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Season Nine Thankfulness


Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate and Happy Thursday to the rest! I am very thankful to each person who comes around to share in the dialogue about Bones! It’s amazing that we’re on season 9…it really is!

Since there have been 10 episodes so far, I thought I would take a moment to share at least one thing I’m thankful for from each episode. Once I’m done, the comments will be open for you to share your own!

9:1– The Secrets in the Proposal

I’m thankful for Freddie Prinze Jr guest spots, for Aldo, and that B&B reconciled BEFORE the Pelant situation was resolved (and because I don’t think I could have handled the angst for one more minute).

TG 1

9:2– The Cheat in the Retreat

Thankful for Booth’s biceps.

TG 2

…and for all of the other sweet B&B scenes in this ep.

9:3– El Carnicero en el Coche

Thankful for the Booth/Sweets brotherhood. Sometimes the show doesn’t get it perfectly right (IMO), but a lot of times, they really do and this episode was one of those times.

9:4– The Sense in the Sacrifice

Thankful that the Pelant storyline is over. But really, really thankful for the sweet/hot/intimate scene between B&B at the FBI building.

TG 4 TG 5

9:5– The Lady on the List

Loved the opening scene of this episode, with B&B working together to check out the remains.

9:6– The Woman in White

Loved David Hornsby as the priest at the beginning. Loved so much of this episode…but

TG 6

Booth and Brennan are married, yo. That could top a list for a long, long time. The vows were everything.

9:7– The Nazi on the Honeymoon

As a honeymoon episode, this one fell a little short to me. But I really did like the case and the idea of B&B working with other law enforcement. I know some people were annoyed a V being all up in Booth’s business. It didn’t bother me too much, but I am so, so thankful for this hilarious video created by @Ima_TV_Junkie after the ep

9:8– The Dude in the Dam

I think this is my least-liked episode of this season so far. I was telling friends the other day that I might actually buy this season when it comes out–I have enjoyed it so much! There’s not a lot of angst (which is fine by me), and I think so many episodes have been great. As far as thankfulness for this ep…well, it was written by Kathy Reichs, without whom we wouldn’t even HAVE the show BONES, so…I’m thankful for her !

9:9– The Fury in the Jury

I’m thankful that this episode was the first one to air on Fridays, because I think it was a great episode. I really loved so much of it, including the end scene. I love B&B scenes where they bicker, but make one another laugh.

TG 7

And ice cream! I love ice cream; it is my favorite food. I remember Booth saying “ice cream later” to Tessa way back in season one, and whether or not him still using ice cream as a way to flirt is a thread in the series or just a coincidence, I am cool with it. 🙂

9:10– The Mystery in the Meat

Thankful that this episode had even better ratings than “Jury”, making Bones a timeslot winner (for the first time ever, I believe, but correct me if I’m wrong!).  But more than that, I like the Daisy/Oliver thing, I loved the girls night out stuff, and Drunk!Brennan forever! That scene catapulted to my all time fave list immediately. So very rewind-able-worthy! I need to do a scene study stat!

TG 8 TG 9

Okay, enough from me. What are you thankful for this season? Feel free to list by episode or in whatever way works best for you!


15 thoughts on “Season Nine Thankfulness

  1. hahahaha! Oh dear, I’m never going to live that vid down!!! 😉 Glad you enjoyed it and got the tongue in cheek poke at the ep!

  2. I am thankful that the actors and writers are still on top of their game 9 years later and seem to be very energized. I have loved this season so far. I am thankful that B&B are married and we still have more than half the season to go, seeing them as a married couple.

  3. -I am thankful that Booth’s angst is over and that B&B are now happily married.
    -I am thankful that now we can see BnB kiss and say I love you to each other. no more looks of longing and regret from afar.
    -B&B now share a home a bed and a bathtub! 🙂
    I am thankful for B&B’s beautiful wedding vows and their amazing wedding.
    -Cindi Lauper singing “At Last”
    -I am thankful that Booth shot Pelant dead.
    -I am thankful that we still have many more episodes to come!

    • I’m thankful for all the people (including you, Seels!) who put so much work into making Bones even more fun than it already is. You guys collectively create a warm, civilized, inviting place for fans to come and share our love of all things B&B with great posts, pictures and videos. Thanks all!

      As to the episodes themselves, I’m just glad that we’re getting about the best season of Bones ever in its 9th year-incredible! My wish for the new year? That the quality stays at this same excellent level, and that we get a 10th season, of course. Christine needs a baby brother.

      (I’m sorry; I’m now only able to reply under someone else’s reply-the “follow Bones Theory” is always on top of the send button and I can’t get rid of it. Any thoughts?)

  4. I am thankful that David and Emily play their roles so well, and that they, along with the extended cast, still seem to be so happy with their show. I am grateful that we get to see B&B married, and that the folks who run & write this show have avoided the typical TV relationship cliches — jealousy, cheating, break-ups, etc…but instead have written a couple who love and respect one another. I am grateful for an absolutely beautiful and just about perfect wedding. Finally, I am very grateful for all the talented fanfic writers who fill in the gaps of what we see on TV each week!

  5. Oh, and yes, I am so grateful for Aldo. What a fantastic addition to the show — I only hope we get to see much more of him!

  6. I’m thankful we have a Season 9 (and here’s hoping for an S10!) and for this amazing website, and the 100 Days of Bones offshoot. Last year, they single-handedly saved me from my “I’m never watching that show again!” snit. Thank you for saving me from myself, Sarah! 🙂

  7. I am thankful for that awesome girls night out especially that they included Caroline and Daisy! Drunken Jeffersonian girls starting a bar brawl is a secret dream come true:) I definitely think they can stretch bones out to a season 10 given how good its been even after the wedding.

  8. I am a bit late to respond but here I am:

    I came late to the Bones show and had to go through 5 Seasons in 6 weeks, so I could watch the start of season 6 Live. I was glad that I found your website, because that season made me depressed but with “your help” and all the other contributors, I found peace. Season 7, 8 and 9 are just as enjoyable to watch then the first 5 seasons and I am looking forward for hopefully many more episodes to come. I will be thankful for every one we get.

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