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Morning After Q: Gross Factor


Good morning,

Okay…which did you think was more disgusting…the dead body – or – the bug being hatched (birthed?—does hatched require an egg?) from Hodgins neck?

And of course, any other thoughts you have from the episode too…


7 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Gross Factor

  1. Personally the bug being incubated in Hodgins neck was the grossest thing they have ever done. Hodgins was adorable but if I were Angela I wouldn’t touch him with a 10ft pole even after the thing came out. That just gives me the creeps! But admittedly it was really funny especially Wendell’s reactions. Plus Brennan was all supportive. Love the hodgins and Brennan relationship.

  2. My favorite part of the episode was the Hodgins storyline. It was also the grossest. But, he was so happy to help this bug grow and develop that it just made me smile. TJ smiles and the whole world smiles 🙂 I just hope Hodgins doesn’t try it again any time soon…yuck!

    The case was interesting, with the idea of this guy having lots of kids out in the world with his special genetic markers…and that the moms all had a play group together… (Is that a real thing? I thought the donor would’ve been confidential.) But I was underwhelmed with the killer and why.

    There you go, my two cents! 🙂

  3. I love Hodgins, and his attitude totally made the bug thing almost cute for me. And naming it Jefferson? Full of awesome-sauce, that was.

  4. That bug was not so far-fetched at it seems – and quite topical:

  5. The bug was the grossest thing ever. I usually eat watching Bones or (Criminal Minds for that matter) and nothing so far has made me gag so much as this little growing bug thing… But I other than that the bug story was really funny and kind of cute 🙂 Wendell/Angela/Hodgins are the best 🙂

  6. I loved it, but seriously, the bug thing. Nastiest thing I’ve ever seen.

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