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The Repo Man in the Septic Tank: Post Episode Discussion


How did you like this episode? The comments are open!


16 thoughts on “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank: Post Episode Discussion

  1. • Ugh…I hate snotty-I’m-better-than- you Brennan
    • She seems a little flattered by the attentions of her intern, though I don’t expect her a “pull an Angela” and act on anything
    • Booth at the diner cracked me up. His “subtle” way of bringing up the article, and then saying “I’m a lifelong learner!”
    • Angela “I can work a little magic” Sure you can, Angela, you always do!
    • B&B are a clownfish and an anemone!!! So romantic! These two!!!
    • Cool B&B action sequence together in the kitchen!! Teamwork!
    • “I believe in the right to believe” Good quote, intern!
    • Brennan in a police uniform 🙂
    • Sweet Hodgins making dinner for the new guy. A-freaking-dorable.
    • Booth as t-Rex lololololololololol

  2. Car scene!!!!!

    T rex!!!!

    Case was okay but the B/B story was awesome!! As I was watching her with the intern, I wondered if she had to put up with a lot from male hierarchy in her career and that is why she reacted the way she did.

    • Hm, I don’t know that its necessarily that…it just seemed like Brennan in general. She often tells others how beautiful and intelligent she is 🙂 Like she told Booth in the car, she imagines all her male interns feel this way lol Seems like she’s just confident in herself (and now with Booth) and she can just blow him off easily. She was more annoyed with him thinking he was at her level of expertise than his attraction to her. haha Brennan 🙂

  3. – I really like the new intern. Brennan and him cracked me up.

    This episode made me laugh! A lighter episode than last week, Sludge.
    -The scene in the car between Brennan and Booth when she was explaining to him why she would never jeopardize their relationship by having a “fling”, was so sweet and romantic.
    -Brennan did soften towards the new intern. I think she is making a conscious effort to be more empathetic and understanding.
    -good compromise by B&B deciding to allow Booth to take Christine to church.

    @BONESonFOX: Don’t you just love when Booth and Brennan reach a compromise? #OTP #bones
    Awwww. I wanted to see them make out a little more on the couch, but then Booth got goofy. But it was cute.

  4. “You and I, we’re bound to one another. You nurture me, you protect me.”
    — Temperance Brennan

    That quote by Brennan is right up there with my favorite “I love you and I am willing to do irrational things to prove it”

  5. This will be one of my favoriate episodes of the series. I watch the show when it airs and record it so I can go back and rewatch it and rewind if I want to see a scene over again. Brennan expressing her love for Booth with so much passion and conviction was so touching. Booth thought it was romantic and the kiss while driving was special. It”s been a while since Booth & Brennan chased a suspect down together I loved it. Booth telling Brennan to stay behind him he has the gun. The fight scene was great, Brennan helping Booth in many ways but hitting him with the lettuce & his reaction was priceless. B&B are the best couple on TV ever. Thank you’s go to DB & ED they are wonderful actors.

  6. I loved this episode a lot!

    Hodgins! I’ll steal him and never let him go 😛

    The car scene and T-Rex and the compromise! I’d be a one happy child going both to church and the Natural History Museum as I’m both religious and a science freak 😛 So jealous of Christine (but then again, my parents were quite the same as BB in this regard… giving me both religion and science)

    The new intern was okay. I’ll take Fisher or Daisy or Wendell any day tough. Heck, even Wells cracks me more. But it was nice to watch the women kinda droll over him and being flustered and Hodgins and Booth getting all-knowing/jealous. Plus it brought the car scene and I was sqeeing with happiness after watching it.

    Also to kitchen fight! It was hilarious. Partnership, the lettuce, the fight on knives and on …pans. And then Brennan’s: There is nothing more romantic than a guy who can pick his way through a kitchen (or something like that) 😉 LOVED IT.

    Lovely episode, looking forward to next weeks. Bones just rocks 🙂

  7. Wonderful episode-the car scene couldn’t have been more romantic; to see someone as guarded as Brennan admit just how vulnerable she really is was truly moving. Booth’s reaction was priceless as well. He went from gearing up for a possible argument he wasn’t going to like one bit to falling in love with his wife all over again. What might have been a cringe-inducing script with its reference to clownfish and anemones was one of the best moments of the series and an almost instant rewind scene.

    I think the new intern brought out some great reactions from the rest of the jeffersonian staff, especially Hodgins. And how great is that man and how confident in his flirty wife’s love that he treats the intern so kindly in the the end; gotta love Hodgins. All in all I’ll take the intern back, especially if he shaves.

    Nice, light episode with some really touching moments. Such a great year to be a Bones fan!

    • Loved this episode. The only thing that would have been better is if Booth met Dr Cuba………love when he gets all tough and “Boothy”. Love the sexy tough guy! The scene in the car was almost as great as their wedding vows!

      • I agree with your analysis of the car scene, but as always the entire episode was great! Emily and Dvid are superb actorsas is the entire cast!!!! Everything is so realistic!!!!!

  8. I thought it was really great as usual!!!!!

  9. I really liked this episode. It had some really good elements in it. Not so hot on the new intern hitting on all the Lab Ladies, but it did seem to fit with his character’s ego. It was funny watching Brennan interact with someone who was so like her. I never thought she was very much like the Wells intern, she’s too sweet for that, but this guy was pretty close. They were colleagues and really, I liked that they worked something out so that they could have a good working relationship.
    Loved Brennan’s speech in the car so much, her reassuring Booth that she valued their relationship more than anything the new intern could provide. I think everyone loved that part.
    In parting, my favorite, BRENNAN IN A POLICE UNIFORM! How did Booth make it through that without kissing her or telling her she looked hot- I’ll never know.

  10. the new intern was amazing! Hodgins was so sweet even though angela was almost somewhat hitting on him but i didn’t like how cold they made Brennan seem anyone who’s watched the whole series knows that Brennan is actually a very nice person and for her to do the car scene ( which was SOO ROMANTIC) it tells us that people underestimate her. but great episode! 🙂

  11. For “Carrot”:

    Booth being mad at Max for no parties for his wife…sweet 🙂
    • Hodgins being so excited over the growing plant lol
    • Awwww…Sweets never had a birthday party???? And Booth had them and got to see his dad
    sober? These guys…Island of Misfit Toys! Call GGW!!
    • Ewww…grossest skull ever??
    • Smart Sweets at the diner, not taking sides between B&B
    • “I agree with the crocodile!” -Brennan
    • Loving that Clark’s book is so bad but no one wants to tell him
    • How can Brennan be so unaware of birthdays as an anthropologist??
    • “You could’ve lived an honest life, Dad.” Thank you, Brennan, that’s what I always think about
    Max. It’s what makes me mad at him like Booth, thinking about his kids’ childhood.
    • Clark trying to bond with Brennan about being authors lol

    Adorable ending!

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