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The Heiress in the Hill: Post Episode Discussion


How did you like this episode! The comments are open! And it’s about time for another mini-hiatus, so make it count! 🙂


23 thoughts on “The Heiress in the Hill: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Awesome episode. Loved the case – fooled me – had no idea she “kidnapped” herself. And the Hodgins storyline was so poignant. Loved the scene with B&B and A&H. They truly are “family”. And Brennan is so happy!!

    I really don’t have anything negative to say about this week.

  2. Excellent use of Fisher, having him tell Hodgins that being in a mental hospital can truly be the place where you belong at the time with what you’re going through when you’re ill. And reassuring Hodgins that his brother Jeffrey has “won the lottery” by having Jack Hodgins come into his life as his brother.

    The writing was just so excellent all throughout this episode. We are so lucky this Season!

  3. Hodgins brother storyline was way too much Rainman for me. I was half expecting Hodgins to suggest that he take him to Las Vegas so they could win money for his mental home funding….also the brothers acting was off…..that said I LOVED that Booth suggested that Hodgins should have the 75K, that we got to see the Booth & Hodgins dynamic of earlier seasons. Booth wanting to give the money to Wounded Warriors, a real life charity, was so true to his military standing. Bravo. B&B were so great in this ep. They worked through the money issue with grace and Booth with maturity of a now married man. Though, many couples do have seperate + a joint account, so I would of been fine if that happened. Every married couple are different.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I am a big fan of T.J. Thyne – his character’s development over the years has really impressed me. My issue (and this will win me no friends lol) is Angela. I cannot abide her (the character). She did not irritate me in this episode, however. I love the interplay amongst the characters, especially Booth, Brennan and Sweets. The entire ensemble cast is really good and I look forward to a rewarding Season Ten 🙂

  5. Did anyone else notice that the team, even Sweets, was being very harsh and mean with all of
    the suspects in this episode?…

    anyway, I’m really glad they got
    past the issue of the differences in their incomes because that has been something they have mentioned throughout the entire series. I loved that they gave the money to a wounded warrior charity because that fits Booth’s character perfectly. I thought it was a little weird the way they showed the hodgins storyline. I just find it hard to believe that his parents never even mentioned he had a brother. Just because a family member is ill doesn’t mean they should be cut out of the family completely. Nonetheless I liked the episode and they have been doing a great job with this season!

  6. Agreed with the Rainman comparison and the actor who played the brother. Liked the case overall and thought the actors who played the suspects were much more believable than many we’ve had lately.
    Loved the B&B interaction with one exception…”You’ve been a good man.” He’s not her puppy dog (I think we’ve established he’s a LION if I heard the closing line correctly a few weeks back.) And how many times will she tell him that? It was sweet back in the Broadsky episode but I’d much rather just have her say she loves him a hundred times these days.

    • I don’t need to hear her say she loves him to know she just plain adores him. Actions speak louder than words. Plus, it’s not like she never tells him she loves him. She does plenty of that too.

      One of Booth’s main issues is about being a good man, making up for his past as a sniper and not turning out like his father. She knows this and constantly reinforces to him that he IS a very good man, therefore he deserves anything he wants and she’s more than happy to help give that to him.

      • Exactly. It’s been annoying to hear people claim that “you’re a good man” sounds like the “good boy!” that people say to their dogs.

        I know that some people think that Booth should have gotten over this issue already, but in real life many people have particular demons that they are never able to completely overcome.

    • Think about doesn’t seem that Booth has ever had anyone in his life to tell him he’s a good person, other than his grandfather. He certainly didn’t hear it from his Mom and Dad, and probably not from his brother. We haven’t seen that he has very many close friends other than Cam who would tell him that.

      Brennan knows that he is haunted by his past actions as a sniper, and that he also fears becoming like his dad, so she is determined to balance that out by making sure she tells him often what a good man he is (and he really is, she isn’t just patronizing him), just as she decided in the pilot episode to help him with his “cosmic balance sheet” by catching murderers to, in his mind at least. offset all the lives he took as a sniper.

  7. LOVED the episode, All of it. TJ has just brought me to tears, BB&HA were so wonderful. Makes my heart ache in a good way, Also, FISHER! I love him and I was SO happy to see him and then his scene with Jack… Fisher is the best (though I love Wendell and Daisy quite a lot too).

    and YAY for season ten and Mondays 😀

  8. January 31, 2014 at 8:59 pm (I posted this but it never got passed” awaiting moderation” because I had 2 links to website pics. So I am re- posting without the links)
    Thoughts on this episode-

    – More B&B moments this ep and B&B working together in the field.
    -Loved Brennan putting the check in Booth’s pocket.
    -The kiss in the diner!
    Brennan fell in love with him even more right then. The way she teared up when she said “Of course” and the kiss…
    -Booth “you got pie on my pants!”
    -Booth telling Sweets: “Bones and I are just fine in every room of our house thank you very much”
    -The hug between B&B and J&A
    -I loved that B&B decided together to donate the check to Wounded Warriors project. Great real life charity.
    -The scenes with Jack & his brother were very touching.

    Waaaaaah! We are now on a hiatus until March 10th!! Back to Monday nights for Bones.

  9. Finally watched…
    • The Sanitarium doctor was from Star Trek…and he was a doctor there too
    • It’s crazy that an author’s book advance is more than an FBI agent, with a dangerous job, makes in a year!

    • B&B are fine in EVERY room of the house, eh?!

    • Hodgins’ heartbreak is crushing my heart!
    • I like Booth’s idea of giving the money to Hodgins but why didn’t Brennan offer it to Angela herself earlier?
    • Haha Fischer hates to be the one with rose-colored glasses
    • Also loved his heart to heart with Hodgins, very sweet
    • Hodgins-Booth hug was the best
    • B&B out together night? Is Max babysitting? 🙂
    • I liked they had a sort of backstory for Hodgins conspiracy theories too
    • Good episode.

    • If it makes you feel better that salary seems low for a senior FBI employee in the DC area. Here’s the GS salary table including the locality adjustment for the DC area.

      The $75,000 might be closer to right if he were assigned in a less expensive city but it doesn’t sound right in DC.

      • yeah I was wondering the same thing because when Flynn gives booth his job back at the beginning of the 8th season he says he is turning over his job as “head of the major crimes unit”. I would assume the head of the major crimes unit for the FBI in DC would make more than $75,000. It also seems like he has a lot of authority the way the lower agents like agent Shaw treat him.

    • I didn’t take Booth’s “that’s more than I make in a year” remark literally. He could’ve been exaggerating for dramatic effect. He could make close to that. The point was that it wasn’t just peanuts. $75K is probably more than half of what he makes in a year and if you take into consideration taxes it could very well be close to what he actually sees in a year.

  10. Nooooooooooooooo

    Ralph Waite, Patriarch of The Waltons, Dies at 85,,20787018,00.html


  11. So sad to lose someone so beloved. We’ve lost a lot of loved ones this week.

    Here’s another article on Ralph Waite by the New York Times. Hope the link works:

  12. Soy una Bonehead española, me encanta tu blog, Sara y me da envidia (sana) poder participar en el, ¿me permites que lo haga comentando en español? Mis conocimientos de inglés son muy escasos. Gracias por compartir tus teorías. I love your blog and I envy Sara (healthy) to participate in, will you let me do it by commenting in Spanish? Thanks for sharing your theories.

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