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The Big in the Philippines: Post Episode Discussion


How did you like this episode? I have to say I really enjoyed it! Poor Wendell!


21 thoughts on “The Big in the Philippines: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Amazing episode!
    Booth, Brennan, Wendall. All tugged at the heartstrings.
    Great acting.

    The song at the end, Waaaaaah!!
    B&B slow dancing with that song playing. SO sweet.

    Tissues are a must!!

  2. Booth & Brennan dancing

    click on a pic for bigger. This scene of B&B made me tear up.

  3. I haven’t cried during too many tv episodes in my time, but this one definitely merited a tissue. Maybe it’s because I like Wendell, or because I thought Emily’s scenes were beautifully shot (kudos again, DB), but this one really hit home. The subject was handled very delicately, lacking the public service announcement quality which some others of its kind have had, and it was also very personal. The end scene couldn’t have been better. Some 9th year we’re having!

  4. This post sums this episode up beautifully.

    Then after Wendell leaves, Booth and Brennan decide to grab life by the horns, in their own understated way. There is so much darkness, so much sadness in their world, that they conquer that in their everyday. They might not be visiting the Galapagos or sleeping their way through Europe, because their “bucket list” is each other, as we’ve already seen this season. It’s love, plain and simple. So they embrace what they hold dearest — each other. They dance (like no one’s watching, obviously), because that’s all that matters, when it comes down to it. Their family will always be their legacy. They will always have each other, and will always fight for each other. That’s what that dance was all about.

    That’s why this ending is going to be one of my top scenes of the entire series. oughts-big-in-the-philippines

    • I am new here,so let me first say ,”hi”. I just wanted to tell you that your comment was very eloquently stated. You basically said what I wanted to say but you did it so much better! I look forward to continuing to read all of the posts and comments here as they are all so positive (even when the opinion isn’t necessarily the popular one). Anyway, I am very thankful to have stumbled upon this site and look forward to some more discussion of our favorite TV characters!

      • Welcome Sandy! We love it here 🙂 Check out the Scene Study section…it’s my favorite… But be forewarned that hours might fly by accidentally 🙂

  5. I thought this episode was one of the best! I usually don’t cry, but I was still in tears when this episode ended! I have always liked the ones that are directed by David the best! This one was superb! I loved it !!!

  6. • Brennan teasing Booth with gross crime scene stuff “You don’t want it?” was cute
    • Angela kind of flirting with the “rugged broken” Wendell was a little weird for me
    • Brennan looking at Wendell’s injury video instantly flashed me back to her telling Booth something was wrong with his hallucinations
    • Wendell telling Brennan she’s become a really good mom was sweet, as is her concern for him
    • Booth being as upset as Brennan was nice because he didn’t really know VNM and wasn’t as affected. He was friends and hockey teammates with Wendell, so he is really hurting too
    • Why did B&B tell Wendell in the diner…in public?
    • The shovel-inside-a-person computer simulation was gross and not something you can just program in like that….oh, Angela and her machines 🙂
    • Booth to Wendell: “Can I get you anything…not that I have anything….” Lol
    • His speech to Wendell was very nice. A wife waiting, children waiting to be born…nicely done.
    • Loved B&Bs discussion involving religion…Brennan was more respectful when she spoke of it and I liked that; it wasn’t the time to argue with Booth about his beliefs and she didn’t.
    • The overnight delivery guy ID’d a person over the phone? Angela drew a perfect sketch without the person there to confirm how he looks? Huh??
    • Aw, Wendell fighting…yay! Brennan hugs….yay!!
    • Bones is hitting it out of the park lately! Great emotional episode, yet again.

  7. I thought this episode was another best of the season, I gotta say David, Emily and Michael performances hit it out of the ball park. The moment it was reveal that Wendell has bone cancer I couldn’t stop the tears from coming, I like how both Booth and Brennan were there for him and tried to give him advice about what to do. This was an outstanding episode and David did a wonderful job directing, I have always liked the episodes that David directs he always does such a good job and he especially did with this one.

  8. so I just watched the episode, and… gosh I feel like crying. They can’t take Wendell! I love him! (right after Fisher, but I do! He’s my fav right after Fisher. This is horrible…

    The episode was wonderful. Emily did marvelous job, and David – like his directing and the shots he takes. I didn’t catch it before the episode that DB was directing this one and during my watching I thought’I wonder if DB did this one…” Means he’s developing a style 🙂

    Does anyone know the performer of the songs? I really liked them and wouldn’t mind listening to the whole album.

  9. The episode was really phenomenal! DB always directs the best episodes because he know the characters so well. Brennan telling Booth about Wendell in the park had some stunning shots. I laughed at Booth telling Brennan the video he shot of Wendell’s fall was “very cinematic”. Talk about meta. Yes DB you are an artiste!

    Loved BB telling Wendell together– apparently it wasn’t rehearsed. They just played off each other which is even more impressive. Adored the first Booth and Brennan scene at home. I love how Brennan would undergo treatment but can understand Wendell’s need to see the world. It would be tough for anyone to make that decision as Ewing’s Sarcoma is very aggressive. I am not even sure what decision I would make. There is merit to spending your last days enjoying the world rather than in misery. I love that Brennan was supportive and nonjudgemental of his choices. That’s one of my favorite qualities about Brennan is the fact that she is very non judgmental for the most part and I love when that gets highlighted.

    Booth’s response was very in character. Booth’s reasons to live are for Brennan and his kids so of course he would give those as reasons to fight. His scene with Wendell was nice but it also came across as a touch “Aristoo style” preachy. Wendell *needed* to hear the other side of the argument but if Wendell is making a decision to fight I would have preferred it to not be based on someone being disappointed in him if he didn’t. He shouldn’t feel guilty if he chooses to see the world but I love that he is going to fight.

    The case was amazing. A singer getting murdered after living in squalor for years just when he was about to have it all. Now that is heart-crushing. Especially since the girl he loved was thinking he was a liar. At least she found out the truth. I thought the bartender stealing the tickets BEFORE the girl and Colin even went on their first date a bit odd though.

    Finally the last scene was truly breathtaking. From Booth tilting his head and Brennan just knowing he wants to dance (you know that must happen all the time). Booth saying “you get a reprieve but its temporary”–he sure likes to dance with his wife 🙂 Brennan giving Wendell a hug and telling him she will help in any way was adorable. Of course the dancing in the hallway was beautiful. Sigh. Who cares about bedroom scenes, this is what I want more of!

    All in all a pretty fantastic episode. Bones is just going from strength to strength. This easily would fall in the top 10 episodes of all time for me.

    • I don’t feel Booth was being preachy and believe me, I agree about Arastoo being preachy. I personally felt Booth was being emotional. Putting himself in Wendell’s position, having the life he has, he would fight with all he has.

      • I think it takes a different kind of strength to accept the reality and live life to the fullest while you can. Booth has a different perspective than Wendell but that doesn’t mean Wendell’s perspective is wrong and it sort of felt like Booth was being a bit judgemental. Especially when he gave Brennan that look when she said “it sounds quite nice”. Just because something may not be right for him doesn’t mean it isn’t right for someone else.

        The thing is Booth has a bit of a narrow view. Wendell has a lot to consider. He has seen first hand how tough it was for dad which is knowledge Booth doesn’t have. Not to mention losing the possibility of doing things he has always wanted at the hope of a remote dream. If you give people dreams that don’t come true it makes them angry and bitter (Booth has first hand experience with that). I wouldn’t want Wendell to become angry and bitter in his last days if things don’t work out.

        I would have preferred it if Wendell chose to get treatment for himself rather than worrying about how other people view him. Even if Wendell survives this cancer there are other ramifications. He is not just going to fly off in the sunset happily. Cancer survivors, especially young ones, have a much higher incidence of secondary malignancies. There are long term side effects of the chemo and radiation like accelerated atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathies, debilitating neuropathies or even infertility. Not to mention if Wendell has to undergo an amputation of his arm and how that could affect him long term. Wendell shouldn’t make that kind of decision based on how other people remember him he should make it because it’s right for him.

        Wendell wants to see the world and if Booth had incorporated that into his speech it felt more like Booth validating Wendell’s perspective rather than projecting the things he lives for on Wendell. Like I said, I liked that Booth told him what he was losing by not trying. Wendell needed to hear that but I also wish he validated Wendell’s perspective and understood how difficult a choice it was.

      • Hey there, BP. I do see and understand your points, but I don’t think Booth was being too preachy there. He was giving his own personal opinion, which was fine, because Wendell did not just talk to him, but to Brennan as well. She supported Wendell’s idea. So Wendell weighed her thoughts vs Booth’s and he decided to fight…so I think Wendell made the best decision for himself. It’s not like Booth forced him, in my opinion. Booth’s reality is that he would fight and so that’s where his advice came from. Brennan has seen the world and traveled through her job and knows there is a great big world to see and experience so she understood why Wendell would want to. I think Wendell is enough of his own man to make that call. He “gathered evidence” as Brennan taught him to and came to his own conclusion.

        Someone on tumblr put close up pics of Wendell’s cast online:

        You are not in this alone
        Your friend,
        Dr. Brennan

        Keep your head up and
        don’t stop fighting.
        We need you on our team.
        – Booth

        King of the cast!

        Just Breathe.

        Brennan also wrote:
        You’re much stronger than your radius would suggest.

  10. And it was obvious that Brennan was glad he decided to fight. Didn’t see any “preachiness” in Booth’s advice. Saw someone who really cared and was encouraging him not to give up.

    • Right, plus Wendell went to Booth. If he didn’t want to hear his point of view, he wouldn’t have gone to him. Whatever Booth’s behavior was with Brennan at home, that has no effect on Wendell’s decision, he wasn’t there. I don’t think Wendell was forced or pushed into any decision because he didn’t want to let people down. He decided to fight because he wanted to go out fighting. Brennan understood his original decision to go and see the world, even if she was obviously glad that he decided to fight. He wanted to make her proud, even if she herself didn’t push anything on to him, except pushing him into getting a diagnosis. In my opinion, Booth just gave him his emotional response to the situation, once again, putting himself in Wendell’s shoes. He has his wife and his kids and for that, he would fight.

  11. Remember the young man who died before Sweets’ eyes on the subway train in the episode where Washington D. C. had the earthwake? He’d postponed so many dreams while fighting to live long enough to pursue those dreams later, and then a random twist of fate ended his life so abruptly.

    You just never know….

  12. Wendell has also been my favorite intern because he’s the most normal of them all and he has a great story of working hard to get to where he is. I don’t think Booth was being preachy even though I agree 100% that Arastoo is very preachy and self-righteous. I think Booth is older and has been through a lot, so he’s wiser and can give Wendell good advice. Booth also knows how much Wendell has been through, coming from a poor neighborhood and working hard to get where he is. If Wendell was strong enough to accomplish that without giving up, why would he give up on fighting for his life? I’m so glad he decided to fight and I like that they’re giving such a big plot line to an intern.

  13. Wow, what a good episode, it was definitely heart crushing! I was so sad about Wendell!
    First Vincent Nigel Murray dying and now Wendell having cancer, why are you doing this to my favorite squinterns bones?!
    I loved Booth and Brennan in this episode, their love story is amazing!

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