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The Master in the Slop- Post Episode Discussion


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21 thoughts on “The Master in the Slop- Post Episode Discussion

  1. I liked the episode ,but like it better when there is more of Booth and Bones!!! no matter what though I LOVE BONES and WANT MANY MORE SEASONS!!!!!

  2. The episode was very meh for me. I didn’t hate it even though I was expecting to (which is probably why). But I was pretty bored until the interrogation scene at the end. That was nice. I like BB talking outside the room and that was a nice callback from the older episodes. I like the team but BB are the centre and I wish we had more of that. Brennan seems to mainly be in the lab and Booth is mainly interrogating with Sweets or by himself. Even Nazi had the same problem with BB doing things mostly separately. The problem with the episode being a Sweet’s heavy is that Booth’s role gets minimized which is annoying. I wish BB would investigate together a bit more.

    I just don’t think the writer has a good handle on the characters. For e.g., Brennan is overly literal when she is stressed and trying to keep emotional distance. So its okay to show that when she is at work or around people she is not comfortable with. As BB have become a family they have shown us the difference between home!Brennan and work!Brennan. Her home is her safe place with Booth, so it doesn’t make sense to show her being overly literal about the waffle note thing.

    Also the Brennan/Cam story line made no sense. Brennan doesn’t like people being given consolation awards so for them to show Cam doing just that and not have Brennan point that out was ludicrous. Also if the magazine was going to pick 12 women anyways, why would Brennan not be chosen anyways? Not to mention that 12 women at the top of their fields being asked to wear a bikini for a scientific journal that’s highlighting their professional achievements borders on disrespectful. The fact that a scientific journal would allow the objectification of women made the award a bit of a joke. The fact that Cam got chosen for an award by people who aren’t focussing on the importance of scientific contributions but rather how many magazines they can sell minimizes the importance of her being chosen.

    Also way too many Canadian jokes. As Booth would say, “a little advice on the humour, don’t dog pile on the joke”.

    • Very well put and spot-on.

    • BP, I deifnitely agree with most of your post. Except, I wasnt offended by the bikini thing at the end because it was clearly included to wrap up the award storyline in a humorous/light-hearted way. And to give Brennan a chance to surprisingly accept…I don’t think anyone was worrying about sexism. In fact, Brennan seemed pleased that they were honoring the woman as smart AND beautiful, which I get. If women are supposed to be able to “have it all”, then they should be able to showcase their minds and their bodies if they so choose, right?

      • I have no problem with showcasing women who are both beautiful and accomplished but I do have a problem with using a woman’s sexuality to sell a scientific journal for a profit. The original intent of the “award” was to highlight a woman’s accomplishments without paying heed to physical beauty. If you have to use a woman’s sexuality to sell a magazine then it downplays the importance of her accomplishments? Putting a woman in a bikini to sell magazines basically says it doesn’t matter that you are beautiful and intelligent because as usual the only thing people care about is your body. To sell a magazine about woman who have it all shouldn’t need to put them in a bikini. The way it came across is that no one is interested in buying magazines highlighting outstanding woman of science unless they show skin. While that may be true to some extent its not a message that should be promoted.

      • Yes, but again, Brennan did not seem offended, nor did Cam or Angela, and they are the women being featured. Plus, I think Brennan was happy to show the world that women don’t have to be “nerdy” or whatever stereotype, to be talented and smart. Perhaps it would get the word out to people to think of scientists in a different way. Plus, in a real life thought, the actresses portrayed it. So neither the fictional women nor the real women had an issue with it, so why should I? I also don’t think they meant for it to be thought of too deeply, it was just a silly gag to throw into the show, not something that is/was/should happen.

      • “I also don’t think they meant for it to be thought of too deeply, it was just a silly gag to throw into the show, not something that is/was/should happen.”

        So you are absolutely right but I think as a show that portrays strong successful women and is being watched by millions of impressionable teenage girls they have a responsibility to ensure that they are not sending across the wrong message. The fact that Cam/Angela/Brennan were not offended actually makes it worse. They know that their sexuality needs to be used to sell magazines because very few people are interested in reading about accomplished woman on their own. I think this situation would have worked better for me if at least it was for a charitable cause but this magazine was only out to use these women’s bodies for a profit. How does that make this magazine any better than playboy? It’s even worse in my mind because at least the point of playboy is to highlight women’s sexuality openly without using their accomplishments as subterfuge. It makes any award this magazine gives out for an outstanding women of science worthless.

        I know its supposed to be cute and funny but I can’t help feel that they diminished women’s accomplishments by that plot,

      • Yeah, but it wasn’t a choice. It was wear a bikini for our magazine or don’t be recognized. Like blackmailing our three superwomen into showing skin. I don’t quite like it. But I loved Cam being all sisterly, like, don’t we have enough to fight without fighting each other, we’re all awesome. That’s the pro-feminism, and even better, pro-humanity lesson I will be taking from this episode. 🙂

  3. Well, I really enjoyed the episode. Loved Sweets’ role in the case! Also loved the interaction between the Brennan and the forensic podiatrist. Loved how speechless she was at the end when he thanked her for showing him how to be more confident!! LOL

    Also loved how Booth loves her enough to be honest even when it hurts and how she is able to see things through his eyes and accommodate them into her thinking. Cam’s solution was so awesome! I don’t have a problem with scientists also being sexy and think it was very creative of them to decide to do a calendar.

    The case was intriguing. I didn’t finally decide who the killer was until he sat down and began acting so strangely with Sweets during the game. Wow! Spooky! And Sweets’ interrogation and then Booth’s deception to get the suspect to confess – brilliant. Teamwork!!

    And that is what Bones is all about – teamwork. It isn’t just B&B; it is about the whole team doing what they do best to get the job done. Which is why Cam made the decision she did about the magazine honour.

    I just love this season!!

    • I love the teamwork too but BB hardly investigate together. But someone watching the show for the first time would barely be able to tell that they are supposed to be partners and not just 2 individuals who are part of the team and happen to be married.

  4. They are partners in work and life and it is very clear on every episode to me. This is season 9 and the show has evolved just as the creators designed. I, for one, love the direction the show has taken over the past three years. I know there are those that do not. Can’t please veryone. 🙂

  5. Will always love B&B but agree with some comments that Booth is now overshadowed by Sweets in many episodes. Don’t care for Sweets as much given that his role has changed so much and the writers seem to see him as another investigator for the FBI. When we get episodes where B&B are not the focus on screen I always assume its because ED and DB have chosen to take a back seat whether its because they’re doing other things or just want to work less hours.

    • Yeah but if that is the case then have Brennan out in the field with Booth and skip all the extra lab scenes with Brennan. If you look back to S4 and S5 Brennan used to spend most of the episode out in the field and the squintern would do most of the work until they were stumped at the end.

      • I don’t want them to skip over the lab scenes. Brennan is a scientist, not an FBI agent. Her job is to do the science and help Booth get all the evidence he needs. I have noticed that about season 4 and I have to say, I do not like it. I love seeing B&B out together in the field, but I also love seeing Brennan in the lab. That is her turf and I really didn’t like seeing the interns doing most of the science.

      • Brennan’s job is being Booths’ partner helping in the lab and investigating the case. The show from the beginning was about Brennan getting out of the lab and getting exposure to the real world. Having Brennan being stuck mostly in the lab is actually regressing her to pre pilot stage. I am not saying she should have no lab scenes but have a balance of both. Like Spark in the Park. She has had 9 years of working cases and watching Booth/Sweets interrogate people her growth would be to stretch her wings in that direction. What made the show interesting for me was that Brennan would take her unique scientific views and apply it to people otherwise its just any other procedural with everyone sticking to their strengths.

      • Its been 9 years, things change, their relationship changed. That’s all I have to say.

  6. Brennan’s main job is the lab. That is her team and Booth’s is the FBI and, yes, they connect frequently.

    Again, this show is in the 9th season. I would not want it to be the same as the earlier seasons with no growth. JMO

  7. Finally watched it! Thoughts:

    • Brennan learning blackjack with Max sounds about right
    • I understand Brennan’s initial I cooperation with the Canadian doctor before he said he now has the qualifications. A paper should not interfere with an investigation.
    • Why is Cam getting an award?? What does she do to be outstanding in science?
    • Did anyone think “Goop on the Girl” when evidence coated the visiting doc?
    • Brennan can treat the gymnast’s father so respectfully, yet treat most of her coworkers/peers etc as crap? Get it together, writers!!
    • Also the stereotypical Canadian stuff like “American” Booth in England. Boo.
    • Can Sweets arrest someone like that?
    • Brennan saying Booth refers to the knights as “horsies” made me lol
    • Can we get a copy of the Jeffersonian women in bikinis? I gotta see how that turned out 🙂
    • Brennan’s board game dance was adorable
    • Ok, Brennan wasn’t too bad in the end. She did end up apologizing, so I guess that’s “growth” ?

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