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Rock the Vote- Final Round!


Hello everyone!

Well, tomorrow is election day here in the United States, and that also means we’ll be voting on the final two “UST” moments you’ve pushed to the championship round! And I’m sure you also know that tonight is a new episode!


But before we all lose our robes, let’s take a trip down memory lane and break down these two scenes. I didn’t have time to post commentary, but I don’t think you’ll need it. I know a lot of us have these scenes memorized 🙂

First on the ballot:

Death in the Saddle– Making Love!

ds1 ds2


ds3 ds4 ds5 ds6 ds7 ds8 ds9 ds10 ds11 ds12 ds13 ds14 ds15 ds16 ds17 ds18 ds19 ds20 ds21 ds22 ds23 ds24 ds25 ds26 ds27 ds28 ds29 ds30 ds31 ds32 ds33 ds34 ds35 ds36 ds37 ds38 ds39 ds40] ds41 ds42 ds43 ds44 ds45 ds46 ds47 ds48 ds49 ds50 ds51 ds52 ds53 ds54 ds55 ds56 ds57 ds58 ds59 ds60 ds61 ds62 ds63 ds64 ds65 ds66 ds67 ds68 ds69 ds70 ds71 ds72 ds73 ds74 ds75 ds76 ds77 ds78 ds79 ds80 ds81 ds82


Second on the ballot:

Night at the Bones Museum– So Close!

museum 1


museum 58 museum 2 museum 6 museum 5 museum 7 museum 8 museum 9 museum 10 museum 11 museum 12 museum 13 museum 14 museum 15 museum 16 museum 17 museum 19 museum 20 museum 21 museum 22 museum 23 museum 24 museum 25 museum 26 museum 27 museum 28 museum 29 museum 30 museum 31 museum 32 museum 33 museum 34 museum 35 museum 36 museum 37 museum 38 museum 40 museum 41 museum 43 museum 44 museum 45 museum 46 museum 49 museum 50 museum 51 museum 52 museum 53 museum 54 museum 55 museum 56 museum 57


12 thoughts on “Rock the Vote- Final Round!

  1. Death in the Saddle, making love

  2. Ugh. Now I won’t be able to get anything accomplished today. Also, lol on “But before we all lose our robes…” 🙂

    Thought: Perhaps this scene is why Brennan wanted Booth in a tux for the wedding? He looks GOOD!

  3. Oh, their faces.

    Oh. Their. Faces.

  4. Night at the Bones Museum because KISS, DAMMIT, KISS

  5. I was sure my vote would go to “Death in the Saddle” but those pics from NatM just might change my mind…his narrowed eyes, her wide…and his gaze falls to her lips more than once. Angela would never forgive herself if she’d known what she interrupted. She owed them the perfect wedding for that poorly-time entrance alone.
    But still, the speech (and its delivery) from DitS…you just can’t top that. Even cynnacle-about-love-season-two-Brennan had to agree that Booth was right. (Although technically in thier case, it’s when two people became three.)

  6. Night in the Bones Museum hands down. Booth giving Brennan a lecture in How The World Works in DitS, even if this one is about sex, is still just Booth talking and Brennan listening. Night in the Bones Museum, on the hand, the tension is equally felt on both sides. The polite chit chat stops, the movement stops, and then she is standing there anticipating receiving a kiss just as much as Booth is anticipating giving it. Hot damn. Nothing beats that for me.

    • I think that the thing I love best no matter the scene is that when Brennan looks at Booth or Booth looks at Brennan everyone else in the world disappears.

    • Totally agree. It’s the nervousness, anticipation, potential and equality that really does it in the NithBM.
      Whilst DitS is hot, it’s not a mutual ‘Let’s jump each other’ moment.

  7. I thought I would vote for Saddle, but I’ve decided to go with Night at the Bones Museum, for the mutual attraction felt by the two of them. 🙂


  8. Tux, bow tie, my vote. That is all that needs to be said 😉

  9. Oh my fave is still in! Still takes my breath away.

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