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The Nazi on the Honeymoon: Post Episode Discussion


Hi All,

The comments are open…did you like this episode?


33 thoughts on “The Nazi on the Honeymoon: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Thoughts as I watched:

    Brennan trying to mimic Booth’s relaxing is awesome….reminded me of her trying out Booths librarian fantasy!!
    “Bride” and “husband”…squee!
    Agent Andy and Booth in her book…Brennan admits it’s about him!
    “We are enjoying sex very much”
    Booth’s smile when he says they like working together is ADORABLE
    MSVH and Christine play date!!!!!!
    Doing what they love with the one they love….awwww
    “We’ve all dropped human remains before” Brennan extending the olive branch…she’s different than Dr. Wells!
    Angela’s not wearing a dress!!! Neither is Cam! Whoa.
    Fierce “Agent Andy” in interrogation
    Brennan wanting to kill off Agent Andy in the book! Lol

    I thought it was fun! And topical! I just read this TODAY!

  2. I loved the episode and this case.

    Agree with what bnb posted .
    “Bride” & “Husband” Twice Brennan said “My husband Seeley Booth”
    Booth smile is adorable.
    Haha, so funny that Booth was so flattered about Agent Andy being a legend in Argentina

    And the ending. Look at how Brennan is looking at Booth. Ahhh. es-907-i-still-love

    MY ONE COMPLAINT!! I wanted at least one scene of B&B in their hotel room!! Even just sleeping in bed and waking up in the morning with each other. Or going to bed together at night. They are married now and on their honeymoon I wanted to see a little more sexy times.
    Am I the only one who felt this way??

  3. I’m with Karen G. I have but one complaint.

  4. That comment was in response to Karen. Most of us were hoping for a more intimate scene. We’ve had one in nine seasons. Come on, Hart.

  5. 1) LO-O-O-O-O-O-OVED IT!
    2) Agree with all the why’s above, esp loved that Agent Andy is the big hero in Argentina
    3) Art predicting life is amazing – they wrote this story months ago and the story about a Nazi art trove shows up yesterday – that’s incredible.
    4) The little boy who played MSVH plays baby Toby on Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel. That makes two connections between the shows. Patty Belcher plays the next door neighbor, Mrs. Dabney. Mrs. Dabney is a grumpy old lady who gets annoyed by the neighbor kids – a bit like Caroline.
    5) I’d put the age thing between Christine and MSVH down to “Bones time” which seems to be unrelated to real time on occasion.

  6. I forgot. Sarah, I think that the black polo shirt gives the white polo shirt a run for its money. ;-D….. (that’s drool – ha, ha)

  7. I think I watched a different episode.

  8. I was very disappointed, they were on their honeymoon and not one passionate kiss. One nice scene in their hotel room in bed getting into bed anticipating getting into bed or waking up in bed please give us something even if its a guy hug. They didn’t even have that many scenes together. Oh there were some cute things in the episode. Booths glee at the recognition of him being Andy even autographed a book. Brennan trying to get comfortable on the beach, Booth wanting to go the whirlpool baths instead of looking at bones. I liked the last scene when Booth was pushing their drinks toward Brennan with his Boothy look of encouraging her to notice the drink so they could drink them together. Somewhat like in seasons 3&4 he was always trying to take care of her. HH needs to wake up and give the fans some B&B romance please!
    I could care less about a Nazi he got what he deserved to bad he lived till he was 90 they should have given his granddaughter a medal he was a very bad man.

  9. This was kind of a strange episode. Had its moments but nothing special

    I was REALLY not impressed with Brennan at the beginning. While I understand her need for adventure and her restless attitude, it WAS their honeymoon. She shouldn’t have been so insisting on working on the case. And even if Booth might have enjoyed himself, I didn’t get the impression it was the time of his life…

    I liked the Hodgins babysitting Christine and the play-dates the kids had together. Not sure how I feel about the new girl-actress… I’m actually hoping for another baby Hodgins, because both Jack and Angie seem like people who would go for more and really enjoyed it and I do believe the show is capable to make it (they don’t show the kids much after all). Also I think Cam enjoyed the kids at the Lab as much as them 🙂

    I really enjoyed the Cop and the Andy Lister stuff.

    Personally the case was kind of uncomfortable for me. The topic is a real close history for me, as I’m from Poland and Nazi, concentration camps built on our lands by them, and the tragedy that resulted from it all (for my country and the Jews) is a very difficult part of our recent history. While I like Bones precisely for showing difficult stories about real world, nothing so far has affected me like that… In the end i’m glad they went for it. And I’m really sympathizing with the granddaughter even though there is nothing else for her but a hopefully fair trail for the murder she committed.

  10. I’ve given myself a couple of days and another viewing to see if I would change my mind. Sadly, I didn’t. There was very little I liked about this episode mainly because he WAS their honeymoon. Had it been a vacation or anything else, I might not would have minded. But like Brennan said about their wedding day, it should not be like any other day. Same goes for their honeymoon. It should have been different than any other show! A little romance would have gone a long way into making this episode more tolerable for me. All it leaves me feeling is cheated yet again on a missed opportunity.

  11. I was mostly disappointed in the episode, except I appreciated exploring the Nazi topic, as that topic can be very difficult. I feel they did a poor job with it though compared to the early seasons where it would have been a heart wrenching episode. I also expected more from the romantic, waited a lifetime for a honeymoon, Booth. Not a honeymoon episode for me. I don’t expect “HH & all” to give fans what they really want or have waited 8 long years for, for as long as this series shall live. Add this to the list of the many moments and first’s we missed out on or were cheated out of. Brennan & Booth’s romantic relationship has left me disappointed since the 100th with few exceptions, when I have always felt that they had a rare gift of a special chemistry between them.

  12. I thought it was a pretty poor episode – quite boring and annoying. B&B don’t seem to have much sexual chemistry these days, and saying things like ‘Booth and I are enjoying the sex’ or ‘a feeling we can explore in more detail later’ and I’m just like, eye roll, ‘whatever, don’t buy it’.

    I didn’t really like the construct of them solving a murder while on honeymoon because it’s what they like to do – I don’t think it’s very healthy for a couple to not be able to just relax and enjoy each other’s company, or enjoy doing different things together. I’d have preferred it if they stumbled across a case and were reluctantly roped into helping solve it.

    Neither character did themselves any favours – Brennan behaved pretty unpleasantly, and Booth was kind of a caricature of himself.

    B&B must be the least sexy couple on TV – which is a shame considering the burning chemistry they once had.

    • It’s odd (to me, anyway) how their chemistry goes in and out per episode. Sometimes, like at the end of “Partners in the Divorce,” you can feel the connection as if you’re part of it. And other times… not so much.

      • I agree MJ. Could it be something to do with the different directors? Can we pinpoint the best B&B chemistry eps and see if there is a common link by director and/or writer?

      • I think we can rule out Dave Thomas and that Ketch chick right off the bat.

        FWIW, and this is just my opinion, I think this issue goes back to S7.

      • The problem was definitely season 6. Chemistry went down the drain in that one.

      • With the benefit of hindsight, though, I think there was still a lot of awkward chemistry-turned-tension in S6. It was all very tense and painful and so so awkward (sorry to reuse that word so soon) but it was there.

  13. Well, I just tweeted a controversial thought – I kinda wish they’d held off on them having kids. They seemed to lose a lot of the sexy spark pretty much as soon as they became a couple, which co-incidentally is also when they became parents…with hindsight, I wish they’d had a chance to be a hot-for-it new couple first.

    • Based on interview comments made by HH, though, if there had been no baby they wouldn’t have been a couple right away. Show was planning a night of boom chicka wow wow and then a back and forth/we’re not a couple/what are we doing/etc.

      I’d rather have the baby and the coupledom, personally.

      • And how awkward would it have been to have a VERY pregnant Emily and pretend she wasn’t pregnant? I am glad they didn’t try to hide that…and that they didn’t have her pregnant by anyone else. (Like on Without A Trace, they had the lead get pregnant by a one night stand, even though she’d dated two of the men on the team already…weird.)

        I was happy they wrote it how they did. If you don’t like the pregnancy, blame Emily 🙂

  14. ps – do you remember how passionate Brennan was with Sully, how she kissed him on the basketball court in a hot, open-mouthed, sexual way? Her and Booth never kiss like that, they barely open their mouths. Grump Grump 🙂

  15. After watching this episode I ended up thinking “what was the point?”. IMO, the honeymoon aspect was a bust and they picked a serious emotionally charged topic which then wasn’t explored very well either. There was so much potential for this to be heart wrenching episode.

    Even if they didn’t want to show “typical” honeymoon romance they could have spent a few scenes of BB being emotionally affected by the outcome of this case and connecting the way they used to in the earlier seasons over the case. I have always felt that the BB chemistry is best when they focus on the innate goodness of both Booth and Brennan and their passion and commonality in the pursuit of justice. Brennan being bored/competitive and Booth playing up his notoriety made them both come across as rather shallow in my opinion. Plus there was no identity crisis over the fact that if it wasn’t for them no one would have found out about the murder which wouldn’t have been a bad thing but they both seemed so unaffected in the end scene.

    While I would love some sizzling scenes between BB (heck even just cuddling/guy hugs/ open mouth kisses etc), its not a necessary part for me to see chemistry between BB but I do want to see that they have more in common than just solving murders and in this episode even that they did in a mostly independent manner requiring little interaction with then other. Both Booth and Brennan have a lot of depth which could have easily been brought out for an episode like this if they wanted to avoid romantic cliches but unfortunately they just seemed like frivolous versions of themselves in this episode and demonstration of the bond that ties them together was noticeably absent.

    Like MJ mentioned I too feel the chemistry waxes and wanes but I tend to feel it happens when they focus more on comedy than drama. I think that was the problem in this episode that they were trying to go for lighthearted comedy and there was a lack of focus on the connection between the characters. While not every episode needs to be a ‘powerful’ one I think this one needed to be because they picked a sensitive topic and it was their honeymoon in which they were willingly spending time away from each other for what otherwise came across as a very unsatisfactory reason.

    That’s what I felt– maybe once i get some distance I will enjoy it more. On a shallow note, ED/DB both looked amazing. Hope that we see more of that black polo shirt and the dress department can keep up the improvement in Brennan’s outfits:)

  16. It occurred to me as well that the cases used to affect B&B much more than they do these days, and it was a bit flippant of them to jump on solving a murder as an enjoyable holiday pastime. I think I found the gravity of the subject matter jarred with the frivolous tone of the episode.

    • I think most of us can agree this episode was pretty much a bust. The idea of using Nazism as a theme in a frivolous episode not to mention the ‘disappeared’ in Argentina who got barely a passing mention was distasteful. Using Brennan’s ego and boredom to wreak havoc on the lives of the two female characters was equally distasteful as was the indifferent, callous tone of the conclusion. After the wedding episode this one was deeply disappointing and to advertise it as a ‘honeymoon’ was disingenuous. If Brennan can’t occupy herself with the living body of her husband beside her on her own honeymoon, she has real problems.

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