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BonesDay Post– Pick Your Faves!


Hi everyone, and Happy Friday around the world! You know, I loved when Bones was on Thursdays, because it meant the next day was Friday!

Now that Bones is on Fridays and the next day is Saturday? Well, that is just amazing…

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Anyway, I thought today would be a good day to turn the tables on you all and make you choose your favorite episodes from each day/timeslot. Click here (or on the above page called “Bones Eps”) and you will be able to see the list of episodes. Choose your favorite episode from each day and timeslot and comment below!

The comments are open!

Oh, and PS…I have seen tonight’s episode, and I really liked it. Be sure to drop by tonight or tomorrow to discuss it!


8 thoughts on “BonesDay Post– Pick Your Faves!

  1. Asking us to narrow down favorites? Come on, Sarah! “I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens.” (Ever After)

    So I narrowed it down to a few 🙂 lol

    Baby in the Bough (B&B practicing parenting!)
    Woman in White (Duh. The vows.)

    Man in the Fallout Shelter (Booth on drugs; Brennan backstory)
    Santa in the Slush (Duh. Steamboats.)
    Mummy in the Maze (Wonder Woman and Clark Kent on a really bad date)

    Wednesday (8)
    Aliens in a Spaceship (Just awesome.)
    Passenger in the Oven (Seduced-over-a-librarian Booth)

    Wednedsay (9)
    Yanks in the UK 2 (SIr Seeley and Lady Temperance)

    Thursday (8)
    Mayhem on a Cross (Scars, GGW, baby duck, handkerchief)
    Critic in the Cabernet (The way Booth looks for her before he has surgery)
    Harbingers in a Fountain (Avalon, dazzled, Booth scruff, second best…)
    Night at the Bones Museum (The end scene.)

    Thursday (9)
    Daredevil in the Mold (DB/Booth angst)
    Blackout in the Blizzard (Thai massage, choosing a date, possibilities)
    Memories in the Shallow Grave (literally everything in this episode)

    Sorry, I can find something to like in just about all episodes! This was a hard assignment! 🙂

  2. Monday at 8:
    The Verdict in the Story (brain and heart, Booth on the stand)

    Tuesday at 8:
    The Santa in the Slush (Caroline and steamboats…need I say more?

    Wednesday at 8:
    because I can’t just pick one…
    Judas on a Pole (“There’s more than one kind of family”)
    Aliens in a Spaceship (the moment Booth realized he knew where Brennan and Hodgins were, Brennan and Hodgins in that car – scientific genius and honest conversation)
    The Man in the Morgue (“Jesus is not a zombie!”, Booth being fierce on Brennan’s behalf)
    Two Bodies in the Lab (Brennan has her very own knight in shining FBI standard issue body armor, Hodgins toy car)

    Wednesday at 9:
    I left this one blank because nothing stood out and I got so greedy on some of the other nights. 🙂

    Thursday at 8:
    again, because I can’t just pick one…
    Harbingers in a Fountain (that hug!, Booth loves Brennan)
    Mayhem on a Cross (confessions, Gordon Gordon Wyatt, baby ducks)
    The Parts in the Sum of the Whole (heartbreak, where it all began…and that kiss!)

    Thursday at 9:
    The Hole in the Heart (VNM, and that scene in Booth’s bedroom. I know it gets a lot of flack for what it doesn’t show, but in my opinion what it DOES show is darn near perfect!)

  3. Oooh, this is difficult.

    8:00pm Monday:
    Tie: Baby in the Bough/Verdict in the Story (I love what both episodes say about B&B)

    8:00pm Tuesday:
    SANTA IN THE SLUSH (also, favorite episode EVER)

    8:00pm Wednesday:
    Can I say “all of the above”? Looking at that list, that was a killer night! (no pun intended)

    9:00pm Wednesday:
    Woman in the Garden

    8:00pm Thursday:
    Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck (kidding)
    Doctor in the Photo. (Brennan broke my heart.)

    9:00pm Thursday:
    Fire in the Ice

  4. Wow, you picked a hard one, but here goes:
    Monday at 8- Player Under Pressure is the one I remember instantly liking. Mostly because Booth is the one that understands athletes and because Brennan is awesome sticking her hand in the way of the firing pin.
    Tuesday at 8- The Man in the Fallout Shelter with all its wonders. Booth and Brennan in tank tops talking about helicopter pilots. Brennan being all vulnerable with her best friend. So much love for this episode.
    Wednesday at 8- Tie between Two Bodies in a Lab and The Man in the Morgue. I can’t choose, so don’t ask me to try. It was hard enough to narrow it down because of the yesness that was Roxy and Tony in The Woman in the Sand and all the right things going on with The Con Man in the Meth Lab.
    Wednesday at 9- The Woman in the Garden. Because… well… Brennan beats up a gang leader. At the FBI. ‘Nough said.
    Thursday at 8- Three way tie. Mayhem on a Cross with both Partners being all vulnerable with each other in front of Sweets, who they usually give such a hard time. The X in the File taking us back to the X-Files and giving us the amazing scene of Brennan screaming and Booth losing his gun. “I won’t say anything about the scream if you don’t say anything about the gun.” “Those terms are satisfactory.” {D Love it soooo much! The Doctor in the Photo because it leaves me breathless and Emily Deschanel’s performance renders me speechless.
    Thursday at 9- Fire in the Ice. That is all.

  5. Are you trying to drive me mad? How can I choose one??? I’m going to pick a few for a 6 categories: humor/case/BB goodness/family-time/team interactions/overall awesomeness 😛

    (ETA: this was quite fun! 🙂 )

    Monday at 8: (this is a hard slot! I love most of the episodes for BB interaction – s. 7-8-9… it’s hard to pick one…)

    The Double Death of the Dearly Departed (one of my fav episodes, period. Top Ten)
    The Suit on the Set (the humor thrown at themselves, the set and filming crew, actors and etc. is simply wonderful).
    The Patriot in Purgatory (another one from my Top Ten episodes – I never can just ‘skim over’ it, but end up watching it whole)
    BB goodness:
    The Partners in the Divorce (my fav BB interaction ever – a real conflict resolved by the end; another one of my Top Ten)
    The Baby in the Bough (the first episode I’ve ever seen – a re-run I watched out of boredom at end of November last year… I loved the BB interaction so much that I decided to give this show a go; three days later I was getting the whole set of DVDs)
    The Prisoner in the Pipe (for the best birth scene, eva! I’m so in love with that scene and the way it was done)
    The Verdict in the Story (Bren’s faith in her father, Angela’s support, Booth’s understanding, the whole team working…)
    Team interaction:
    The Dude in the Dam (Hodgins bug-pregnancy wins… also it was well balanced, imho)
    The Shot in the Dark (for Clark and his awesomeness in this episode).
    Overall awesomeness:
    The Woman in White (Need I say more? But to be honest I simply adore the fact that SO many characters were included in the Wedding episode.)

    Tuesday at 8: (another hard slot to pick up from, as I love most of season one…)

    The Man in the Bear (for Zack and Hodgins competition over the Courier)
    Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van (Hodgins infatuation with the FBI specialist)
    A Boy in a Bush (the first kids case that revealed some of Bren’s past)
    BB goodness:
    Death in the Saddle (for Booth’s talk about making love…)
    The Santa in the Slush (The ending and Parker and Christmas Trees and of course Caroline’s blackmailing schemes that gave us the first on-screen kiss…)
    Team interaction:
    The Widow’s Son in the Windshield (for team missing Zack who’s in Middle East)
    Overall awesomeness:
    The Man in the Fallout Shelter (So, I first classified it as Team interaction then the Case but ultimately I think the is overall awesomeness in this slot, because I like that it was not a recent murder, and that Brennan brought closure to another person after so many years; also for Team interaction – it’s one of the first episode where the Team truly becomes the Team; we learn about Parker and Brennan’s past; plus it’s one of my fav humorous scenes: with Booth getting high on the medicine and Goodman – in his sexy low voice – exclaiming: “You are stoned, agent Booth!” 😀 )

    Wednesday at 8 (another hard spot to choose, as season 4 is one of my favorite and the beginning of season 2 had some great cases…):

    The Man in the Outhouse (for Daisy. Seriously. She annoyed me at first, but after re-watching I simply came to adore her, she’s truly hilarious in this episode)
    Mother and Child in the Bay (one of the most interesting and not so straightforward cases in the whole series),
    The Girl with the Curl (this one a pretty special episode for me, as during watching it, I realized I’m totally, completely hooked on this TV show, not because of the characters but because it’s a unique show that doesn’t shy away from controversial topics like the kids pageants/modeling and isn’t afraid to criticize it; my Top Ten for sure).
    The Finger in the Nest (I’ve never thought I’ll see a character giving and eulogy to a dog… I always get misty-eyed at the end of this episode; my feelings about the case are similar as those about The Girl with the Curl)
    BB goodness:
    The Woman in the Sand (Tony and Roxy, need I say more?)
    The Killer in the Concrete (while Booth been doing extreme things fro Bren since the beginning: Two Bodies in the Lab, a Man in the Morgue, it’s in this episode we can see Bren doing extreme things to save Booth)
    Judas on a Pole (quite self explanatory, I think)
    The Con Man in the Meth Lab (first true insight into Booth’s family-life and how important it is to him)
    The Bone that Blew (the episode that probably brought all the Max as a Grandpa to Parker fanfiction…)
    Team interaction:
    The Soldier on the Grave (mostly for Hodgins and how he tries to understand Booth, despite being totally different)
    The Skull in the Desert (for Booth and Brennan being there for Angela)
    Overall awesomeness:
    Aliens in a Spaceship (one of my Top Tens, great, tense case, lots of BB goodness, one of the best team works in the whole series…)

    Wednesday at 9 (not much to choose from, so I’m picking only one):

    Humor: –
    The Superhero in the Alley (the case was heartbreaking and I like how the team honored the boy at the end)
    BB goodness:
    The Woman in the Garden (for Booth’s threatening the Mara Muerte leader for putting a hit on Brennan)
    Family-time: –
    Team interaction:
    The Woman at the Airport (for the power-struggle between Goodman and Hodgins) – I miss Goodman…
    Overall awesomeness: –

    Thursday at 8 (there is a lot of episodes to choose from here…)

    Double Trouble in the Panhandle (Buck and Wanda… nuffing to add 😉 )
    The Princess and the Pear (for my beloved Fisher and his antics as well as for the whole Booth’s back problem)
    The Shallow in the Deep (I suppose it’s the only episode from early s. 6 I like. I cry every single time I re-watch it, Cam’s story and the tribute is truly moving)
    BB goodness:
    The Hero in the Hold (another one with Brennan fretting over Booth’s safety/life)
    The Critic in the Cabernet (Bren’s wanting Booth’s baby, him agreeing, his brain-tumor and their interaction in the hospital before the surgery… one of the best BB scenes in the whole series)
    Mayhem on a Cross (for The Duck family – learning about Sweets past and opening about childhood to each other)
    Team interaction:
    The Parts in the Sum of the Whole (while it’s BB centered episode, I’m more fascinated by all the characters first meeting and the ensemble of the team)
    Overall awesomeness:
    The Goop on the Girl (Funny, sexy, with lots of team and family interaction… another of my Top Tens)
    The End in the Beginning (this one is hard to categorize, but since I usually end up re-watching it whole, I’m going to put it here; of course it’s one of Top Ten)
    The Proof in the Pudding (one of my fav episodes ever, the team work is great, the case is awesome, and I’m always glued to the screen while I watch it…)

    Thursday at 9:

    The Prince in the Plastic (and the winner is …Daisy and her antics with Prince Charming and her interactions with Booth; plus at the end we have Bren and Booth engaging in a shooting match :D)
    The Twist in the Twister (BB are pretty funny here, Fisher is hilarious with his Mom, plus Angela’s Dad is back which is always entertaining)
    The Killer in the Crosshairs and The Hole in the Heart (for the Broadsky storyline as he’s one of the most interesting villains in the series. Hope we’ll see Booth centered storylines again)
    BB goodness:
    Fire in the Ice (the romance of this episode is well known, I think 😉 )
    The Sin in the Sisterhood (I’m putting this episode solely for Booth’s look of longing at the very ending when they talk about loving someone the most… DB just broke my heart with that look…)
    Family-time: The Male in the Mail (Booth’s family issues. And Brennan being there for him. And Pops.)
    Team interaction:
    The Blackout in the Blizzard (how awesome is the team for solving the case through blackout?)
    Overall awesomeness:
    The Change in the Game (I’m truly not sure what it is about this episode, but I end up re-watching it whole every single time I stumble upon it… one of my fav episodes)

    Please don’t make me narrow it even more 😉

  6. Man this is hard! I’m going to try and make myself pick ONE only…although if I succeed I’ll be very surprised!

    Monday 8pm – Verdict in the Story (“That’s a lot of heart, Bones.” and “Take your brain, shift it into neutral. Take your heart and put into ito overdrive!”)

    Tuesday 8pm – The Girl in the Fridge (“I don’t matter…only Maggie matters” Emily D slayed this epi, and I loved the Brennan/Booth moments.)

    Wednesday 8pm – Aliens in a Spaceship (“It’s been an honour, Doctor Brennan”)

    Wednesday 9pm – The Superhero in the Alley (When Angela finishes his comic book? So sweet.)

    Thursdays 8pm – The Proof in the Pudding (Team eps FTW! Brennan lies for Booth, Cam thanks Brennan, Hodgins proves AGAIN that he’s the best man on the planet. And Booth shoots his way into the building….love!)

    Thursdays 9pm – The Daredevil in the Mold (“Me and you we’re partners. That’s what we do we’re partners. And I love that, I think that’s great. And we’re good people who catch bad people, right? And we argue, we go back and forth, we’re partners and sometimes when we solve the case we come here and we celebrate. That’s what we do, we celebrate. So as far as I can see that is what happens next. Are you ok with that? Great because if you are, I tell you what, you stay here and you have a drink with me. And maybe we have a little small talk, chit chat and if you’re not well…you can leave. There’s the door and tomorrow I’ll find you a new FBI guy.” The first time I ever cried while watching this wonderful show. And I didn’t cry a little bit…I full on bawled. DB killed it, and it will always be on my list. Always.)

    I made myself stick to one epi per timeslot, and even surprised myself with a few of them. Fun times 😀

  7. Do I get a prize for being the only person so far to stick to the ‘one’ rule? LOL Look at me…listening to instructions and everything. This must be what growing up feels like… do I make it stop?!

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