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The Fury in the Jury: Post Episode Discussion


Hey, hey, how did you like the episode!

The comments are open–let’s hear it!


12 thoughts on “The Fury in the Jury: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Ahhh, much better ep. than Dude in the Dam, IMO!

    B&B work great together.

    “ Because I’m Yin, and you’re Yang.”
    Seeley Booth

    Bones 909 last scene= es-909-last-scene

    Loved hearing B&B say “I love you” to each other.

    # this was so sweet bnb# otp: you and me and love and happiness and life and fate# his ring! so shiny

  2. Overall I thought it was a pretty good episode. Brennan was great. She did the absolute right thing in calling not guilty if the prosecution hasn’t proven their case. Our justice system is set up that we would rather set 100 guilty people free than convict 1 innocent person and as a juror its important to uphold that despite our own gut feelings about a case. Like she said in S1 if there is doubt its our obligation to respect that doubt. But it makes sense that she then felt a strong sense of conviction to ensure that they find enough evidence to find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The BB scenes were cute. The fist bump scene was off for me because Brennan instigated a fist bump in tiger in the tale. The SUV scenes were very nice especially the one where she learns that the friend is the murder victim.

    Angela/Cam scenes were great. Poor Cam. I can’t imagine being betrayed like that by a close friend.

  3. Loved seeing B&B’s wedding rings and nice seeing the Judge back from the Epps episode. Good to see Cam’s identity situation and Angela & Hodgins’ situation haven’t been forgotten. Angela doing great work for and befriending Cam. Really enjoyed Brennan in this episode and as a juror, and the end when Booth said: Wait until you see her in front of a jury.

  4. I loved the episode. Especially how they have explored the problems with American justice system – nothing is perfect and I like that they had took this approach to this kind of overused plot-line. The case was unique in the fact that allowed Brennan to bring the murderer to justice in the end, but if it weren’t for the second murder, the killer would have been set free… (on the other hand if it weren’t for the second murder, the friend would have testified against him, so he’d still end up in the prison…) Also I was happy to see some good all testifying in a court, as we haven’t seen one of those episodes in a while – one of my small wishes about the show come true 🙂

    Loved the Cam subplot – and that it was continued, and that Angela is such a great friend to her, also I’ve suspected it might be someone Cam knew, and I feel sorry for her. I decided that as much as I love sharp, sarcastic, humorous lines from Cam, I think she’s the best at angst/drama. She truly sells the emotions.

    BB were fabulous. The fist bump was funny (and reminded me of Sheldon!) but I agree Bren was capable of doing the fist bump before, heck it was Zack who introduced this concept to her back in season 1 I believe…

    Loved Daisy. I adore her now, I truly. She can be hilarious, but my heart goes to her when she’s all insecure. I wonder how long will they keep the squinterns. Shouldn’t they be finishing their dissertations by now and earning their titles? Are they going to stay partially on the job or something? Does anyone now what has happened to Fisher? We’ve seen Daisy, Wendell and Cark twice each, plus Wells and Arastoo, but what about Fisher? (I’m not counting the wedding episode of course).

    • I think the issue with the fist bump was that she was off her game– she wasn’t herself and so she didn’t do that as naturally as she might have. It was as if she wasn’t sure of herself because of all that had happened.

    • I agree with you about Daisy. I like her so much more than I used to. Not sure if I’d say I “adore” her but I feel like we’ve definitely seen her grow and she doesn’t annoy me like she used to.

      Yes, I also wonder how long the squinterns should still be students but I’m willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of casting. It already seems odd that there seem to be lots of students who want those roles when back in the pilot the nearest forensic anthropologist was supposed to be in Montreal. Seems like they should be all over the place if there were as many students as the series implies. I haven’t googled it but I’m choosing to believe that it takes a really long apprenticeship to get board certified. 🙂

  5. I liked this episode. The fist bump startled me Brennan has done that since season 1. The writers goofed on that one. I loved the scene in the SUV Booth offering to give Brennan a massage.

  6. Thoughts:
    B&B massages!! 🙂
    Hodgins blinking for trial info… Lol I love Hodgins
    How will Cam buy skin taught dresses on an allowance?? Haha
    How did a Brennan not realize what Booth meant on the phone when he said he couldn’t tell her about his case? She’s supposed to be brilliant!
    Would the brooch really be enough evidence? Seems still light on proof.
    Did they take their dessert upstairs?? Hehe

    • Yeah I thought about Brennan not realizing what Booth meant on the phone too– I totally thought they were going to go there when she looked pensive after the phone call. But after thinking about it– even if she did guess what booth meant she wouldn’t be able to use that as evidence to make conviction anyways. The prosecution didn’t prove their case with the evidence presented and that’s what they had to go on and Brennan wouldn’t convict someone on guesswork. Like Cam said if the jury found out that Barnes’ was dead then they would be prejudiced because there was no proof that Kidman was involved in that murder as well thus would be grounds for a mistrial. So I could see Brennan thinking something is off but saying well the evidence presented is all the information I have to go on and there is enough reasonable doubt even if she thought he was guilty too.

      I think the brooch would be enough evidence. It places him at the scene of the crime and we know that all the stones were on the broach a few hours prior. They never showed but Kidman would have to come back into his house after the crime so there probably would be video of the broach showing the missing stones. So we know for sure that his sister lured him out and has his blood on her shoes, Kidman left his house under disguise and the broach places him at the scene of the crime. Plus Brennan can account for the strong kick that was on the bones that his sister wouldn’t have been able to deliver. So there is definitely motive, means and opportunity. I think that’s beyond reasonable doubt.

      Of course they took their desert upstairs:)

      On another note the fandom seems a bit quiet for such a great episode?

  7. I really loved this one. I loved seeing Daisy, who I have adored since her first appearance (maybe because she’s a bit like me, but with a bit looser a tongue)! She’s seemed very subdued this season, and I’m intrigued by the changes she’s been going through.
    I loved how Brennan went about reasoning through her verdict. I loved seeing her on the other side of the witness stand. She’s played just about every role there is to play in court throughout the show! Maybe Caroline will give her lawyer lessons next.

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