romantic which while nice gestures is probably not a demonstration of real love. Those are just fleeting gestures and without an honest desire to put that person’s happiness above your own are meaningless. For eg the way that Hannah tried to make him happy by asking Brennan for a housewarming gift for Booth but at the same time disregarded Brennan’s warning that if she wasn’t serious it would break his heart. It was a surface gesture to intended to give him a shallow happiness but since we later find out that she never had his best interests at heart it turns out to be disingenuous. Its in the same vein that I take Booth buying a big flashy ring to “prove his love” for Hannah when we were shown that his decision to propose was triggered by a drunken decision made in a moment of insecurity rather than a genuine desire to spend the rest of his life with her and do what made her happy. Both Booth and Hannah made grand gestures to each other in an effort to “prove” their love but since neither were able to compromise their wishes for the other the impact of those gestures lessen. So Booth has learned what’s on the surface isn’t what’s reflected in the heart. Booth has probably learned to put less of a premium on those kinds of things than before? At the beginning of the series he would have wanted a big flashy wedding as a way for everyone to see how much they love each other (because that’s what people do) but now doesn’t care if they get married in jeans with no on else present because they already know how much they love each other and there is nothing to prove. I still feel like in the last 5 episodes there could have been singular moment from Booth where he had gone out an done something thoughtful with the sole purpose of making her happy. Something small would have been fine like him circling some sort of Tofu dish on the same menu cards even.

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