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Rock the Vote 2013: The UST


rtv 2013

It’s that time again for Rock the Vote, Bones Theory style! In years past, we’ve voted on “Greatest B&B Shipper”, “Best B&B Kiss” and “Best Episode Ending”, and I admit it took a while for me to figure out what to put on the ballot this year. I searched through some old screencaps I had and was reminded of many moments between B&B, particularly those ones that were just so infused with Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST). Well, since B&B are together, we don’t have them any longer, which is 98% great and 2% a little sad, because they were hotttttttttttt.

In honor of that hotness, I’ve compiled a ballot of many B&B UST moments. I acknowledge right here and now that my list might not include some of the moments you may have picked, but I hope that there are a few you can vote for.

Quick facts;

1. These are taken from seasons 1-6, because after all, the ST was pretty much Resolved by the end of that 🙂

2. These aren’t necessarily all of the sweet or romantic moments, but really focusing on that UST. Of course, I guess this is where you all will find out what I think is hot, haha, but I’m okay with it.

Okay, here is a list of moments, and then below will be the first ballot!

Pilot: In the Gun Range

booth brennan pilot no personal space

Man in the SUV—End Scene

Man in the SUV

Man in the Bear- Dancing

bear 3

Man in the Wall- White Polo Shirt (mmmmmmmmmmmmm)

wall 24

Man in the Fallout Shelter—drugged Booth

shelter 3

Two Bodies in the Lab- all of it (oh, there’s magic)



Titan on the Tracks; stakeout


The Blonde in the Game- Jasper

jasper 1

Truth in the Lye- Agreements

lye 15

The Girl with the Curl—”You’re structured very well. As are you”


Woman in the Sand—Vegas, Baby

booth sand

The Headless Witch in the Woods (guy hugs)

headless witch

Judas on a Pole


Boneless Bride in the River- Everything Happens Eventually

bride 24

Killer in the Concrete, end of episode—Keep on Tryin

killer in the concrete

Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House— so much, and the ending

glowing bones


Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van- end scene

america isn't the ONLY thing he loves soccer

Death in the Saddle- Making love

death yes

Secret in the Soil- Coffee

soil 35

Mummy in the Maze, costumes


Boy in the Time Capsule—Brainy Smurf


Santa in the slush- Kiss

slush kiss 2

Player Under Pressure- Fully Developed Male

player under pressure

Season 4:

The Man in the outhouse—Someone for Everyone


Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond—Fixing his back

pond 51

Passenger in the Oven- Ahhhhhhh

oven 28

Double Trouble in the Panhandle—The morning after


Fire in the Ice—So good

ice 16

Science in the Physicist- Up against the wall

against the wall

Season Five:

Bond in the Boot- No Secrets

bb 39

Night at the Bones Museum- So close!

museum 40

Gamer in the Grease- Sexy times

gamer 56

Goop on the Girl– Stripdown for Science

goop 17

Bones on a Blue Line.—Booth at Brennan’s place.

blue line

Season 6:

Killer in the Crosshairs- Run


Blackout in the Blizzard- Thai massage

thai massage

The Finder—the medal

finder 42

Okay, you’ve seen the choices—-vote now below!


4 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2013: The UST

  1. Haha, I would like to vote for all of them! But for me, I think I have to go with the Making Love conversation. “Breaking the laws of physics” . That whole scene oozed with UST and both of them “thinking about it” .

  2. Wow! Great moments!

  3. I thought I would go for “Up against the wall”, but finally went with “Someone for everyone”. Booth is definitely thinking “ME, I’m the one!” Get post…So nice to relive all those wonderful B&B moments.

  4. Hm. Some them to me aren’t necessarily UST, but really adorable B&B moments. Here are the top moments for me that really fit the UST definition: (because who can narrow it to one?!)

    1. “Bear”-Dancing: I mean look at Booth’s face in that pic. He’s smitten.
    2. “Sand”-zipping the dress: So much in that scene. Booth pics out the perfect dress for her figure and then is blown away to see her in it. *fanning self wildly*
    3. “Woods”-Guy hugs: Ugh, these two. Just make out already! 🙂 Booth picks something so heartwrenchingly torturous for him, getting to hug this woman, just as friends and partners. But we know its really more!
    4. “Glowing”-mac n’cheese: Brennan being all domestic and cooking for her “partner”. Booth appreciates the significance. I love this one because she’s wearing “that thing around her neck” that Booth complimented when they took Pops back. I don’t know if they meant for that, but I’m taking it as they meant to (in my head) 🙂
    5. “Purple”- Brennan just loved finding reasons to touch Booth without admitting her feelings 🙂 Her version of Booth’s guy hugs.
    6. “Passenger”-the plane: This one may be my top choice. Booth is thisclose to letting his restraint and control of his feelings slip away. Brennan is so obtuse to it. (Or is she?!?!?!?!??!) Later, the murderer assumes they are going to make out becuase they keep staring at each other. 🙂 Brennan wonders why people always think that. haha
    7. “Physicist”-the wall: Seriously, pinned up against the wall by a hot FBI agent? Sigh. 🙂
    8. “Museum”-ending: Yup, this one is up there because both of them are feeling the same thing in the same moment. Both are about to lose their restraint here, and every time I watch, I’m dying for them to just make out already! But they are always interrupted!
    9. “Goop”-no clothes: The way Booth looks at her while she’s “gathering evidence”. The way he has to recite saints because he is so affected by her touch.

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