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The Source in the Sludge: Post Episode Discussion


Heyyyyyyy! The show is back!


Welcome back to Mondays, BONES and BONES fans! How have things been? I enjoyed the show on Friday nights, but it is also nice to have something to look forward to on Monday mornings!

How did you like this episode? The comments are open, so let’s discuss!


13 thoughts on “The Source in the Sludge: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Absolutely loved it!

  2. Great episode!
    -I am really liking Booth & Danny Beck (B&B!?!) Great chemistry. I would much rather see him with Booth in the field than Sweets!

    -I felt a little teary eyed in the end when Danny was looking at her picture. He loved her.
    -I held my breath when Booth asked Danny for his gun…then the knife. I wondered if something bad was going to happen, like Danny trying to take him out.
    -I thought Danny was going to punch out that killer- or worse!!
    -Yay to Booth & Danny arresting Johannson together-“friends”

    I really hope to see Danny Beck become a regular.

    -I loved Booth telling Brennan she was there for the interrogation because they are partners and they close cases together.
    -The gift of Scotch was reminiscent of Cinderella in the Cardboard when Brennan started drinking Booth’s good Scotch right out of the bottle, lol!
    Booth giving Scotch to Brennan: “This is for my partner who I occasionally kiss” 🙂

    Yay Bones!!!

  3. • Lamprey in the opening was gross!!
    • Angela’s wearing pants!! Luckily, Cam is wearing her uniform 🙂
    • When Booth and Danny were walking outside by the crates, it made me think of Broadsky, anyone else?
    • I liked Angela’s speech to Hodgins, very sweet. Nice to hear.
    • Nice to see Daisy and Sweets be friends.
    • Caroline!
    • Fierce Booth…don’t mess with him!
    • Lol at Brennan’s reason for failing her orals, telling the board they weren’t qualified 🙂
    • Ominous statement by Booth at the end! *shivers*
    • And he definitely made an enemy there too. Wonder how that will play out…
    • Ralph Waite….TEARS!

  4. And Booth calling her “his wife”. I think this is the first time he has in an episode.

    Booth not allowing the killer to go free!

    • Yes, I’m glad we got to hear Booth call her his wife. I would still like to hear him introduce her as his wife, just as she has introduced him as her husband. Still plenty of time for that though!

  5. Great episode. Love the prickly relationship between Booth and Danny Beck – want to see more of them working together in future episodes in preference to Booth and Sweets. Danny’s character much more interesting than Sweets.

    Enjoy watching Freddie Prinze act in this role too.

    The gift bottle of Scotch from Booth to his ‘partner’ was a wonderful reminder of the Cinderella in the Cardboard episode from years ago when Brennan burst into Booth’s apartment and drank his expensive Scotch – how things have changed!

    The story was good too and didn’t signal early who was the baddie, a criticism of many episodes over the last two or three series.

    Love the writing of the relationship between B&B – in my opinion the writers have now got struck a wonderful balance.

  6. A lovely episode.
    The Scotch remind me Booth finally help Brennan find her love. Happy, happy.
    Anyone notice Brennan spend more time in the Lab then working with Booth in the field.
    Since like the writers try to get more people involve than just B&B only. Good change.

  7. Great episode. I look forward to Brennan working along side of Booth in the field. Sweet’s is great as a profiler but he has been overused in the investigations. Ever since they gave him a gun he’s been in the field with Booth way more than Brennan. I like Sweets in small doese’s. This episode had a nice balance. I love any scene with B&B together. B&B are the best TV couple ever. DB & ED make it so believable they are wonderful actors.

  8. It was a very good episode. Freddie Prinze’s Danny is a great character who interacts well with Booth…I hope we see more of him. I agree the lamprey was gross. I can’t believe DB had to handle that thing…yuck! I also enjoyed Daisy in this episode, and I really don’t like her very much!

    On a totally superficial note, did anyone else notice the shoes Daisy had on in the lab? There was one clear shot of them when she was bending down over the bone table. They were awesome…anyone have an idea of what brand they were?

    • Haha, no. But given my first real reaction in the episode was centred on how hot Angela looked in that black shirt/pants outfit at the start, I’ll join you in the superficial discussion!

      Cam always looks amazing and Brennan has her ‘uniform’; it’s nice when the other female cast members stand out.

    • I did notice the shoes. They were great but I can’t really imagine that someone who has a job where they stand for most of the day would choose a shoe like that. Of course Cam’s shoes often make me think that too.

      • Absolutely. I worked in a lab for 5 years of my life when I was going to graduate school and I now teach numerous laboratory courses and there is absolutely no way I would wear anything close to what Cam wears or those shoes Daisy was wearing.

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