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The Mystery in the Meat: Post Episode Discussion


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38 thoughts on “The Mystery in the Meat: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I loved it! It made me laugh and smile.

    The ladies at Brennan’s bachlorette party made me LMAO!! I loved them at the bar.
    -Brennan coming home drunk to Booth was a great
    -Brennan telling Angela about the bathtub. Booth “If you tried that now in the bathtub, you’d drown”. LOL.
    -Brennan telling Booth she loves him and he is the best person. Squeezing his cheeks so cute
    -Booth and Angela making up. She likes hugging Booth.
    -What did Booth say to Bones at the very end? “I’m your sexual puppy dog” It was kind of hard to hear. Nice seeing them walking down the street together.
    -Still not over their wedding rings!
    -Booth saying everything is better now that he is married. LOVE IT!!!

    Then there is the aftermath of the wild party 😉 but it’s a cute and lovely B & B moment n-there-is-the

    video clip of scene
    husband and wife = Booth and Brennan ust-love-this-scene

    You’re a very romantic man.”

    Brennan doesn’t want to be best friends with him because then they wouldn’t have sex.

    Booth’s best friend IS BRENNAN.

    “And, I told her some things that we did in the bath tub last week!”

    “ And I told her you’re the best person ever, even though that can’t be confirmed empirically”

  2. I love that Bones is Booth’s best friend.

  3. This was a wonderful episode – i was laughing a lot and I don’t know what to squeal about first:

    – Daisy and Oliver for eva! 😀 they are the bestest I might even ship them 😛
    – Oliver and Hodgins buddy time – and hot beacon LOL
    – Hodgins about Daisy: she’s one of us :heart: I like Daisy and it was sweet
    – The party! OMG the party! How wicked it was Caroline was with them? And the fight and I knew Booth will need to bail them out 😀
    – the lounge area of the Lab! Where was the last time we visited there?! So happy to see it!
    – the sex toy guy was funny too as well as the chick with smelling talent
    – did you notice Booth slight hesitation about bones not killing anyone without a reason?
    – the BB of the episode was just wonderful, beautiful, heart-warming, and sweet 🙂
    – and I’m so happy for the booth/angela friendship being repaired I like Booth/Angela friendship a lot and I was sad it has been damaged so much
    – also Booth used a lot of “squints” (as a term) this episode seems like it’s been a while he did that

    So that’s for now, the case was …disturbing. I might stop eating now. Period.

    • Not sure what you mean by hesitation from Booth about bones not killing anyone without a reason. I just assumed he was thinking “this girl is like Brennan and Brennan is not likely to kill someone in a fit of anger so maybe this girl isn’t the killer”.

      • I thought more on the lines: “if Bones had an enough cause, she’d have killed”. Because I believe that’s the case and I’m of the opinion that Booth is aware of that – which that slight hesitation seemed to confirm. And before we go that I think Bren a murderer or something, I think if either Christine or Booth were endangered I think Brennan would have been able to kill. Also I think she’s capable of plotting a perfect murder (theoretically – which notabene, I believe, she has even confirmed herself to have done sometime in the past). So I think she is capable of committing a murder even if I think it’s the lowest of possibilities of ever happening (she did evolved so much that I wonder if she’d be able to detach herself emotionally from such a deed, like I think she would have been able to do in the past).

      • Brennan has killed twice already, both times when Booth’s life was endangered. I see no reason to think she wouldn’t do it again if he or Christine were in mortal danger.

      • I thought Booth’s pensive look was more in regards to whether Brennan (or this girl) would kill someone impulsively without a very good reason? And then came to the conclusion that they probably couldn’t. It wasn’t logical for the Suspect to kill the food scientist in a premeditated cold blooded manner because then her business would suffer which was her counter argument so if she was involved it would have had to be an impulsive/anger driven event.

        Brennan is definitely capable of plotting premeditated murder if she had a good enough reason and she could probably get away with it should she choose. Emotional growth or not, if that was the only way to protect Christine or Booth I think she would. As to whether she could kill someone in anger/impulsively– I don’t know. When she shot Pam Nunan, it was definitely self defence but part of it looked like she was angry as well that Booth was hurt.

  4. I thought it was a great episode! The dialogue between Booth and Bones was so lovely and so heartfelt! I also liked Angela’s apology — it felt very real and genuine! Kudos to the writers for a well done episode!

  5. Pretty awesome episode!

    That drunk Brennan scene with Booth taking care of her pretty much is one of the best BB scenes. The bachlorette party was epic. Caroline escalating things in a way only she can and Cam trying to be the voice of reason was the best. Cam had the best lines! If they had only shown us Booth turning up there and bailing the out.

    I agree with Brennan’s point that marriage didn’t change anything between them. I am not sure how I felt about Booth’s implication that marriage made everything better. What did everyone else think? I think they were pretty solid as they were and it would have been nice character growth for me to have Booth be the one to vocalize that marriage doesn’t change anything if the couple is already committed in spirit– it’s not a big deal at all but it would have been nice.

    Have to say Booth was extremely sweet in this episode! From, encouraging Brennan to go out with Angela to ensure Brennan has her best friend back, taking care of drunk!Brennan and then making up with Angela he was pretty solid!

    Booth clearly considers Brennan to be his best friend and Brennan knows that too. Brennan’s best friend is Angela and like she said Booth is “whole other dimension”. Best line: “I am like your sexual puppy dog”, “more like a lion”.

    Definitely shipping Oliver and Daisy. The show must be going that way if they had them both in the same episode? Apparently rumour has it there will be a new love interest for Sweets as well.

    But definitely a second solid friday episode– hopefully we get a season 10:-)

    • I think Oliver and Daisy were put together to make a point about the annoying intern that become one of their own and that another one has the same chance but has to try a bit (which he seemed to do) not really about the shipping (also I think the idea of putting the most annoying interns together couldn’t have been passed by the writers – it’s just a comedy in the making 😉 ). Plus there kind of needed to be at least one intern that stayed with Hodgins when the girls went out…

      About Booth’s view on the marriage. I think it’s all about his glee at finally being married. The guy obvious has been dreaming about being married his whole life. And he has lost hope of it ever happening (and certainly not with the love of his life whose initials are TB). So now when it finally has happened, he’s just on a nine cloud of all nine clouds there are, and he’s just seeing everything through pink-colored glasses, and sunshine shines brighter and so on and on… He’s just overjoyed because marriage was a big deal for him and it finally come true with THE woman. 🙂

      • Aww I will be sad if Daisy and Oliver don’t get together. They would be such a funny couple! Cmon Oliver even covered for Daisy.

      • bountypeaches, I’m all for Daisy and Olivier! They are truly hilarious, I’m just not sure if it’s TPTB intention…

    • Regarding Booth’s feeling that marriage made everything better and that it DID/DOES change the quality of B&B’s relationship…he certainly wasn’t going to tell Brennan the REAL reason, because he would never ‘guilt trip’ her, but the fact is that he HAD regarded himself as very literally ‘living in sin’ when he was living with Brennan prior to their marriage.

      We didn’t ONLY have JUST Aldo’s conversation with Brennan in his bar where he told Brennan that Booth was risking the thing that he valued most, his soul, by NOT being married to her and that Aldo wasn’t sure if an atheist could understand the depth of this sacrifice….

      We also have the conversation between Sweets and Booth in the FBI hallway back when Pelant was still alive and Booth was being so closemouthed about where he would be when there seemed to be many hours during which no one could track Booth’s whereabouts. Sweets had guessed that Booth had been off at Confession and Booth had scoffed, “Confession! I can’t go to Confession.” To which Sweets replied,”Because you’re living with a woman that you are not married to, and to be forgiven, you have to intend to not repeat the sin.”

      So now that they are married, Booth is engaged in the Sacrament of Holy Marriage, so things are WAY DIFFERENT and better for him than previously.

      But he wasn’t going to throw that in Brennan’s face, so he just said that love was what was making the difference, knowing that to Brennan’s ears, this would sound like a typical Boothy irrational opinion.

      • That’s all great but if that’s his reason (which might very well be), then he really shouldn’t expect her to feel any different, since she is an atheist. She’s right that their situation is essentially unchanged, except for their new jewelry. She was already all in and committed to him and them.

      • Mar, as a practicing Roman Catholic, I totally agree with Quarterbreed. Actually to me THAT’S the primary reason behind his glee. It is a very important part of his life and I can totally understand the glee and joy and pure happiness at no longer living in a sin. He resigned himself to a life in sin, even if it’s s life he craves and doesn’t regret choosing, there is always the taint of the sin he’s living in. Like it was pointed out we’ve seen him being burdened by it. So he has an additional reason to feel even better than ever. And I can see him wanting to share the happiness with the woman he loves, maybe in his glee kind of forgetting she doesn’t exactly shares the same views (the religious component).

        I think that in a while the initial emotions will settle down and Booth will realize that nothing really changed in their relationship. The change was in his relationship to God.

      • I am also a practicing Catholic, I get why Booth would feel that way. That’s not my point. My point is that Brennan is not, she’s an atheist so it’s a little strange for people to expect her to feel any different just because they’re married. To her is all the same since she doesn’t believe in souls anyway. She wanted to marry him because it’ll make him happy and she wanted the world to know that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but that really has no effect in how she feels about him before and after marriage.

      • I don’t think Booth (and neither am I for that matter) is expecting Brennan to feel different. To me it was his way if sharing his happiness. If you feel extremely happy an joyous because of your loved one, you hope/expect/want them to share the experience. It’s not the marriage per se, it’s more the mutual feeling of joy Booth hopes Bren feels. More of a kinship than anything concerning her changing approach over the marriage. I don’t think he’s consciously expecting her to feel differently. It’s all influenced by him being on high to me.

        I’m not sure if I’m making the difference on the issue clear… Sorry. For the

      • I don’t think Booth (and neither am I for that matter) is expecting Brennan to feel different. To me it was his way if sharing his happiness. If you feel extremely happy an joyous because of your loved one, you hope/expect/want them to share the experience. It’s not the marriage per se, it’s more the mutual feeling of joy Booth hopes Bren feels. More of a kinship than anything concerning her changing approach over the marriage. I don’t think he’s consciously expecting her to feel differently. It’s all influenced by him being on high to me.

        I’m not sure if I’m making the difference on the issue clear… Sorry. For the record I fund their reactions in character and what I was expecting them to be. They just approach the marriage thing in a totally different light (like mist things in their shared life) which is so appealing about them in the first place.

        Isolde made an interesting point but I’ll post my thoughts under her comment.

      • Looks like my phone cut-off part of the comment.

        I wanted to add that for the record I find their reactions un character and mostly what I expected them to be. They just have a different approach to marriage (and many things in their lives) and that’s what makes them so interesting as a couple.

        Isolde has made an interesting point but I’ll share my thoughts on it under her comment.

    • I was puzzled why Brennan was trying to convince Booth that he shouldn’t feel happier being married than not. That getting married would make him so happy was one of the reasons why she said she was asking him when she proposed. Lol, mission accomplished. Don’t try to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

      • That was more puzzling to me than Booth’s overjoyed reaction. I thought Brennan, while not really feeling any different than before herself, would be more indulging about Booth’s joy because it looked as if she had understood his desire/dream of being married.

      • So I had to think about this for a while but what Brennan was saying made total sense to me. She wasn’t trying to convince Booth not to be happier. She was just “perplexed” as to how being married made everything different/better. Its Rational!Brennan– being happier or married doesn’t change how the chilli tastes because the recipe or your tastebuds aren’t any different:) She just didn’t understand what Booth was trying to convey that being happier was allowing him to experience the world through rose-coloured glasses.

        Still not entirely sure how I feel about Booth’s statement which might be because of a lingering issue from S6 which was never resolved for me. This might be another controversial statement and I will probably be alone in this but I think at some point I needed to feel like Booth understood that its the relationship that makes the marriage not the marriage that makes the relationship which was not evident for me in either of his prior 2 proposals that he really understood that back then. He was always so focussed on the dream that I think he would not truly see that the foundation of the relationship he was in was not suited towards marriage. No one will ever be able to convince me that he would have been able to have a happy and meaningful marriage with either of the other 2 women because ultimately they didn’t understand him or he didn’t understand them. I think/hope he does understand that now and if anyone else has good evidence of that I would love to hear it– I do think him thinking Brennan is his best friend plays into that.

        I understand him wanting marriage for religious reasons but his argument was that the love has changed and that exasperates me. You could argue that now he has everything he has ever wanted and feels that reality is better than the dream but it would have come across stronger to me if they had played it more subtly. For eg when Brennan was happy in “twist in the plot” and Angela was telling Brennan that she has become very agreeable. Just having him say “the sun is brighter”, “the air is crisper” etc.. felt a bit trite and out of context. Overall, like I said before its not a big deal and the best friend comment made up for it.

        In other news… 2 days to the last episode before xmas! Now I have 2 reasons to wish it was friday;)

      • I pretty much agree with everything you said bountypeaches. I feel Booth has been so misguided in his thinking since S6 or the 100th that he needs to be married and that’s just going to make everything in his life happy and complete. He complains about Brennan’s viewpoints and I think he’s missing the misconceptions in his own viewpoints – his idealistic views of what he thinks marriage and his life would be. In SitS he said: You pick a wife and you go with it. It makes me crazy that that’s what he believes and I think he does. And yet we’ve had years of speeches and lectures about true love. I don’t get it. I don’t think Booth gets it. I think Brennan gets things better than anyone ever gives her credit for. There’s so much to them it’s hard to put anything into so few words – at least it is for me.

        There were lots of great moments in this episode as well. The bachelorette party was incredibly wonderful. So glad they included Caroline and Daisy. I admire Angela even more now for going to Booth and apologizing to Booth even though I feel her anger was justified. She was hurt and angry and scared for her best friend who now has a child and living with this man – and yet when Booth admitted to being angry with Angela while Brennan was on the run, and Angela worked tirelessly to find the answer to bring Brennan home, tried to befriend Booth, Booth never said “I’m sorry” to Angela for his anger. Brennan and now Angela just can’t win.

      • I think through this whole thing that Booth realized Angela isn’t as much of a friend to him as he might of thought she was. And I think that hurt. Just like Angela realizing Booth ranks above her with Brennan bothered Angela.

        In the end both of them had to accept that if there was a choice to be made, it wouldn’t be them. Angela will always choose Brennan and Brennan will always choose Booth. And Booth and Angela both chose to accept that as part of the deal.

      • I think Angela was and is still a good friend to Booth. I think they were very close before S6 and I think Booth has forgotten how things were before then, with everyone. In Corpse/Canopy, Angela was scared more than she’d ever been in her life and the only ones she trusted were Brennan AND Booth. Booth laid down the law, literally, and Angela & Hodgins trusted Booth. I think that says a lot. I agree Isolde there is a new order to accept with love, marriage and children. I think Angela going to Booth and saying I’m Sorry shows how much Booth means to her. I think Brennan, Booth, & Angela all realized things in this episode, all gave a little, and were all the better for it.

      • I think Angela would have apologized for what she said, not for being mad at him but for what she said, earlier if she valued her relationship with him. In the end she apologized only after she understood that he could have ended her relationship with Brennan had he chosen to, but didn’t. That tells me how much she values her relationship with Brennan and nothing about valuing her relationship with Booth.

        But I think if there is a message from the writers in all of this, it would be that taking sides accomplishes nothing but creating more pain for everyone involved. Nothing about her dramatics helped Brennan. It just added to Brennan’s problems, hurt Booth and could have cost Angela her best friend. Nothing about this story says “go Angela!!!” to me. And it was someone in the midst of hostilities rejecting the concept of someone on the sidelines taking sides that brought the storyline to a close. That was a pretty clear morality tale to me, but again that’s just me.

      • I take both characters to be totally truthful in what they say here. For Booth marriage did take his love for Brennan to a new and deeper level. And that is impacting his view and experience of the world in general. For Brennan it didn’t change anything. And both of those truths are valid without having to invalidate the other in order to be so. In that particular scene with Angela I think Brennan was looking for some reassurance that it was ok not to feel different. And Angela didn’t give it to her. But again, IMO, one isn’t right and the other wrong. They’re just different.

      • I love how you said that, Isolde:
        “I take both characters to be totally truthful in what they say here. For Booth marriage did take his love for Brennan to a new and deeper level. And that is impacting his view and experience of the world in general. For Brennan it didn’t change anything. And both of those truths are valid without having to invalidate the other in order to be so.”

        I agree so much. I don’t think Brennan or Booth is either “right” or “wrong”, they are both different. That’s always been what I’ve liked about their partnership from the get-go. They find ways to get along and make it work, even though they are so different.

        Plus, no matter what we as an audience (or as individuals) think of their actions, to each other, they are all good. We might not like what Booth says in one instance, or what Brennan says sometimes, but the characters–and the actors–are apparently fine with it.

        Of course its all IMO 🙂

      • So I used to feel that way about BB that neither was right or wrong it was all just different perspective but somewhere in S6/7 that dynamic changed somewhat. Then it became a lot of Brennan changing her mindset (which I have no problem with) and less of that growth from Booth. Now I don’t think I would have needed Booth to change his mindset on anything if they hadn’t played out S6 the way they did. Like Lindy pointed out Booth seemed to have a solid understanding of love and relationships prior to that and then all of a sudden that changed. To me, they took Booth to an extreme by making him “look” like he just wanted marriage for the sake of marriage. Booth’s dedication to “commitment” is very honourable but somewhere the philosophy of just “picking a wife” doesn’t jive with me either. The way they had Booth decide to propose felt very disrespectful towards the institution of marriage. Once you pick a life partner you should be committed but before that you really need to think about whether this person is right. Saying that though– I think part of the way they played things out was so that Booth could learn from what happened and I think he did but I do wish it was vocalized at some point.

        I know that there was a lot more going on with Booth at that time of his life and I don’t think things were as simple for him as “just pick a wife”. I think he was really afraid of his feelings for Brennan and was trying to avoid being vulnerable to her again incase she hurt him so to protect himself he proposed even though on some level he must have known it wouldn’t work. It was his “westernized/idealized” views of romantic love that allowed him to convince himself it was love when it wasn’t. He had focussed on the superficial aspects of relationship building such as keeping the toilet seat down, making dinner etc rather than focusing on a real connection and honesty which would have caused any relationship he was in to eventually fail. He had to lie about who he was because who he was was still in love with Brennan. I think that’s why he was so angry afterwards.

        I agree with Lindy that even though this may not actually be the case but it “seems” that Brennan understands love and relationships on a higher level than Booth. Maybe its just me but I am not sure how marriage makes your love stronger or deeper if you already know you and your partner are committed? When you romanticize relationships like that then that’s how they fail. So if Booth doesn’t understand that its the relationship rather than the marriage that give it its strength then what happens when the honeymoon period is over? Will he feel like the love is changed again or worse gone? Now I think BB are strong enough to withstand anything but that’s why the comment didn’t fly with me but its also why the best friend comment really worked for me. Underneath it all Booth knows Brennan is his best friend and knows that’s the foundation for their relationship which is why the comment isn’t a huge issue.

        To Brennan, nothing changed because nothing changed in her mind about how committed either of them were. The ironic thing is that Booth is the one that needed “proof” that she was in it for the long hall (they are more similar than they are different). If it was a purely religious issue then I could buy it but him stating “love changes” goes awry for me.

        BB- I get your point if the actors are okay with it then we should be too but i am not sure they think about things as deeply (I don’t think they are as obsessed as I am;). It seems to me that this was meant to come across as a humour filled situation rather than something deeper. I recognize that this was probably a comment that wasn’t meant to be analyzed which is mostly why I don’t think its a huge issue but I like discussing the nuances of BB:)

      • Great points bountypeaches! And thank you very much:)

      • I think the only major change in Brennan is she stopped letting herself be driven by fear and a need to protect herself.

        But overall, I don’t really see any benefit to the writers in changing the concept of the original relationship. Which, I think has always been about two contradictory world views not only coexisting in the same space but thriving on the differences. But then I probably don’t see some of the things that others consider to be fundamental characteristics of Brennan to have ever been fundamental characteristics either. So I’m not likely to come to the same conclusion. Now if she had responded the same way Booth did to being married… That I would have seen as a fundamental change in the character.

      • Thanks Isolde. I actually agree with most of what you said. I don’t think Brennan has changed fundamentally other than letting down her walls either. But she has “grown” from her experiences in that she has allowed herself to be swayed by emotion more than just pure logic. I don’t think it would have too far out of character for her to “feel” different after marriage but for her not to know the reason why– just the same way she felt a gut instinct in “bod in the pod” but didn’t know why or another example of her feeling “happy” after proposing but requiring Angela to put a name for that emotion for her.

  6. Agree mychakk!
    Booth is just soo happy to finally be married to the love his life, everything is better for him.

    I could totally see Daisy & Wells together!

    Angela asking Hodgins, “Have you been eating bacon grease?” LMAO!!

    “And I told her you’re the best person ever, even though that can’t be confirmed empirically, but I don’t give a crap” LOL, Brennan.

    Drunk Caroline whacking that girl with her handbag was priceless!

    Loved this episode and the B&B moments.

  7. Alright…it all comes down to Brennan not being perfect, I get it.

  8. Cat urine is a ‘natural flavor’…Booth thinks Brennan is unique and delightful too..Daisy likes it rough…Brennan orders shots “with alcohol”…Drunk Brennan “I don’t give a crap”…Brennan to Booth–You are a whole other dimension…

    *Brennan inviting Cam to her party shows how far they’ve come
    *Booth’s happiness is good to see. Finally free of the Pelant drama…married to a woman he’s loved for years…for now at least, all is well.
    *Drunk Brennan is hilarious and I think her husband (!) found it charming 🙂
    *Not sure if I like this Daisy/Wells thing. So many in-lab relationships!
    *Overall good ep. Everyone got a moment.

  9. I really, really loved this episode – it just made me smile all the way through!

    The only thing I don’t get is the Angela/Booth thing – I know she was mad at him before the wedding, but I thought things were better now – was this episode supposed to be aired after the honeymoon one? It seems like it would make more sense if it was.

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