Bones Theory

Rock the Vote: B&B UST Round 6


rtv 2013


Hello and Happy Sunday!

We’re narrowing it down from 5 to 3, and the top two vote getters will be broken down tomorrow, and the final vote will take place on Tuesday!

So now is your chance to put your favorite (of the remaining 3 that is) into the finale!

Will it be…

The Pilot; Gun Range


booth brennan pilot no personal space



Death in the Saddle: Making Love

death yes


Night at the Bones Museum- So Close!


museum 40



4 thoughts on “Rock the Vote: B&B UST Round 6

  1. IMO, it will come down to Death in the Saddle and Bones Museum. I feel that in the Pilot scene, B&B just did not know each other well enough and have enough UST there to win it.

  2. The bow tie won this round for me.

  3. It’s the bow tie plus expression on Booth’s face for me. If anybody looked at me like that….

    Is it hot in here? *fans self wildly*

  4. Definitely sticking with Booth in a tux. DB kills me in this one.
    Damn those squints!

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