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The Dude in the Dam- Post Episode Discussion


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11 thoughts on “The Dude in the Dam- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Ok can I just say…. I adore Hodgins but Angela wins the prize for worlds best wife!

    • I thought it was overall pretty good; things kind of getting back to normal there after the wedding high. Figured they would do more with the author tiff, but I liked what was actually fueling the whole thing. I could definitely see a struggling author pulling that kind of thing for publicity. Since they filmed this episode last year and probably didn’t know where it would go, I get that they didn’t do that much with B/B relationship wise. And the Hodgins fly thing was both sweet and incredibly disgusting-only on Bones!

  2. I thought the Hodgins storyline was my favorite part. It was soooo gross…but so Hodgins at the same time!! And Hodgins named him Jefferson!! So cute.

    I know it was a bonus episode, but I thought Brennan learning tactfulness was a good lesson to air right after her jerky behavior in Argentina.

    Nice B&B moment at the end. Good ep.

    • The hodgins part was really cute… I just wouldn’t go near him anytime soon if I were Angela.

      To be honest I am bit tired of the Brennan learns she comes across tactless for the first time plot. She already knows she is abrasive from the “Pinocchio” episode in S6. But she thinks she is tactful? She already worries that she comes across as mean in “blood from the stones”.

      Same thing with the “over-compettitiveness” and she doesn’t want her failings to be passed on to Christine from “archeologist in the cocoon”. Yet she let her competitive nature overtake her in Argentina again. Albeit she did calm down once she got to know Dr Perez.

      The writers keep repeating the lessons. At least this one was better because it was more about the other author baiting her than her and they showed her true. Hopefully this is a sign of some forward movement– otherwise I just keep thinking its a continuity error. If they keep bringing it up they should hopefully show some change.

      On an aside doesn’t Apple cobbler have cooked fruit?

      • Personally, I think we have seen progress in Brennan in this episode. She thought she was tactful but as soon as Angela pointed out she was insulting Brennan back-pedaled and went on issuing apology. This is a major step from early Brennan, I think. I’m very impressed with the way Brennan was portrayed in this episode (I even went to check who wrote the storyline – and imagine my surprise – it was Kathy Reichs herself 😀 ). What was interesting IMHO, was Booth’s off-handedly made comment to Sweets that he’s a good influence on Brennan when in reality it was Angela who helped Brennan see the issue.

  3. Booth looked hot, as always
    I LOL’d over Wendell calling Tess Brown “Bitch!”
    LOL also over Brennan & Tess Brown in their interview on television.
    That worm on Hodgins neck was sooo gross. Angela should divorce him over that! Disgusting!

    Reblogged from imnotnormalimextraordinary:
    “Booth was leading Brennan upstairs to show her his rocket ship.

    (For research purposes, you see.)


    End scene- es-908

    Booth can fight space aliens with a laser 🙂

  4. Why no wedding rings? Was it because it was filmed and set to air before wedding?

    • It was filmed last year. This was one of the bonus episodes, along with El carnicero en el coche. I guess they didn’t find a place to air it before the wedding.

  5. I loved the episode! It was funny, light, had all the team interacting in a good way.

    The storyline progressed quite nicely with enough turns and misleading/dead ends to be not so predictable – looked like girlfriend killed him, then not, then again she than finally the mistress did him in. I liked that.

    Brennan subplot was very endearing and I think my fav part of the episode. B was clueless and blunt (and tactless) but her beliefs has made her come as a good/awesome person in the end. It reminds me a lot of the early Brennan, f.e. the one from ep 3 in s 1 – when she proves to Senator Olivos (sp?) that her boy has been a good child at the end. Also the scene in the TV show was hilarious.

    Hodgins was so Hodgins – even if dis-gus-ting. For the first time while watching Bones I had a gag reflex… Also Angela is THE BEST WIFE EVER! She helped him deliver and her comment of staying in the waiting room smoking a cigar with others dads was hilarious. The ‘birth’ scene with the others in the bone room was priceless.

    Wendell is love! Bitch! and his reactions to Hodgins’ ‘pregnancy’ from disgusted to intrigued to completely awed/hooked… I simply adore Hodgins/Wendell/Angela friendship – they simply rocks (although I hope to see Fisher soon as he’s my fav).

    Sweets interrogating reminds me a lot of Booth interrogating (I’m going to assume Baby Duck has learned from Papa Duck). Also I liked how Sweets showed Brennan the clue about Tess the meanie author but has not said the reason behind it (which was quite obvious since the TV interview, IMHO). Brennan made her own conclusions and confronted the other woman.

    Also did you notice we’ve got BB in interrogation room together? And Brennan was recognizing something (the paternity and the pregnancy) in a way that makes us all goes “I don’t know what that means” 😉 The BB was great IMHO, bickering, normal, happy. Also Brennan’s “maybe I should become a surrogate” and Booth’s taking it in a stride – hardly anything shocks him anymore 🙂

    I really liked the episode so much I even checked who wrote it and surprise, surprise, it was Kathy Reichs herself. Hope she’ll work on more episodes in the future – did she write stories for episodes in the past?

    • Yes, she wrote an episode in season 2, The bodies in the book and in season 5 and The witch in the wardrobe (the one where Hodgins and Angela got married.

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