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Morning After Q: Favorite Callback?


Hello and happy Tuesday!

Okay, what was your favorite callback in last night’s episode? — that is, which allusion to a previous moment in the show was your favorite? If none of them were…what WAS your favorite moment!


The comments are open, can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


19 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Favorite Callback?

  1. Booth: Listen, I just have to get all my ducks in a row,’ and then you said to me…
    Brennan: ‘I can be a duck!’


  2. I’d have to say Avalon’s “i saw this moment ages ago’ was a fave, but more so was the acknowledgement by B&B of their early connection. Their vows affirmed for me that we weren’t imagining it all those years ago. He was chasing her, she was chasing him and he made her life unruly and wonderful.


    Bones could end now and I would be happy.

    (I did say could, not should ;))

  3. Can I also post my “un-favorite” callback?

    Marianne. Why is she all of the sudden best friends with everyone, including Pops? Maybe Booth is a better person than me, but I can’t forgive her yet. Anyone else have that thought?

    • I looked at it as burying any lingering animosity for the sake of the wedding. Sort of like divorced parents making nice for their child’s wedding even if they don’t get along in every day life.

    • With you on the Marianne front. Her whole backstory was off and you’re right about Hank/Pops being just fine with her abandoning her children and then popping up three decades later to play Mom at Booth’s wedding. On the other hand she wasn’t around that much.

    • I questioned this too.

      She could be there….but why did she have lines (@house and before ceremony)?

      Caroline was just shown sitting and crying…..Booth’s mom could have been doing same instead of the MOST!


    • I agree with you, bb, I can’t forgive her yet either.

  4. Just, everything about the vows. With the ducks and the letter. How the letter didn’t specifically say ‘I love you’ cause I don’t think she really knew that yet, she was still thanking him for becoming a part of her life. So excellent.

  5. The gravedigger note really was perfect!

  6. I loved the callbacks in both their vows. I loved when Booth said that he was trying to get away from her because he was irritated with her. It brought back that moment when she skips to keep up with him, and the blackmail. And, I was delighted to find out – at last – what was in her note.

    I loved that they were both so busy worrying about what the other wanted, especially when Booth said Bones deserved special and when Bones was crying. The change in Brennan is amazing to see.

    I liked the scene with Parker, too. It was very sweet.

    Only complaint: I’d have preferred Opie to the obnoxiously smart new squintern – can’t remember the name at the moment.

    I just loved it all!!! “At Last” was the perfect song and sung by Cyndi Lauper was perfect.

    Did anyone see the cake with the skeleton bride and groom? I looked and looked for it and couldn’t find it.

  7. I was so happy that we finally heard what Brennan had written in her note in the Gravedigger episode and laughed at how ‘right’ and wordy it was. Booth’s callback and vows were lovely and what more can be said about Cyndi Lauper. Just fabulous.

    Agree with comments about Booth’s mother, particularly how Pops seems to have forgiven her too without any explanation. Would have preferred Caroline to say something as I see her caring for Booth much more than his mother who abandoned him and she’s more amusing anyway.

    Aware that gathering all the actors from the past would have been mega expensive but Russ and Jarard and Padme should have been in attendance. Always wanted more appearances by those family members than was possible over the years.

    The scriptwriter(s), HH and especially ED & DB are to be congratulated on an episode that was just about perfect.

    • But when was the last time we heard about or have seen these brothers? The more I think about it, the happier I am that they focused on B&Bs “family” of friends and squints. These are the characters we see and bond with. Neither Booth nor Brennan had strong family units, and the show has been built around them making their own family. I could have lived without Marianne too. Pops, Parker, Max, Caroline, the team…I was quite happy.

  8. My fav callback is …the case of the episode which reminded me of Man in a Fallout Shelter. It’s one of my fav episodes in s1 and I think it marks the first real change in BB relationship/understanding of each other and also in Booth/team interactions.

    I also loved the squinterns team-up as a reminder of The Patriot in Purgatory episode – on of my fav eps ever.

    And the letter from Gravedigger – while a little too much for season 2 Brennan – was still amazing and surprising part. i like the idea of BB acknowledging they had feelings for each other since the very beginning of the series.

    I was very delighted to see Pops, as I wasn’t sure he’d be able to be there and Cindi Lauper.

    Those are the ones that comes to me from just watching the episode, I’m sure I’ll find more subtle ones after some good, honest rewatching 🙂

  9. I think my favorite call back was the reference to the “duck conversation” in the roses alley from the pilot. The fact that this is the exact spot where they become husband and wife eight years later is a beautiful metaphor in my opinion. Obviously, the note from Aliens in a Spaceship is a close second.
    It’s not related to your question but Sarah, can you PLEASE do a scene study of the vows? You’ll make my shipper heart very very happy 😀

  10. I had a lot of callbacks in this episode. Some of them:

    “The Woman in White” title reminded me Brennan said she would never get married or wear a wedding dress, let alone a white one, as in “Woman in the Sand” & “Cinderella in the Cardboard” – and she truly is a woman, a remarkable woman, in every sense of the word.

    Brennan’s vows, her Gravedigger letter, remembering Booth, Brennan, Hodgins, & the Team in “Aliens in a Spaceship”. Remembering how Booth was in that episode and how Brennan was in “Hero in the Hold”. Among the reasons why I think they have always loved each other.

    Surprised when Booth said “What happens now?” (paraphrasing) at the end of the ceremony, reminding me of when Brennan said that to Booth when they were left standing at the alter at the almost wedding of Angela & Hodgins. Also reminded me of the post Burley proposal. Ugh! Three marriage related events.

    Last & My Favorite: The Wedding being in the gardens reminded me of the Pilot where Brennan chased Booth as Booth said in his vows – but not before Booth earlier had chased Brennan down the walkway to get her to work with him. Love that they both have chased each other from the beginning. They have chased each other from the very beginning!

  11. Just found this video on YouTube by “TheLovelyBones1” and thought it went well with the wedding and the callback posts.

  12. Sorry about that. I was trying to just post the link and not the actual video. My apologies.

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