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Rock the Vote: B&B UST


rtv 2013



Hello everyone!

It’s time to vote—the ballot is below.

Will it be the diner scene in Death in the Saddle, where Booth turns on his charm and his truth about making love and stuns Brennan just a bit–enough to agree with him, which leaves him flustered as well?

Or will it be Night at the Bones Museum, with them both looking so gorgeous, just so tuned in with one another, so desperate for one tough to turn into another?


8 thoughts on “Rock the Vote: B&B UST

  1. Last attempt to convince the voters: BONES MUSEUM! 🙂 I mean, there is a bow tie involved. And the way they are looking at each other….whew! Need a fan after that one 🙂

  2. I will be happy with either one as the winner! They are both amazing examples of B&B UST!!

  3. Can we please call it a draw?

  4. Museum!

    Don’t make me stop this car….

  5. I love Museum, but despite the spine-tingling flirting going on, Brennan was still dating Hacker after Booth asked her not to. It doesn’t ruin my enjoyment of the episode in any way, just makes it hard to pick that one scene as tops. And the Making Love speech was almost impossible for anyone to pull off, yet Booth totally nailed it; I don’t think I’ve ever seen Brennan so entranced by anything before. What might have made me cringe made me feel all warm and fuzzy instead.

    • Its funny you mention that because its for a similar reason that i can’t pick the death in the saddle moment. While its a fantastic scene as a standalone segment it comes across as a tad bit self-righteous to me after the fig tree fiasco.

  6. The making love episode is my favorite. Booth & Brennan’s eye contact is so spectacular. I could watch Booth talking that way over & over again. He is so expressive and oh what a hunk. And Brennan, so engrossed in what he’s saying they are such spectacular actors, so believable. I have this episode saved on my DVR with several of my other favorite’s I watch them now and again. Love this show

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