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I Said/I Said: Is Booth Romantic Enough?


Hello, Bones Theory people!

So, this post has been festering in my mind for a few weeks, spurred on by comments I’ve seen on some episode reviews I’ve done, and here and there on the internet. After The Sense in the Sacrifice, we discussed whether Booth’s reaction and actions were justified, and I mentioned that I didn’t FEEL as if they were, etc. And at the end of The Lady on the List, I liked Booth’s “I love every day” line, but I saw others who were like “Get serious about this, dude!” It just seems/seemed like Brennan is doing all the heavy lifting in the romance department in this relationship. And when she says something, he just stares at her, sort of smiles, and barely says anything!

And a voice in my head would say things like “This is the ‘making love speech’ guy; this is the guy who knew, right from the beginning–the guy who has done several romantic things in the past…stuff that on the surface doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but we all knew better– Jasper, the Christmas tree, the dine and dash, the hand-hold at the diner, the lingerie, and so on and so forth…” Where is that guy?! And seriously, what kind of proposal was that?!?!?! ( I know, I know…he was just reinstating Brennan’s proposal, etc., but still!)

And then ANOTHER voice in my head (hence, the “I said/ I said”) would respond with “Did you see his face, though?” I’m talking about the look on his face when Brennan told him she was pregnant, when she proposed, when she believed in him, when he asked her again, and ultimately when she was walking down the aisle. It’s there…in his eyes. He’s just so grateful that he can’t process anything else, let alone say or do something!

So then another voice (how many voices are there, you ask? Well…don’t ask…) said “It’s not that he’s not romantic…I think he’s just shy about love.” Which made me blink a few times and think. I admit I have been out of the loop on a lot of Bones convos lately, so if this idea has been going around, let me just join in with those saying so (and feel free to quote yourselves/ give yourselves credit in the comments). But, for better or worse, I think that is sort of what is happening.

I think Booth is a little skittish, I guess. I also believe he would have been 100% fine with just living with Brennan for life. Getting married is the 110%, as he would say, much to Brennan’s annoyance 🙂

All of the things I mentioned before (and others, like Brainy Smurf, guy hugs, “There’s someone for everyone”, the ice skating, ahhhhhh, that!) were romantic, but they were more about flirting than love. I think.  Obviously, I have a lot circling in my mind about it.  I don’t know if shy and skittish are the right words…maybe it’s just that he DOES know what he’s good at, and sex and flirty romance are definitely at the tops of the list. But love is the real deal, and as we all know, it takes more from us than we sometimes feel comfortable with. And he has not had a good success rate with it.

Bottom line: I think that the reason Booth seems to sort of freeze up when Brennan makes romantic overtures (beyond that the writers are giving her most of the moments these days) is that he’s still in a little bit of shock that it’s really happening, in each of those moments. We know he is superstitious, and maybe he doesn’t want to jinx stuff by getting too excited. Or maybe he’s gotten more comfortable with himself and his own feelings and doesn’t feel the need to make it happen.   His confidence is based on the stability of their relationship and not what he has to bring to it…if that makes sense.

I also think this is the first time his love has truly been reciprocated, which makes a big difference. He’s not striving. Not that he and Brennan don’t take it seriously…but there is a huge difference between two people being in a relationship where each person is giving half (or 2 100%s, however you look at it) vs. one person trying to make it happen and the other being cool with it just being a good time. It’s also possible that Booth has realized what Brennan really wants out of a relationship (sex, stability, someone to talk to… that is a lot of s words haha) and knows he doesn’t HAVE to be over-the-top romantic to woo her. I think that makes sense; it’s just different for some of us watching, because it seems different from the way he was before. But to my point above, about him being shy with the true kind of love, there were other times in the past where he would sort of freeze up as well.

Ultimately, I guess I would answer my own question by saying “yes”. I would certainly not be opposed to seeing a little more of the old Booth back at times, because I think all of the gifts and special moments were fun and sweet, and honestly because I loved his flirting and the way he teasingly would make Brennan feel special (just like I also enjoy her doing the same for him!). But at the same time, I love Booth’s current relaxed state, his self-assurance that he loves and is loved in return. I think the moment outside his office in Sense in the Sacrifice supports this theory, as well as the vows he shared during their wedding.

What do you think?


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  1. Yes – everything you said (I have the voices too!)
    I think when he said his vows, and talked about chasing her, her chasing him, and catching each other spoke volumes, so maybe it was more a dance than it was inconsistent or hesitant.

    Also…”no, I am going to speak from my mouth.”


  2. Whew! What a question. I think all those voices are in my head too, because I’ve thought all of those things. I think the main one that’s stuck with me is the ‘Booth being so overwhelmed he can’t help but just stare/skittish and uncertain about the love’ angle.

    Like you said, this is the first time that we feel Booth has had real reciprocation. But Brennan has been so scared of commitment (maybe the 100th episode has been in the back of his mind) that I can see him not wanting to spook her. Also I think he’s afraid if he pinches himself, he’ll find that its not real. It’s everything he’s ever wanted, that maybe he’s still scared something might take it away.

    Maybe he’s afraid he’s not worthy of it.

    But I think a lot of it is awe. And utter, complete happiness. His vows were the ultimate in romanticism.

    “Chasing you has been the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life and being chased by you has been ‘my greatest joy’.”

    *Thud* brb, fainting 🙂

    I think its a mix of all those voices! All of them are right!

  3. I have to admit, this post was very bittersweet for me. 90% of those romantic moments you mention? All pre-S6. When people argue with me over whether or not the show has changed, I may just point them here.

    I agree that since their relationship has changed so should their behavior but (IMO) there’s a core romanticism that is missing now. Since they’re so comfortable with each other and so much in love with each other, those gestures should come easier now, right?

    • What MJ said about pre season 6!! Times a thousand.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying since the begining of S7. It’s like they don’t need to be romantic now that they can. I really don’t understand HH’s logic here. He says that no one wants to see a couple all over each other, but who says that they need to be? I want the little moments, although some grand gesture from Booth is really needed at this point.

  4. Totally agree with you, Sarah.

  5. I think Booth can’t win. If he’s goopy & romantic I see comments about what a pansy he is. I think a look from Booth can say a 1000 words and Brennan gets that.
    I’ll gladly take the guy who says “I love every day” and looks at me like he just won the lottery. The guy who says chasing me was the smartest thing he ever did and having me chase him has been his greatest joy. Yeah, I’ll take Booth just the way he is. I don’t need to hear the romantic flowery speeches every day. Having a guy who shows up and shares the day to day stuff with me and says “I love you” after a phone call-I’m good with that. I think show has already established that Booth is a romantic and they don’t feel the need to beat the audience over the head with gestures from him. I never doubted it for a minute.

    • Lisa, I liked how you phrased that, “I’ll gladly take the guy who says “I love every day” and looks at me like he just won the lottery.”

      I also think that now is different that the early days because he was sort of teaching Brennan how to open up and express emotions and things…and now she totally does! She let down that last bit of imperviousness, remember? So now the love can just flow through from one to the other without the work 🙂

      Sure, they got married last week. But they’ve been in a committed partnership for eight years 🙂 things change from early stages, but that doesn’t mean its better or worse, just different.

    • You have just said exactly what I wanted to say. I am shocked that the Booth I am currently watching is considered by some to not be as romantic as he was. ” I love every day” is one of THE most romantic lines ever uttered on this show. His vows were straight from the heart, him desperately wanting to give Brennan the wedding he thought she wanted, his “to hell with the FBI” in Sacrifice, his desperate I love you’s in Secret etc. All from this season and all as romantic as being given a plastic pig or a Smurf!!!

      But than I equate love to romance and perhaps others separate the two – I mean I’m sure no one here or in the Bones community as a whole doubts how much he loves Brennan ( I’ve seen alot of comments elsewhere where people are finally getting over their S6 rage lol )

      All I know is as a woman, if I had someone look at me like I was the ONLY thing that ever mattered and gave me absolutely no doubt of his feelings, I would be sufficiently romanced 🙂

      • He found (and bought, not to mention remodeled) her a freaking house! He was going to build her a tree house, told her they could have whatever life they want, that he loves everyday, that he’s an incredibly lucky man. I think for Brennan, it is more important to have his daily love and support than any romantic little gift he could give her…but that’s just me. I think him telling her that there is nothing wrong with her, that she’s an amazing mom and just holding her when she’s in need of it is incredibly romantic.

    • Absolutely with you there.

  6. I think any man who tells you he would wear elephant tusks and be married by a squirrel monkey if you wanted him to knows what love is all about.

  7. Thanks Sarah for bringing up this topic. I have all those same voices in my head and probably will end up agreeing with you. My main issue is that I have a difficult time reconciling the 2 contrary persona’s he is projecting. There have always been contradictions in his personality from the beginning which became conspicuous in S6 but even more glaringly obvious for me this season. One is the guy that can’t possibly believe that she could love him this much, gets shell shocked every time she shows him how much she loves him and is possibly a bit skittish and the other guy is the one that seems to be very self assured in their love and doesn’t feel the need to go out of his way to show her his feelings and freely chastises her.

    In 9×02 when they are at the retreat, the head guy says she needs to think more with her heart than head and Booth agrees. Really Booth? A week ago the woman said she’d stay with you even though you broke her heart and distanced yourself from her emotionally and physically. It would’ve been a perfect time for Booth to say something like, “You think with your heart more than you know…” Same with the end scene where she wants to reconnect and he wants to watch a game (Sorry but I wanted to smack him upside the head at that). These actions feel wrong for the context of how much love/faith she has for him. Same with the scenes where he corrects her for her tone or stops her talking about clinking of the glasses. Or where he has a 100 things on his bucket list and doesn’t mention that he knows what’s important until after she does. So its a bit hard to accept that his love for her is overwhelming and that he feels like she is only thing that matters. I know that he does or is supposed to feel like that but unfortunately his actions don’t entirely validate that for me this season (the wedding episode did help a lot though).

    As MJ said it is bittersweet that most of his romantic moments have come pre-S6. While a lot of his behaviour change has possibly been stemmed from his rejection issues but then they haven’t properly addressed it either by the looks of the way he proposed. Shouldn’t the gestures come easier for him now that Brennan has given him so much love and commitment especially after 9×01. That to me was the piece that should have made him whole rather than her wanting to get married or them actually getting married. Her dealing with the uncertainty in their relationship and still able to stand by him should’ve been enough to get over any rejection issues that may have been lingering. So it will always feel like he never truly put himself back out on the line to propose to her which is sad because he did for 2 other women (one of which we had the misfortune of having to watch after he had rejected Brennan). I guess I had always thought that after her demonstrating absolute faith in him he would redouble his efforts to show how much he appreciates her in his life independently of what she does for him. Yet all of his romantic moments this season (FBI kiss, everyday comment) have come on the heels of profound demonstrations of love from her so the impact of his actions in those moments were diluted, for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that he loves her and would have stood by her even if she never wanted to get married and probably is grateful as to how much she loves him. But there was an earnest quality to his love for her prior to S6 that where he would go out of his way to make her feel special, tell her how big of a heart she has, showing her how proud he is of her etc that part feels a bit lost. Brennan probably doesn’t need any moments from him, but now that they have shown me that somewhere in Brennan is a romantic at heart it would seem that she would appreciate it and he should make an effort more than just saying he loves everyday.

  8. I would agree with you for the most part, but if they don’t start bringing romantic Booth back a little more I will be highly disappointed. I suppose, for now, I am reserving my opinion until all the evidence is in.

  9. I think Booth’s still as romantic as he’s ever been, and I agree with everyone who mentioned that the way he looks at her, like she’s the center of his universe, is but one instance of how he shows that romantic streak.

    Let’s not forget that before they got together, he needed to give her the trinkets and the guy hugs because he couldn’t give her what he really wanted, which was his love. Those were surrogates, taking the place of what he was feeling for her. Now he gets to build a home with her and tell her “I love you” whenever he wants, hold her whenever he wants. This time, the Christmas tree isn’t ostensibly for her family, it’s for theirs.

    Frankly, I can’t imagine anything more romantic than a guy giving up a huge part of who he is, his faith, in order to be with the woman he loves, all without once letting her in on his sacrifice. He never threw in her face that he stopped going to confession because they weren’t married, never pressured her about a wedding other than as a tease. He also made a video for their daughter where his one concern after he died was that she remind her mother how to be happy, because without him she might forget. Again, these were quiet acts, because Brennan was’t even supposed to hear those words, and all the more meaningful to me because of the fact he wasn’t doing them to get brownie points.

    I’ll take him worrying about her, looking after her welfare even after he’s dead, over a plastic pig. I also think that him telling her she’s perfect the way she is pretty romantic. Do we really need flowers and jewelry and speeches when a guy is telling you-and you absolutely know he means it-that he’d be willing to give his life for you at the drop of a hat? Booth’s never been a flashy guy when it comes to emotions, but he’s the real deal-I would happily take post-season 6 Booth over most guys any day of the week.

    Post-season 6 was primarily about Brennan’s evolution. Booth was already a romantic; the show wanted to focus on Brennan embracing her own irrational, romantic side, which I think culminated in her choice of the traditional wedding dress she’d dreamed about since she was a little girl.

    • Booth never really let up on the idea of marriage though. In S8 finale– when she asked “isn’t that enough?” he didn’t look her directly in the eye when he answered. So it was a lot of indirect pressure. If I was Brennan I would feel a bit pressured– just saying. He didn’t give her an ultimatum by any means but didn’t truly let the issue go either. I am not saying him staying with her is not romantic or that he wouldn’t have stayed with her forever but it would have been nice if he had honestly looked her in the eyes and told her he didn’t need anything more than she was giving him and that their “everyday” then was enough. If that had happened I wouldn’t have needed anything else from Booth, I swear:)

      I can’t remember when he told her she is perfect the way she is. Which episode is that? But I do see a lot of unnecessary condescension (probably played up for humour) especially this season and not enough romance/appreciation from him after breaking her heart. By contrast I have seen a lot of romance/appreciation from her and going out of her way to make him happy. When I see her going out of her way to do things that don’t come naturally to her it feels lopsided that he doesn’t. Neither of them are flashy when it comes to emotions but since she is consciously finding ways to connect with him (end scene 9×02), and do things with the specific intent to make him happy (marriage, church wedding, pigs in a blanket etc, the baptism from 7×13) even if she may have her own reservations about some of those things. He probably didn’t *need* pigs in blanket either but she wanted to do it for him so yeah it does feel off that he doesn’t do the same despite us being told that he is the romantic.

      Its just my opinion though… as important or as unimportant as you want to make it:)

      • He has told her numerous times that she’s perfect the way she is. When she went to see Sweets in episode 8.02, she said “there’s something wrong with me” and he told her “there is NOTHING wrong with you”. He has told her “I love you the way you are”. He bought her lingerie when he thought she was feeling insecure because he wants her to feel beautiful, just like he sees her, because she is beautiful. When Brennan was questioning if she was mean in the episode where they were being filmed to get funds for the Jeffersonian, she joked that if she were mean all the time he would leave her for a nice person, he said “I’m not going to do that because you ARE a nice person”. When she broke down after the veteran 911 case and basically said that she was ashamed that she had never shed a tear while she was working the 911 cases, he reassured her that we all deal with things differently and there was nothing to be ashamed of. When she wanted him to talk about his situation with his mother, what did he tell her? “You’re a good person, THE BEST…but I don’t want to talk about it”. He even constantly praises her intelligence, “you’re the smartest person in the world” and he’s not being snarky. He even made those silly pins of “Bones for president” for her. How is that not romantic?

        Perhaps you’re looking for instances in which he says those exact words “You’re perfect the way you are” but that’s not the only way people communicate with one another, especially not these two. I’m sorry but if you only remember what he does in a way that you don’t like (notice that I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong) but ignore the good things he does do, then you’re always going to feel like he’s not doing enough.

    • Beautiful, Mariu. That’s how I feel 🙂

    • I absolutely love what you said here. I agree.

  10. My two cents for what it’s worth: I think Booth has been under so much pressure caused by Pelant. Everything and everyone he loves is threatened. He has always felt he is responsible for his loved ones protection and safety especially Brennan’s. He’s the alpha male and a FBI special agent, he probably feels guilty that he hasn’t caught the sinister criminal yet. His dreams of home, family and the woman who is the love of his life have become a reality. With his luck he fears it could all come crashing down around him and he knows he would never recover. The need to catch Pelant to keep his loved ones safe from such an evil mad man has taken a toll on Booth. We are seeing a dark tougher side of Booth always tense & alert. Now that Pelant is finally DEAD hopefully Booth will take a deep breath and throw his arms wide and smell the roses.

    Booths proposal was not what I wanted to see. How about some passion after what he had to keep from her. I think the writers dropped the ball on that. one.

    Now that all the angst is over and they are now husband and wife Booth will relax and enjoy his wonderful life and become the positive joyful loving man we know he is. Then hopefully he will return the romance that Brennan has given him. I’m looking forward to November 4th. I will be watching for Booth’s wonderful smile to return so I can swoon.

    I have some thoughts on Brennan all positive. I’ll leave that to another time, this is long enough.

    I’m a talker not a writer so I hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to say. “I love this show”

  11. Believe it or not, it is okay for different people to watch the same scene(s) and take from that watching different points of view, without either person being more wrong or more right than the other.

    Personally, I don’t doubt for a moment that Booth loves Brennan, or that he has for a very long time. But I would also like to see more of those little romantic gestures, simply because they are different than the usual things two people in love do for each other almost without thinking (show me a man who takes out the garbage without being asked and I’ll show you one in love).

    Do candlelight and flowers and meaningful looks (and plastic pigs, tiny blue toys, pretend dine-n-dash, etc.) mean more than those everyday gestures? Of course not. They’re all parts in the sum of the whole (heh).

    But those special gestures and moments *do* mean something, simply because they *don’t* happen every day.

    Also personally, I’d like to see more of them.

  12. I think some of it comes down to what you’re used to seeing – Booth has, over the years, got the lions share of the ‘romantic’ moments because he was the ‘heart’ guy. Now that Brennan is open to being much more romantic, we notice when she does it and less so when Booth does, because we expect it from him. I wish his proposal had been a bit more romantic, but I’m going to have to let that go, because it was what it was.

    I think ‘I love every day’ is very much one of the most romantic things ever said on the show – very simple but so telling. I don’t really know of anything Booth could say to affirm his love of Brennan, and the life they’ve built together, more than that.

    I still think Booth is a very romantic guy, but I think he’s secure enough in their love and relationship to not have to make showy gestures all the time. Back in the day, he had to ‘woo’ her subtly because he couldn’t show his love for her overtly. That’s not the case now – he can show her he loves her in all the ways he used to want to but couldn’t.

  13. God, I’m so glad you’re still out there. Now that’s out of the way, I’m going to throw in my own two cents on this debate.
    So here goes. Don’t bite my head off until you reach the end, please. Basically, I believe we may have seriously overestimated them as actors, especially Boreanaz, for one very simple reason. What they have between them has always been so real to us, and we love that- (un) believable realism. It’s what makes for great acting, right? But the problem is, it is *real*. I’m not one of those Demily shippers who’ll sit around and make montages of them off set, and I don’t believe they’ve ever come close to having an affair in real life. But the genuine chemistry between them is undeniable, and a lot of the almost awkward reticence we see on the show (‘I love-‘ glances sideways, glances back at her, ‘you’- glances away again, then at her, quick peck, ‘Bones’. Really? This is a grown man. And not just any grown man, but our gun-toting, cocky-belt-buckle wearing, buttoned-down-but-buckets-of-sexual-confidence-which-I-for-one-would-love-to-tap knight-in-standard-issue-body-armour in striped socks) is a result of the actor’s inability to deal (un)sublimated tension between them. We’ve had that one hot kiss on the sidewalk under the rain and the other under the mistletoe which had to be edited to make it seem less steam (boat) y, but those were one time things, their first real proper kisses, and we just have to resign ourselves to the fact that we’re not going to get any more of them if they’re going to be kissing in every other episode now. When Booth kisses his partner now (or rather pecks/smiles against her lips), all laughter and rainbows and sunshine, we’re reminded that kissing someone whom you’ve worked with for nearly a decade, who has an important place in your life, and whom you’re not supposed to feel anything for once the lights go out and the cameras are put away because you’re told to by a bunch of showrunners, is very different from kissing them, really kissing them, because you can. I know what I have to say on this subject will upset a few fans- well hell, it upsets me more than anything that we won’t get to see real passion exploding between them because – well, for one thing, it’s daytime television, and more importantly, like I said, they are after all just two actors who have been working together for nearly a decade, very good friends with something between them that they’re not about to (allow themselves to) just explore for the cameras.

    • Makes good sense to me.

    • tee hee… totally makes sense to me:-). Personally I have always thought there was something more than just “friendly” teasing to the way DB would try to sneak a kiss from ED on the sets or in the interviews in the earlier seasons. Not that they would ever have an affair or anything. But definitely as they have aged and been friends for so long the dynamic has changed.

      Just wanted to say I am totally content being told that I am completely off base on things. I don’t expect anyone to see things the way I do:)

    • This made me laugh 🙂 What?! You mean they are actors/real people and not just their characters?!

      I see your point. They have always had a delicious way of dealing with the UST. And I agree with you that deep down somewhere there’s an attraction between them. But their lives have changed since the show started – marraige, affairs, babies.

      As actor, i think that ED’s position is so different now to when she filmed the first 5 seasons. She’s married. She’s a mum. DB respects that. I see hesitancy in him during some of those scenes which I thinks stems from the fact that he doesn’t want to cross that line, which ‘may’ not have been as strong earlier on.

      • I don’t think they’ve ever quite ‘crossed that line’ – and that’s the problem, isn’t it? They have to pretend they have, now. I’ve noticed when he looks at her, really looks at her (and he doesn’t do that much anymore, even though the dialogue calls for it) – he still has that same indescribable emotion in his eyes. It’s why we started watching the show. So no, I don’t think it’s gone anywhere – but they haven’t gone anywhere either, in their relationship, in real life, and that’s why it’s hard to pretend they have on the show.
        I’d posted something in an AN once in one of my fanfictions that I think is relevant here, after episode 2 of this season was released, making up for a disappointing premiere: I love how Booth said in the end – ohmyGOD, he looks so pweddddddy *glances around sheepishly* *wait who said that?* *and those rippling-* *I didn’t say that* *stop interrupting me* *I’m glad you had this conversation with yourself* Anyhow, like I was saying before I got interrupted – but he is pweddy 😛 I’m sorry I just had to – I loved how Booth said in the end, ‘we’re more than just psychology’. I loved the end, period. It’s been so long – too long – since we’ve had a JUST KISS ALREADY, DAMNIT!! moment, and we had plenty of those today. And he looked rugged, and manly, and handsome, and old in just the right way…mm. I admit – shamelessly – that I watched it so many times that when she says ‘don’t you dare’ it occurred to me that it seemed almost like Emily telling David, ‘don’t you dare really kiss me;, which apparently he tries to do everyday (and yes, David, we have it on record that one time she kissed you, too. Even if it was on the cheek, as she later clarified).
        This episode was so much better than any that we’ve seen in a long time. It’s been nearly two years since they churned out something this digestible, in fact. This is the kind of conflict that the show – and the audience – has been missing. A bit too realistic for my taste, but good stuff. I loved Booth calling Brennan out on doing his job and then proving he could do hers too (after all he is brilliant at stupidity, especially around her). I think I know what Hanson meant when he said it’s tempting for him to show her how easy it would be for him to destroy her – except it’s not, because he couldn’t stand to cause her pain. Although after season 6, I wouldn’t put it past Booth because he acted like a total DOUCHEBAG – but that scene where she’s looking at bones, and he’s looking at her? And then he apologises – an honest apology, at that, not trying to avoid confrontation… I gotta say, I loved it. It was like the old Booth is back. Fynn was cute too but I wish other people would stop telling them how they should feel. If they were like any other couple, we wouldn’t love them so much, I wouldn’t be writing this fic, and you wouldn’t be reading it.
        And throwing yourself down a construction shaft after you’ve just had the ‘I’m a free agent’ conversation – that most couples just, you know, break up after – fully aware that you could kill yourself and trusting your partner to catch you even when he’s angry (angry FBI!) and engaged in another conversation? HAHA. Only Bones. Only Bones. : ) They still seem to be a bit confused about the investigative process, though, and what role everyone plays in it. I mean, Booth questions a suspect – with Brennan – but then Sweets does the follow-up interrogation. When you think about it, on more than one occasion – or in fact on most occasions – when they finally crack a case on the show it’s because Booth or more often Brennan spots something that only they could because of their prior knowledge of or encounter with a particular suspect. Now they have a scrawny cupid-doppelganger baby-faced profiler shooting bullseyes and getting a new partner who’ll claim his attention – and as a result, ours – in the next episode…seriously, when he’s actually doing something, and not unintentionally trying to bungle things up between Booth and Brennan – and especially then –I don’t want to focus on his life story. Just…no. Have him acquit Zack and pack his things and leave. Booth can say a tearful goodbye before going into shock at the realisation that he’ll just have to find his own self now, and make his own decisions – and then make a full recovery when it hits him that he doesn’t need a little cherubine nincompoop to validate his existence and tell him what to do and why. We’ll get Booth back, we’ll get Bones back, and we’ll be happy. Because so will they. (Really, Brennan, why did YOU have to go see Sweets too? It’s not like we can blame her – she usually looks to Booth for guidance when it comes to the emotional stuff, and if he’s looking to Sweets what can she do but trust him as always?) While we’re on the subject of supporting characters, I’ve always been in the Wendell corner (: and it didn’t hurt when Brennan decided on choosing him because he gets along with Booth too 🙂 but I’m loving Fynn as well. But Sweets. Sigh. Sweets. He’s the one character that I can’t envisage them getting rid of now, and the only one who really should go. When they were in the range, I found myself fervently hoping Booth would just train his gun on the guy and shoot him. Did you hear the genuine doubt in his voice when he asked Sweets what he wants? Like you can trust a twelve year old to tell you that. Better luck asking Parker. Or Christine, seriously.

      • Sorry, I meant to reply to you but posted as a separate comment! The second one, down below.

  14. Also, I think he’s been forced to ‘respect’ that, but a reality check doesn’t change the reality of what’s between them. If I were to speculate about the evolution of their dynamic, I’d say that big fight they had early on that was covered up by the media and translated into frustrated bickering on screen might have had something to do with the fact that he’d made a move, or they’d finally realised they’d have to deal with the fact that they both wanted him to, but it was ‘wrong’. Hell, if we’re going to engage in guesswork, even his multiple affairs seemed to start after meeting her- almost like he’d go out of his way to be with every other woman ’cause he couldn’t have the one he wanted.
    Could be a rubbish theory, ofcourse. But the general idea is that they never knew how to accept the roles they were supposed to play – off screen, in each other’s lives, with this undefined and indefinable thing between them that makes the show what it is. And as those roles are becoming more defined – they’re parents, they’re married, and off screen, it’s not to each other – the boundaries are becoming more defined also, and it’s getting near impossible for them to pretend when they are together that it’s just pretending, because it seems too far-fetched that they could actually be one with each other in every sense of the word. It’s sad, really.

  15. Personally I think, if anything, the lack of sexual chemistry people see between them as an on screen couple is caused by quite the opposite – they’re like siblings off screen – utterly platonic, so kissing and acting intimate on screen feels weird.

    • They’re really not. You’ve got to act more off screen rather than on it sometimes. Did you see their first real kisses on screen? ‘It was like kissing my brother’ was about the funniest thing she could’ve said then, because it was just so obviously what it was.

  16. For better or worse…

    I’m hearing a lot of voices too. This post has brought a lot of issues to the surface for me. This was bittersweet for me as well like MJ, bountypeaches & others. At the end of Secrets in the Proposal Brennan expresses her “absolute faith” in Booth and says “But next time, it’s your turn to ask me to marry you” and Booth says “I will”. At the end of the Cheat in the Retreat Brennan creates a romantic setting for them and Booth wants to watch a game. One week he’s scared to death of losing her and the next week he’s unconcerned. At the end of The Sense in the Sacrifice, Brennan passionately says she would never sacrifice his (Booth’s) life to keep Pelant alive and tells Booth to shoot Pelant. And why is Brennan constantly apologizing to Booth?! The end of that episode was the perfect time and place for Booth to propose and just say “Will you marry me?”, and it would have been more than “romantic enough”. Instead Brennan gets an “If I… Will you…?”. For me, that wasn’t a real proposal and we know what Booth’s capable of. Brennan is so in love with Booth and has given herself to him so completely. She has more than proved herself in love, trust, and faith, and not just now, but for me, even more so since the S6 premiere – where Booth misses her hug, her eyes, and her careful words. Booth hedged his proposal and Brennan deserved better. Booth either doesn’t have enough confidence and faith in himself or he doesn’t’ have enough confidence and faith in Brennan. Booth’s changes seem to have been more like on and off switches than Brennan’s more gradual changes. For me there is a line drawn in the series with the start of S6 and the two Booth’s I see. So I do feel Brennan is doing the heavy lifting in the romance department in their relationship these days and in past days.

    Yes, there are the looks in Booth’s eyes when she tells him she’s pregnant, and when she agrees they should have a place of their own, which he pushed and apologizes for, and later knew was huge for her and admits to, and her incredibly perfect romantic beef jerky proposal, and so on. I don’t think he’s shy about love – Rebecca, Cam, Burley, his “does alright” statement, which matters because Booth doesn’t believe that sex is just sex – so, no shyness. He bounces back and forth between knowing how genuinely, seriously lucky he is and insecurity. Brennan’s constantly reassuring him and telling him she just wants him to be happy and have what he wants, including S6 & S7 by her actions, and goes to great lengths to make him happy and give him the things he wants, and the things she thinks he wants. He has everything he’s ever wanted and never thought he would have. Booth asks Aldo for advice before the wedding and is stunned by Aldo’s response. That Aldo is jealous, and that what Booth and Brennan have is the reason we draw breath! Wow! I can’t see the old Booth asking for advice. Max follows Booth because he’s afraid Booth is having a change of heart. Max wouldn’t have done that with the old Booth, quite the opposite – Judas on a Pole, Max knew. Booth’s vows were incredibly perfect and truly from his heart and yet at the end of the ceremony he asks Brennan what do you think happens now and not kiddingly, IMO. Old confident, romantic, cocky Booth would not have asked that – and Brennan’s answer was perfect and confident. I have no doubt of Booth’s love for Brennan, never have, but something’s amiss with Booth.

    I also don’t think Booth would have been 100% fine with just living with Brennan the rest of his life, but he would have done it. But he has nudged her about marriage since the S7 premiere. And why wasn’t their living together good enough? All the romantic things Booth did in the early years to me weren’t just flirting and romantic. To me it was love. And they briefly talk about that at the end of Couple in the Cave (I’d love to discuss that conversation:)). I felt Booth was really in love with Brennan and all his actions were his way of safely showing it, along with constantly teaching her about real love and opening up – so she would love him back! I believe Brennan was in love too, but in serious denial. But she followed Booth’s lead and respected his line – which he reminds her of over and over again pre S6. Brennan drew her own line in the flashback when she left Booth standing in the rain – because she felt it too and knew it was going somewhere too. Hodgins to Angela re B&B in the flashback: “Ever feel like you saw something great that almost happened and then it didn’t”. Booth’s line and their “partnership” was his way of loving her and keeping her the only way he knew how (“what will it take?” – Pilot). To me, Brennan’s books (can’t bounce back and forth between the book and reality – Pilot) were her way of loving Booth and keeping him, and living safely in denial. Now Booth can do all those loving and “romantic” things openly and freely and he doesn’t. The kiss outside his office and saying “the hell with the FBI” was the most spontaneous and “romantic” thing I can remember Booth doing – yet spurred on by Brennan’s passion and faith in Booth. That kiss was the old Booth. The “romantic”, cocky, confident, giving himself completely Booth. The Booth I miss and hardly see anymore. I don’t need or want grand gestures, just some of the old sincere expressions of love. I guess the key word here is “enough”, especially compared to how hard Brennan is trying. I think Brennan has always been as much in love with Booth as he has been with her. I feel these reasons and many more effect how Booth acts now, “romantically” and otherwise. So, No, I don’t think Booth is being romantic enough.

    I could have just written “No” in response to Sarah’s question – but that wouldn’t have been any fun:).

    I see so much in the looks and the lines of the characters without even trying and I don’t why. This show is special to me as I know it is to so many. I could write endlessly on “Bones” and it’s a welcome distraction. I expect I’m out in the bleachers alone for how I see these characters, their story, and this show – and that’s ok:).

    • Oou…you’re probably picking up on some themes that HH may be thinking of pursuing for Booth’s character…if HH doesn’t get distracted and drop the ball the way that he failed to develop the ‘Hodgins loses his fortune’ theme, amongst other never followed through upon themes.

      We’ve seen so much of Brennan’s development in the past few years, but relatively little growth in Booth. Maybe they’re going to pursue DB’s suggestion about Booth being in pain daily…maybe instead of physical pain from his injuries from being tortured, it may be psychological pain at first. Perhaps Aldo’s comment, “you blow this, Booth, and it’ll be worse than any Hell God could come up with for you”, may prove to be prophetic????

      • Great points Quarterbreed. I hadn’t thought of it that way. It is a shame some of the story lines that have been dropped. I think some of them would have been good for the show. Thanks for reading and your comment:)

    • Exactly nailed how I am feeling. The issue is “enough” and compared to how hard Brennan is trying it doesn’t feel that there is as much effort on his behalf. I think the show set me up for disappointment by having Brennan say that he would need to propose next time and then come up flat. There is a rejection sensitivity theme for Booth that they brought up in S6 but then never fully explored. Its sad that it wouldn’t have been mostly resolved with Brennan sticking with him. Its one of those things they like to bring out of the box when the want and then stuff it back in when its not needed like his gambling so they are never going to fully resolve it because they want to be able to use it when they want.

      I never understood the end of couple in the cave because it doesn’t make sense to me that a woman who clearly doubted the longevity of romantic relationships in this conversation somehow during the course of S6 would come to believe after watching the man she was in love with move on from her and fall in love with another woman and then have that relationship abysmally flop as well. To me it just proved Brennan’s point from CitC that parity is more important than love and you shouldn’t rely on ephemeral chemicals of love for your happiness. The irony of that conversation was that Booth was taking about how love is not walking away from someone at the cost of your life but yet he was walking away from Brennan emotionally in S6 to find his own happiness.

      I have always thought Booth loved her before S5 but only came to realize it as a result of his coma dream because if he had realized it before then he wouldn’t have been so confused about his feelings– it wouldn’t have been “news” to him. He wouldn’t have needed Avalon to tell him what was in his heart or be confused when Sweet’s told him to be sure of his feelings.

      • Thanks bountypeaches. I agree with what you said as well. I felt set up and disappointed with Booth’s proposal too. Brennan’s grown and moved forward, and Booth seems to be uncertain about something regarding either himself or Brennan, and I don’t think he has cause to be at this point. For me, Booth’s “proposal” reinforced his lack of certainty regarding Brennan. I’ll always wonder why Booth didn’t just say “Will you marry me?”. They seemed to have switched places. I’ve always felt Brennan & Booth loved each other even if they didn’t know it and realized it at different times.

        I agree with what you said about Couple in the Cave as well. Brennan seemed contradictory but I think it’s because she was changing her views on love or had changed her views on love, and was in love with Booth. Though Booth did seem to prove her theory regarding love and happiness. First they’re talking about the couple, then love, then themselves. The guy couldn’t leave the gal, Booth couldn’t leave their partnership, physically. That was still love. Brennan putting Booth’s happiness ahead of herself watching him love another woman. That was love. Further into the conversation, Booth responds to what Brennan says by saying “no, it was still love” and looks wide-eyed into Brennan’s eyes as if he’s now telling her for the first time that he had loved her. She is living in the way she thought she never could and hasn’t realized it yet. They don’t really get to finish their conversation. S6 was a major turning point for them and there were issues I thought they needed to deal with, and were swept under the rug with their toast to things better left unsaid. I felt they (tptb) did that again at the end of The Sense in the Sacrifice via Sweets and Caroline when they say we missed a lot, but who cares.

  17. The more I think about it, the more I think we (I’m including me!) get caught up in what we personally would want our significant other to be like if we were in their situation (which obviously is an occupational hazard when blogging 🙂 ) and we need to step back.

    B&B have always been written as an unconventional couple. This we know. Sometimes I don’t always agree with the final product 100%. But here’s where I am on Booth’s romantic side. I could talk about examples and reasons all day; but the fact of the matter is, if it is good enough for Brennan, it’s good enough for me. We may not like her reaction, but it seems that they are writing her to be happy with the security and stability Booth provides in their romantic relationship.

    We mentioned before how Booth did more gestures in early seasons…but they were not together in a couple-y way. She had her walls up. He was trying to break them down. Now she’s not impervious, she’s strong. Now, Booth is the one in unfamilar territory. He has never had this with anyone before. Now, he’s afraid that it will be tken/ he will lose it somehow. Now she is the one who needs to make the gestures to help Booth with his own issues.

    I for one, am glad that Brenan gets to fill this role now. Booth/men don’t have to always be the ones to make the grand gestures. Now it is Brennan’s turn to help support Booth as he supported her for so many years prior. Does that make sense?

    • I think you are right in that we (mostly myself) get caught up in what we ourselves would do in the same situation. But at the same time a lot my expectations were/are driven by what I have been told and and shown what Booth was capable of and what other characters in the show have done in similar circumstances. In my mind Booth had been fashioned as an endless romantic (underneath his cynical nature) who would do anything for those he loved but he lost that somewhere (for me) in S6 and never quite regained or re-chanelled it to that extent. For the most part its not a big deal but there is this unsettled feeling.

      Its sad for me that when I think that Hodgins is the most romantic man on the show when I had always expected it to be Booth. Hodgins pursued Angela, held out the torch for her when she said no to a relationship, proposed multiple times and still finds ways to make Angela feel special (even if most of the time she doesn’t deserve it) –Hodgela is a pretty unconventional couple with a lot of parallels to BB. I understand that Hodgins doesn’t have the rejection issues that Booth has but by now they should have been mostly resolved. So in my mind, Booth could do more in a season where Brennan has shown him steadfast faith. I like your point about Booth being in unfamiliar territory and may watch from that point of view but then there are other actions that don’t add up to that being his predominant view so I don’t know how to make sense of it in combination.

      I understand what you are saying that if Brennan’s happy what does it matter but to my mind Brennan never thought she deserved to be happy so has low expectations, but the romantic in me finds that sad that Booth (this season in particular) doesn’t find a way to go out of his way to tell her how much she means to him. Sure he hugs and kisses her and tells her he is happy with everyday but they all seem to come after her independent declarations of love and faith. Underneath it all she is just a little girl who would probably appreciate romance now that she has allowed herself to indulge in this side and it would mean so much for him to do something nice now. That doesn’t mean I want her to stop what she is doing but just that in last 6 episodes he could have done something more. I don’t even need grand gestures but something small would do. I am optimistic that the next 2 episodes will sort me out:)

      I think the difference in our perspectives comes from whether you view the relationship being lopsided from the beginning or whether you think they were equal. From my perspective (its just my own and I wholly recognize that it may not be the case for anyone else) they both have been chasing each other right from the beginning. They both supported each other in their own ways depending on what the other person needed. Obviously Brennan has had more limitations emotionally (not always saying the right things) but right from the beginning she supported him by showing how much faith she had in him. In S1 she told him “if she didn’t have respect in the law at least she would respect him”. She comforted him after he killed the terrorist (and it looked like she was doing a better job than Tessa:-). He pushed her away a lot in the beginning too and acted irritated with her but she hung on despite her reservations about human relationships. They both have had many missteps with respect to a relationship with each other.

      My personal view (I may be alone in this) is that she was open to a relationship with him in S2 and it was only after his “supposed death” and Zach’s betrayal that she lost hope in meaningful relationships and tried to become impervious. The vows confirmed to me that Brennan realized that they had something special when she was trapped in that car and had decided she was going to tell him but when she came out the next episode was where she found out about Cam (which hurt her) and after that Booth created a line. When Sully asked her to sail away she stuck around in their partnership for him despite the line. But she still always supported him. She allowed him to maintain his protector image (jumping on him if a snake was around but being fine with snakes when he wasn’t there). She let him teach her plumbing, asked for his advice when he felt unsure of himself, became a village for parker, sacrificed her science etc. She didn’t sleep with Wexler for fear that it would offend him. Even her rejection of Booth in the 100th was because she thought he deserved better than what she could offer. With the way that Booth ended up being hurt in Daredevil, I can’t say she did the wrong thing. She would have been no better than Hannah if she had gotten into a relationship with him when she wasn’t sure she could be what he wanted. The only major lack of support I can see from her is when she went to Maluku and didn’t call him for 7 months but when Booth “died” he didn’t call her either. Plus, she more than makes up for it with her actively supporting his relationship with Hannah despite the emotional pain she was in. She continued by his side even after his rejection of her, despite his anger with her and even after he drew a line (again). What I am saying is that the relationship has always been pretty even for me in terms of them both standing by each other. So its fairly tough for me to follow the logic that he was the one supporting her in the beginning and that she is only now reciprocating.

  18. A little thought has been swirling round my head since we’ve been talking about this, and I’m not sure it’s going to be popular, but here goes – maybe Booth has changed as much as Brennan, just in the opposite way.

    As much as Brennan said she didn’t believe in permanent monogamous relationships, and ‘transcendent and eternal’ love, Booth had an idealized view of relationships, perhaps an overly rosy romantic ideal in his head. A lot has happened over the years and as much as Brennan has changed her view about monogamous relationships and love, maybe Booth has had his eyes opened that real love isn’t big gestures and always having big meaningful answers to things. It’s the little things – the every day things that really count. They’ve kind of met in the middle – Brennan is now more overtly romantic and Booth is more understated.

    I guess I just don’t know what more Booth could have done, this season or any other time since they’ve been a couple, to prove how utterly devoted, and besotted with, he is to Brennan. The proposal I admit was lackluster, I wanted more, but the rest has been pretty beautiful.

    To have man who loves you with his whole heart, as Booth does, who looks at you the way he looks at Brennan. Who is willing to sacrifice anything for you, and be your equal partner, supporting and loving you and laughing with you, as you build and walk through a life together. Phew. Not too shabby.

  19. Sophia –
    Thank you.
    I’ve been feeling like Booth is being bashed here. I think that the man has been incredibly romantic since the beginning and continues to be. What with Pelant, he didn’t have much opportunity to be blatantly romantic until ep 5. But, he did the subtle stuff. “I love every day,” the way he looks at her, the vows, etc., etc. I’d have to re-watch everything (heaven forbid) to get the details, but I can’t at the moment. I have just felt that he has been plenty romantic this season (and last and the one before and toward the end of s6). I have loved this season.
    As much as Brennan was concerned for what he wanted wedding wise, he was concerned about what she wanted. I also don’t see how Booth pushed her on marriage. In 7.1, he said that she’d do the proposing. I don’t recall a lot of pushing after that. He wasn’t bringing the issue up all the time, for one thing.
    And, I don’t think that Max following him reflected any real belief that Booth might back out. I think it was 1) suspicious old Max doing what comes naturally and 2) concern about what Booth was thinking about the money. As for talking to Aldo then, I think it was just needing reassurance — not about himself, but about Brennan.
    Talking of all the things that Brennan did for Booth in the earlier years: he did a lot for her (I’d argue more.), and as much as she did, she was also constantly putting him down for being irrational, etc. Think about how she just accepted what Jared told her about Booth fearing success or her refusal to accept what Cam was trying to tell her because it wasn’t “evidence” to her. There are a lot more examples where that came from.
    BTW, HH has said that they will revisit Hodgins lost millions. Also, BTW, we tend to pay such careful attention that we demand a ridiculous level of continuity. If we scrutinized other shows the way we do Bones, I suspect we’d find even more dropped stuff and conflicting stuff. My favorite example of this is that DiNozzo knew nothing about movies in the earliest eps of NCIS and yet he became this great movie buff soon after. Or, in Happy Days, how the Cunninghams had an older son at the beginning, who then just disappeared never to be mentioned again.
    I could go on, but I’m a Booth girl. ‘Nuff said.

  20. Something else occurred to me while I was trying to get to sleep last night and had this Bones stuff twirling round my head (That happens to other people too right? Right? Guys…?)

    I was thinking about Booth and Brennan and whether they’re ‘balanced’, and it occurred to me that there’s always a lot of emphasis on how lucky Booth is to have Brennan, but how it’s hardly ever commented on/pointed out how very lucky Brennan is to have Booth.

    In the wedding episode, there was the ‘if you mess this up, etc’ from Aldo (why would he mess it up? Where has that come from?!). There was also, ‘You’re a lucky man Booth’ from Aldo again as Brennan came down the aisle – I didn’t mind that one, it was a natural comment. Then there was Max threatening Booth at the alter (I know some people thought that was cute, I wasn’t one of them). But no one said to Brennan – you’re a very lucky indeed woman to be marrying him/have him etc. It’s not just the wedding ep either now I come to think of it.

    Booth is a flipping catch. It should be commented on more, for a more balanced portrayal. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight now I’ve got that down!

    • I am glad other people have Bones stuff swirling around their heads at night too:) I am blaming it on Bones withdrawal… who’s bright idea was it to not have a Bone’s episode this week? 🙂

      So again this is just my perspective and I might be a minority but for the first 5 episodes I felt there was a lot of acknowledgement of Booth’s positive qualities ie Booth is a good man etc (mostly by Brennan but also by Cam and Aldo) and no verbal acknowledgement of Brennan’s (from Booth or anyone else). To be honest more than the romance issue that is what exasperated me the most was the fact that Booth didn’t have an opportunity to say how amazing it was that she stood by him despite him breaking the engagement and not knowing why. So it was nice to see an episode where Brennan got some credit.

      Yes Booth is a flipping catch but Brennan is a pretty great life partner herself. I guess the writers are proud of both of their characters and are spacing it out?

      I did not understand Aldo’s comment of him not messing things up. Isn’t that why Booth was asking for advice in the first place to ensure that he doesn’t mess things up? Doesn’t make sense to scare someone if they are already actively working at doing things right.

      • Okay I will be rambling a lot in this post. Just needed to think out loud and get this off my head and chest.

        I was also a bit intrigued by Aldo’s comment that Booth better not mess up his relationship with Brennan. It probably comes from something that Aldo knows about Booth and how he handles relationships.

        Given Booth’s history he kind of easily gives up and doesn’t really fight for his relationships. That’s how I see Booth. He easily gives in to being rejected. Probably roots from being abandoned by his mother and just practically giving her an out all those years until she appeared once more in his life.

        When Rebecca broke up with him he probably just accepted it. Same when Brennan said no. He easily accepted it and said he had to move on. And then with Hannah. Well, essentially he was the one who broke off with Hannah. Even when Hannah wanted to go back, he did not give her another chance. Not even the chance to talk and hear her side. I actually found it a bit harsh even though I was happy they broke up.

        And then he drew the line again with Brennan, probably because he was afraid that despite her confession she would balk at the end. And so since then, we see Brennan taking most of the initiative. Even when we know from Sin in the Sisterhood that she is still the one he loves the most, he was the one who is scared to give a relationship with Brennan a try. So yes, Brennan was the one who brought up the possibility of them being together in the elevator in Blizzard, but then Booth expressed doubt, so Brennan expressed doubt. But it was a good thing that when they were back at the apartment, Booth opened up to her that he still wanted to but needed to fix himself.

        Then in Crosshairs he practically invited her for a date. Then the rest of season 6 had to be them going back to the way they were but with a greater openness to becoming more than partners. Until Vincent’s death pushed them to the final step.

        Then we see them together in season 7 in this awkward stage of their relationship,living together, buying a house, having child and feeling their way into a shared life. It was such a short season with Pelant hanging over them. And before we know it, Brennan runs and leaves Booth behind.

        Then season 8 we see Brennan come back and I think she needed to take the initiative again because of what she did to Booth. She needed to assure him that despite what happened she still wanted a life together. Her line in episode 2 about being free agents probably stung Booth. And her views on marriage, even when Booth said that he was okay with not being married probably arose some level of fear on the part of Booth although this is mere speculation on my part. But because she did not want to get married and Brennan knew Booth given a choice really wants it, she needs to show him she is committed as much (or even more) as a wife would be. So maybe that’s why we have seen a “more” romantic Brennan than a romantic Booth.

        But I think it’s not really a question of being more romantic or not as it is of taking more initiative to express love in big and little things. Brennan needed to do that in s8 after what she did. that is why she probably was “more romantic” in a sense.

        And she probably knows Booth’s struggle with self-doubt – if he is good enough for Brennan and for her to stay in a relationship with him. That’s why all this assurances from her that he is a good man and that she has absolute faith in him up until the first few episodes of season 9.

        That’s why when Booth thought that Brennan would be breaking up with him, I was glad that he stopped her and asked for more time. I could only imagine how Booth would respond if it went the other than it did in the show.

        Okay this is really really way too long and i’m going to stop now. Thank you for the space to voice out my thoughts.

      • That’s awesome Gwen. I really agree with most of that.

        Booth definitely has a history of giving up easily in terms of romantic relationships. He didn’t know why Rebecca turned him down, he assumed it was because he wasn’t a good candidate and it’s Brennan who (five years after the fact) helped him learn the truth. He even asks Cam, long after the fact, why their relationship (the first time) didn’t work out despite knowing he himself didn’t see them ending up in marriage. So even though he didn’t necessarily want to end up with Cam it still affected his self worth. Even though Hannah came across as a bit self centred, I think he was pretty harsh to her as well– but I think that whole relationship was tied into his self worth rather than strong feelings for Hannah. He was trying too hard to make that relationship successful because he wanted to forget what he knew to be true that Brennan was his fate because it was too painful to think that was the truth after her rejection.

        I think even after Brennan confessed in Ditp he was afraid of going down that road with Brennan in case she balked and thus when Sweet’s mentioned proposing he jumped at the chance to prove that Hannah was the right choice (even though he knew on some level she wasn’t). I get the impression at the bar scene in DitM that he was mostly angry with Brennan and was finally allowing all the hurt he felt after her rejection to come through so he set up a line. But I think he couldn’t stop his own feelings from coming through thus chasing after her in the park and wanting to spend time with her in boring lectures but still protesting his feelings. But Brennan hanging in there finally allowed him to admit that he still wanted the relationship and but needed some time to deal with his own role in the mess he had gotten himself in. Part of it was that he needed to start thinking about what he was doing more carefully instead of just relying on luck.

    • That “Amen” is meant for Sofia, not peaches.

      • Heehee. I was just reminded of a quote from HH:

        “This sounds awful, but when the audience fights amongst itself, I feel like we’ve done something right.” he says. “If everybody loved everything all the time, they would be bored in a season.”

  21. And, we do it so civilly here. ;-D

  22. To: bountypeaches

    Yey! Glad to know I am not alone in thinking that way about Booth.

    I do hope they explore Booth’s character more. That’s why I’m glad they’re keeping Aldo. I know Brennan deeply knows Booth. But the early struggles of Booth… the raw emotions that contributed to who he is now, I’d like to believe that it was Aldo who was witness to it And it must have been that bad for Aldo to decide to leave the priesthood and not like God very much right now.

    And I’m also curious about the Angela-Booth conflict. If I remember in one interview with the showrunners, (can’t remember if it was HH or SN) they mentioned there still will be one big confrontation. If that pushes through it will be very interesting and possibly revealing.

    So yeah. I hope we see more of Booth’s struggles and how Brennan would relate to him.


  23. Viewed through the lens as fresh off the wedding ep, while some things were taken to extreme by the writers, nothing was ever going to be easy – this proven by much of seasons 5 and 6. This was, after all, another step in the journey.

    Those last 6 minutes, hard not to tear up on Booth’s vows. Just wow. I thought impossible to top that. Then broadsided by Brennan’s note. Which did. To me, they were both all-in romantic there. As if they were closer to an equilibrium than all heart one and all brain the other.

    The preceding part of S9 had its romantic moments. But life together is not all romantic moments – if it were, they would cease to be special. I thought the ones they had were just enough considering the underlying subject matter. And while it wasn’t how I proposed, given that Booth had promised he would the first chance he got, he took the first chance he got. He couldn’t stand to be separated from what he so desired any moment longer than he absolutely had to. I find that incredibly romantic, as well as the way Brennan turned the question back on him.

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