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(Morning After) Morning After Q: Honeymoon for 2 (Plus all of us)


Hey, everyone!

Well, first of all, I want to announce the winner of this year’s Rock the Vote!

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Night at the Bones Museum!

Thank you to each person who took the time to vote on this year’s series of ballots!

And now for the Morning After (Morning After) Q:

Okay…if you could design a Booth and Brennan honeymoon, what would it be? Keep it PG-13 please 🙂


24 thoughts on “(Morning After) Morning After Q: Honeymoon for 2 (Plus all of us)

  1. I think it would design it about what we got in the episode. Remember when they talked about a vacation a while back, they agreed on beach and drinks for Booth and bones for Brennan. I think that is what they got! 😉 Maybe a couple romantic scenes of them just waking up/turning in for the night would’ve been nice to include…not too graphic of course, but a glimpse of them having those special moments together. I think it was sweet how Booth said they were doing what they love, with the one they love…so even if it wasn’t MY favorite honeymoon activity, solving a murder worked for them!

  2. I hate to think the only thing they can do together to have fun is solve murders. The location was fun. All that was missing was anything actually resembling fun.

    • Well, I don’t think its the only way they have fun. Brennan announced to Angela that they were enjoying their bedroom very much, and they were drinking at the end. It’s just something they enjoy doing because they make such a good team! 🙂 And they had to include a case in the episode, so they mixed it in with the honeymoon. If they had made a more honeymoon/romantic-centered episode, people would be complaining there was not enough focus on the case.

      • First thing you learn in any creative writing course: Show, don’t tell.

        So, I guess it’s a good thing the episode *told* us they were having lots of fun because they certainly didn’t *show* that.

  3. Very true, and I agree. I think they are trying to appease both sides of the fanbase, the shippers and the case-ers. (Is that a word?) 🙂

  4. I think B&B are way more adventurous than this honeymoon indicated. We know Brennan loves traveling on her own, deep-sea diving, and generally immersing herself in another culture. Booth might have a slightly harder time with cultural immersion (case in point: London) but he’s great at immersing himself in the lives of others (like Nakimura from Japan), not to mention the fact that, as much as we know he likes drinking on beaches, he’s also fundamentally a man of action. I’d write Booth and Brennan’s honeymoon as some exotic adventure, with zip lines and waterfalls and lots of fine dining. And hot action kisses. And lots of hand-holding. And they’d definitely plan it themselves–no all-inclusive resort for them.

    They’d stumble upon a dead body, so as to avoid the whole “we seek out murder on our honeymoon thing,” which I don’t really buy because I think they’d be having too much fun adventuring. They do enjoy other things! That being said, they do both love what they do, and they’d be unable to stop themselves from investigating. The authorities would suspect them of involvement in the crime until checking into their background and qualifications, at which point they’d ask B&B to consult on the case.

    The victim’s story would be simple and personal and Booth and Brennan would do their thing, bring justice, hug some family members, etc (and obviously Booth would make faces at suspects in the interrogation room. That I would not change). Then they’d go back to their adventure. We’d close with the two of them on a boat.

    BUT WAIT. It’s a two-parter, and in part two, they run into Sully. They solve a crime together as friends, because everyone here is a mature adult.

  5. Kelly, I love your ideas.

  6. I would have like to see more romance on their honeymoon. They alluded to it, but I would have liked at least one scene in their hotel room. Just them saying goodnight to each other in bed with a kiss or waking up together in the morning. Is that so much to ask??

    I realized that we have seen Brennan in bed with Sully. Booth in bed with Cam, Rebecca & Hannah. So WHY can we not have a scene of B&B IN BED together? The only time they have been IN BED together is coma dream EitB and holding one another in HitH.

    As tastefully done scene of them in bed now that they are married on their honeymoon is what I had hoped we would get.

  7. Kelly, you are my hero. And, MJ, I agree with you 100%. SHOW don’t tell.

  8. If I could have my way I would rewrite the episode entirely. B&B would have an adventurous honeymoon, as Kelly mentioned above. They would stumble upon a murder and then work it , you know, together.

    Barring that, adding just 3 minutes of screen time for one or more of the following scenes would have saved the episode for me:

    – B&B walk along the city street sightseeing, hand in hand, maybe sharing a coffee or an ice cream
    – B&B shop for souvenirs from their honeymoon…maybe picking out something for Christine
    – B&B have a romantic candlelight dinner and reminisce about their wedding and the reception
    – B&B share a lingering kiss in the moonlight
    – B&B wake up in bed together, or cuddle in bed (here I issue the standard disclaimer that this does not mean that they have to roll around in bed for an extended period of time)

    And finally, on a selfish note, could we please have Booth shirtless for one scene? In Cheat in the Retreat he wore a shirt in the sweat lodge, and on the honeymoon he wore a button up shirt while sunning by the pool. Really? Has DB suddenly gotten shy? It seems that we have the most modest and shy leads on all of TV!!!

    • Portia –
      Totally agree with you about the shirtless Booth. We haven’t had a good one since S6.
      My suspicion is the DB hasn’t gotten shy, but is, perhaps, not as, ah, shall we say, ah, buff as in the past. Guy is going on 45. Given the way he works out, he should be very fit, but who knows.
      I was really disappointed with the sweat for that reason. Booth should have been lying around shirtless like the gay guys, not all bathrobes up like Cliff Clavin. ;-D

      • There were photos of him on vacation in Hawaii this past summer and he was very fit then, and he tweets pictures and videos of his intense workout regimen, so I don’t think that’s the problem. I guess they just don’t want to show us that, instead we got to see Sweets shirtless!

  9. I don’t know what I would have had them do for a honeymoon episode. Some place more romantic and quieter. One thing I would have liked was for them to have had a quiet late night talk, having them looking at their rings and holding each other’s left hands for a moment, and looking at each other in their special way. Past that, I’m re-reading MJ’s “Rum Punch and Steel Drums”. One of my long-time favorite stories. It’s very romantic and very them. I love your stories and your Bones World MJ. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. More of the black polo shirt would be good.

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