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IAYA- That Fighting Feeling


Hey everyone and Happy Wednesday!

I was thinking about Monday night’s episode yesterday as I drove to work in the morning, especially the end scene, which like so many end scenes has ended up with B&B at their home, sharing a drink and/or some conversation etc.  Sometimes the scenes are sweeter than others, though I think it is rare that one is as nice as end scenes in previous seasons. We’ve already done the “Is Booth romantic enough” post, so this isn’t about that…but I did find it interesting that as B&B were bickering last night, Brennan got up and walked away. It’s not out of the ordinary, and definitely married couples/partners do that kind of thing.  But I realized that B&B don’t argue face to face any longer…or at least very often.

It’s one thing to say they barely kiss or touch each other, but when I think about it (and the Rock the Vote UST probably also had a hand in my thinking of this), most of their electric scenes in the past involved bickering or arguing…but they always moved closer into one another’s space. I think in the past, whenever I imagined B&B together as a couple, they would still have that magnetic draw to one another. Now they seem to bicker and argue while facing forward on a couch or in an office or something.  Part of what made them great (read: also hot) was the tension that happened when two smart, qualified people challenged one another and got just a littttttle too close for comfort.  I think the show could do with a little more of that.

What do you think? Is there a difference in the way B&B argue that has changed over the past couple of seasons? Has that had a bigger effect on the show than the fact that they are a romantic couple?



24 thoughts on “IAYA- That Fighting Feeling

  1. Brennan walked away to go upstairs to their bedroom so I didn’t have a bit of a problem with the way they were squabbling. I think with the Pelant stuff they had plenty of face to face discussions-I can’t really call them arguments.

    Of course the way they argue has changed as have the characters. Their sexual tension is no longer unresolved.

  2. Hmm…..interesting question, Sarah! As I think about it, the only time I recently felt truly uncomfortable with their arguing was before Brennan got shot in the lab. It was such a “real” fight that I didn’t like watching it.

    But as I think about more, I feel the fighting is different now because the stakes are so much greater. They aren’t just co-workers, where they can bicker and move on, going their separate ways. They are work partners, romantic partners, parents, and spouses now.

    Also, I think they are comfortable with each other, after all these years, to the point where they don’t have to get in each other’s faces. For one thing, they know each other much better now than they used to. They know where the other is generally coming from. I don’t want them to resort to in-your-face fighting, especially at home, around Christine.

    I think we learned from Brennan’s acceptance of Booth’s temporary proposal rejection… She chose to trust him, rather than run. B&B are not the same people. I don’t want to necessarily use the word “comfortable” because that sounds bad…more like “stable”.

    I agree with you that its different. But I don’t know that I can say its a bad thing. They don’t have to have UST fights because they get to drop the “U” altogether at home and breakout the ice cream, lingerie, and campaign buttons 🙂 :). They don’t have to get in each others’ faces when they have the whole mutual trust and respect thing happening.

    Great question! Really made me think!

  3. I think the way they argue definitely has changed. Neither one of them hold back from each other now, especially Booth. But while they have always taken little jabs at each other during their bickering, there is something more harsh or more cutting about it now. If you want to be a romantic about it, I guess you could say that the change in the way they argue is a reflection of how comfortable B&B are with each other now, but I think it is really just a difference in how Stephen Nathan runs the show and how he interprets their relationship.

  4. I thought they were just headed to bed so I didn’t think the end scene in and of itself was off.

    But I do miss the Oomphf of earlier years. I know they’re a couple now so some of that was bound to disappear but I had hoped to still see it, just in a different, more personal way.

  5. I didn’t think the end scene was off either. The beginning scene, on the other hand, made them both look like jerks.

    • I think the relationship has simply evolved; where they got in each other’s faces in the past as a way of seeking some physical closeness, now they can work that out in the bedroom. I truly don’t feel that this is a negative; they had a ‘hot’ moment after the retreat, there was kissing and reassuring in the premiere, more kissing and flirting in honeymoon. What we’re seeing now is a couple who’s in love, in a secure, enduring relationship, and who are really comfortable with each other. The alternative to this would be them still apart, or trying to figure out just what type of relationship they have; in other words, the U in UST would still be there. It’s been nine years; I don’t want that type of dynamic anymore nor do I miss it. The show won’t go on forever, and for years we’ve all been dreaming about what them together would be like. While I realize maybe what they’re showing us isn’t everybody’s vision of what they thought that would look that, it certainly works for me (although I wouldn’t mind seeing more of their bedroom.) I’m sure there will be more special moments between them in the future; I just think with so much focus on the wedding, the producers didn’t want to overwhelm people with too much B/B cuteness.

      • Sorry Firefly-this was meant as a stand-alone comment, but for some reason it showed up under yours.

      • I”m with you 100%. I don’t even consider what they were doing “fighting”. It’s their usual bickering.

      • I agree with Mariu and Mar – to me it was their bickering but evolved through nine years of mutual experience, learning/getting to know each other, nearly losing one another (to different circumstances) – it all made them different, even though they are essentially the same.

        Also I like the BB we have now. I’m one of those who are actually quite happy with the change in their relationship that the pregnancy brought and wouldn’t have changed much (if anything) about it all. I’m happy they show us BB as a happy couple together, because unfortunately I think too little shows goes for happy couples choosing instead drama/break-ups/heartache and so on. Maybe it’s the aftereffect of Moonlighting and fear of zapping out the spark, but to be honest personally I prefer to see a happy home life of my fav OTP than constant, tiresome after a while drama/heartbreak/UST. While URT is entertaining, in the long run – for me – it’s easier to relate to a happy couple finally being together with different dynamics that are a consequence of the couple’s journey together to their relationship.

    • After what happened with Pelant, I can’t believe any of them go anywhere near a computer unless it’s absolutely necessary. 😉

  6. I agree with Maria and the others who said it’s a matter of them being comfortable with each other and that as wonderful as the UST was, their relationship has evolved past that now. Yes, it feels different. Yes, something has changed between them forever. But that’s a GOOD thing! The relationship development we’re seeing between B&B is something that we see so rarely between two main characters on a TV show…it’s truly unique. They’re married. They have a child together. People seem to expect that the electricity generated by the unresolved tension should always be there, but you can’t have it both ways.

    Some of my all time favorite end scenes between B&B in recent years have been the ones with the back and forth banter – be it at their house or somewhere else. I love, love, love those scenes because they’re so real and natural and they remind me of my husband and me! I can’t help but smile in a really goofy way every time the screen fades to black and they’re still going back and forth at each other. 🙂

    Okay, so I’m not on the edge of my seat, feeling all tingly and yelling, “kiss, kiss, kiss!” anymore. And sometimes I do miss that. There was an electricity in earlier seasons that isn’t there anymore. But what B&B have now is so much more genuine and satisfying. When I want to feel that tingle again, I get out my season 1-5 DVD’s and I take a walk down memory lane. And then I remember that mature love is just as beautiful as new love because it’s solid and dependable. It’s the type of love that people build a future on. And that’s exactly what B&B are doing.

    • Should have read your post before posting mine – then I’d just go: everything Stephanie said! 😛

      Totally agree with you, you put it so much more eloquently than I did 🙂

  7. So I don’t mind the bickering that we saw in the end scene because I think it was cute. But I tend to agree with you Sarah that there was a lot of intensity with BB in the earlier seasons that seems to be missing now and I don’t think all of that is due to the loss of the UST. Yes they are comfortable with each other now and in a different stage in their relationship as everyone has mentioned which is wonderful. But I think for me the loss of intensity is related to the subject matter about their conversations now. Before they used to look into each others eyes and have deep conversations about morality, the meaning of life, loss of faith etc. I am reminded of the S5 episode where they are sitting side by side talking about their faith and how they regain it. They are looking at each other and although they are coming from different view points there is a deep magnetic draw between them that they understand each other.

    Earlier there were a lot of episodes where they were actively bridging their gaps but now its feels like they just bicker about stuff but there is no meaning to it. Its like the sitcom typical married couple arguments which is cute but doesn’t have an “oh wow” moment. I just feel there was so much potential that could have been tapped. There used to be balance between the heart and brain where they both were right in their own ways and they were able to find common ground despite being so different. But now they just seem to squabble about trivial things that really have no meaning. The electric chemistry between DB/ED is still there so I think they could easily match those old moments. As a show they have moved more towards comedy so they are going for lighthearted silliness but I think sometimes because of that their depth as a couple doesn’t come across as strongly.

    • Thank you bountypeaches…I think you hit the nail on the head!

      I read this new topic this morning before work and thought about it on my morning commute, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was different with their bickering in earlier seasons vs. now. I was going to try to watch some earlier episodes before responding here, but when I read your post I found myself agreeing with just about everything you said. It’s the subject matter of the bickering that has changed, and that’s just too bad. So now instead of bickering over “be a cop”, or about faith vs. science, or any other meaningful topics, they bicker over newspaper vs. iPad, or over the crossword puzzle. Sometimes it’s kind of cute, sometimes merely annoying, but definitely not electric. And yes, there is so much potential there…so many things they could bicker about with that old intensity, with the bonus being that now, instead of us all yelling at the screen “just kiss, already”, they could actually do so. If only this could happen just once before Bones ends.

      I have read in other articles that Hart always wanted Bones to be a “crimedy”, but early on was forced by the network to make the show more serious. As it became a highly viewed show, he was allowed to let it drift toward the comedic show he wished it to be. I have no idea if that is the truth or not, but there is no doubt in my mind that the show has become more comedic over the years. Generally I find that the lighter the episode the weaker it is (although for some reason Double Death of the Dearly Departed I found to be hilarious, mostly because of Hodgins). I also think that the current writers aren’t nearly as talented as the original writers were. Thank goodness they brought Karine Rosenthal back to write the wedding episode!

      • I agree with you both bountypeaches & missmarple. I miss the intensity they had in the early seasons. I miss the rare chemistry that they had that I don’t feel now. I feel the way they argue now is different and not necessarily for the better. I also don’t think that just because they kiss now and whatever else they do makes them more romantic or more comfortable. I felt more love, romance, and comfort in the early seasons than I do now. Now it feels more forced than more comfortable. They were extraordinary and now they’re ordinary. I don’t feel the way most people do about the characters or the show. For the most part I see them very differently. It’s what made me love these characters unlike any others I’ve ever seen or expect I will ever see again.

  8. I for one would be very disappointed if their relationship and the way they bicker and fight is the same as it was in the early seasons. They are in a totally different place emotionally now with much higher stakes. They can’t just walk away and I don’t think either of them would want that. They are adults in the most healthy relationship I have watched on tv who know each other much better now. The people who mourn the UST are the reason so many shows never get their leads together until the very end and I am so grateful that my favorite show had the nerve to ignore that awful supposed moonlighting curse.

    If I think of other shows I have watched with similar premises none have gone down the Bones path at all or have tried unsuccessfully. My previous big love was the XFiles and the whole “who’s the father” storyline concocted to maintain some UST stripped away any enjoyment from the fact that Mulder and Scully may have gone there at the end of S7. The most recent example is Castle where from the moment the leads got together their chemistry has reduced to such an extent that it is now almost non-existent! I know the actors aren’t exactly best buddies but surely they are good enough actors to be able to convince the viewers that their characters still even like each other.

    I understand some prefer seriousness to comedy in their interactions and in some cases I agree they should have hashed things out more in depth ( I’m thinking of clearing the air in the second half of S6 specifically ), however there was nothing in this particular episode that would give me any concerns.

    Maybe I’m shallow and still basking in the fact that they are married and a family which is something I never believed they would let me watch 🙂

    • “Maybe I’m shallow and still basking in the fact that they are married and a family which is something I never believed they would let me watch.”

      I agree with you Smiley! I was thinking (a few years back) that the last frame of the show would be them deciding they’d give it a shot, and fade to black. I have to keep pinching myself to believe its true, that our beloved B&B had a baby, we got a wedding episode, they have a house together…it’s just not something you always get in shows. I heard that the show JAG ended with the couple flipping a coin to see if they’d start a relationship and then that was it. Tony Danza fought to NOT have a wedding episode on “Who’s the Boss?” (which I am sad about!) Sometimes shows get cancelled too early and we miss that development altogether.

      I have nit-picky things here and there that I wish was different, but overall, I’m very pleased at what we’ve gotten. 🙂

    • I’m on my phone and can’t quote properly but I agree with everything you’ve said. Especially with the part about Bones going the family/marriage route and ignoring the Moonlighting curse. That’s what’s love about Bones. I’m with you being happy that one of my favorite shows ever decided to portray a happy, healthy marriage.

  9. i did not mean to imply that I’m sorry B&B are together. On the cotrary, I’m thrilled they had Christine and are now married. I also understand that their relationship has matured. However, I think more skillful writers could do a lot more with their discussions than what I’ve been seeing since S7. I don’t mean that it has to be relationship angst…in fact, I’m very happy that the show hasn’t really gone downn that path. But come on, surely there are things they could discuss other than newspaper vs. iPad, for example! My husband and I have been married for many years and we still discuss/disagree on significant issues…it keeps the relationship interesting.

    • I’ve been thinking about the issue you’ve brought up – it has it’s merit and I can see were you are coming from, but I’ve been wondering what you mean by significant issues? Do you want to re-address some topics they have discussed in the past? (realistically they would be speaking about some of them, as they have evolved and probably some of their views have changed over the years), but i wonder if they’d address the same issue twice – people we’ll see it as repetition/lack of ideas. What do you think of this?

      • Well, for example, I thought I read that they would be exploring l lot more about Booth’s past, the physical pain he suffers as a result of being tortured, etc… I’m sure B&B could have some very good, in depth, conversations about those things.

        Hey, it’s early in the season, so perhaps they plan to do this in future episodes. I had hoped that the presence of Booth’s former priest, Aldo, might lead to some of these things coming up.

        I certainly hope so….it feels like there is a lot of potential there to be explored.

  10. I know its been talked about how Bones plays up a lot of things for comedy (like the honeymoon ep) when before it was perhaps a more serious show. I don’t know exactly how collaborative HH, SN, ED, and DB are together, but perhaps they’ve all made a concious and purposeful decision to not have a bunch of deep, coupley discussions/arguments/fights. Sometimes I have to balance out my expectations with what they went to give us.

    I think I stopped worrying about it after Season 7. I worried all summer how writing in Emily’s pregnancy would go…and I ended up loving it! They definitely exceeded my expectations, especially in the “Memories” ep. So now I just take whatever they give me and sort of trust that I’ll get something good :). Overall, I still love the show, and the characters. And at the end of the day, that’s all the counts.

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