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The Carrot in the Kudzu: Post Episode Discussion


Sorry I’m late!

How did you like this episode?
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13 thoughts on “The Carrot in the Kudzu: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I squeeeed when I saw Max!
    “Well what do you want me to do? make a balloon animal for her now” LOL
    – I spotted Vincent’s picture in the lab.
    – Booth telling Sweets that even though his dad was a drunk he had a birthday party every year. Aww but poor Sweets never had a party either.
    – How sweet the convo between Max and Brennan while they were having coffee. But I couldn’t help but wonder what Max meant about “there are still people out there…” Could he be talking about Russ or was it more ominous?
    – Booth with his aviators on at the crime scene!
    – B and B and Christine playing tag at their birthday party. Max so happy.
    – Booth looked so cute as the one man band.
    – Christine is so cute also.
    – LOL, Clark and his book

    Brennan holding Christine –

  2. Carrot ep:

    Booth being mad at Max for no parties for his wife…sweet 🙂
    • Hodgins being so excited over the growing plant lol
    • Awwww…Sweets never had a birthday party???? And Booth had them and got to see his dad sober? These guys…Island of Misfit Toys! Call GGW!!
    • Ewww…grossest skull ever??
    • Smart Sweets at the diner, not taking sides between B&B
    • “I agree with the crocodile!” -Brennan
    • Loving that Clark’s book is so bad but no one wants to tell him
    • How can Brennan be so unaware of birthdays as an anthropologist??
    • “You could’ve lived an honest life, Dad.” Thank you, Brennan, that’s what I always think about Max. It’s what makes me mad at him like Booth, thinking about his kids’ childhood.
    • Clark trying to bond with Brennan about being authors lol

    Adorable ending!

    • I’m sure Brennan is well aware of birthdays but anything that harkens back to her childhood is bound to cause issues within her.

      • True, Mar. But I was thinking that if it was a personal Brennan thing, she might suggest that her daughter didn’t need a party…but the way she talked about them, made it suggest that she didn’t understand the general idea of anyone having a party. You know, it made me think of the diner scene where Sweets is telling her why we need to celebrate Christmas with children:
        “As adults we’re imbued by the pragmatic ruitines of life, which makes it difficult for us to regard anything with childlike wonder. But, you know, it’s alright for us to try. We put on silly hats, and drape trees with sparkly lights, and wrap gifts in garish paper, and that’s good for us. It’s not only alright for us to allow children the transient experience of innocence and joy, it’s our responsibility.”

        Did she forget that life lesson?

      • It wasn’t about Brennan though-it was about Christine. Is she going to disparage any new experience for Christine because it may bring up a painful childhood memory for her?

      • Well, its doubtful that she’s doing it purposely so I think that’s a little harsh. Childhood traumas are not easy to forget.

      • They explained it on the show with Sweets conversation with Booth. Brennan was sublimating her feelings about living the life of a fugitive with Max. Brennan was subconsciously minimizing the importance of Birthdays as a way of justifying what happened to her. Its a defence mechanism. In the same way that Booth was overemphasizing Birthdays because of his own childhood insecurities.

      • Usually parents want to give their child more than they had whether it’s a fancy bicycle or a birthday party or whatever. For Brennan to say I don’t understand why she needs a birthday party-“I never had one and I didn’t miss it” just seemed selfish to me. I also don’t think Booth was over-emphasizing it. He has good memories of his birthday and wants Christine to have those as well. It may be more important to him, but I don’t think he was going overboard-he was just excited to share the experience of a fun birthday party with his little girl and Brennan didn’t understand. Just like she didn’t understand his excitement about Christmas.

        I’m sorry Mar if you thought my assessment was harsh, but Brennan often falls back to those kinds of responses. If she didn’t have it or do it, then how could it possibly matter.

        I don’t think this episode was written well at all. The excuse for Brennan not having a birthday party was ridiculous. I don’t think the FBI had eyeballs on little girls having birthday parties. Brennan and her mom had their picture in the newspaper when Brennan won her science award, not to mention that Christine turned states evidence for the FBI twice (see Woman in Limbo) not to mention that Max was a public school science teacher.

  3. I thought the Bones episode tonight was very good. Great variety of things going on from Clark & his book to learning about kudzu. Murder with a twist in solving it and of course Christine’s party. Mom & Dad worked it out and Daddy in the “one man band” outfit was priceless. Really good episode.

  4. Of course, I loved it. But gosh darnit, I want Brennan to talk about her time in foster care with Max. I think that and only that would convey to him exactly how much he hurt his daughter when they left, and then I would be content with them never rehashing this issue again. However, they don’t and again, I am left wanting. Still, I really liked this episode.

  5. The episode was very enjoyable. The victims bodys are allways found in such weired conditions. The writers have very gross imaginations. How do they come up with these crimes? I’m amazed everytime. Booth & Brennan planning Christimes Birthday party together. They each come from different experiences. Brennan the educator, Booth the fun & games. I love all the episodes Max is in, this was no exception. Clark was so excited about his book had three copies already for Angela, Hodgins & Cams to read. Waiting anxiously to hear what they thought. Their were upset how could they tell Clark it was terrible “Oh what to do what to do”? When Clark told them he was going to be published their reaction was priceless. I loved the birthday party. I agree it was nice to see Brennan holding Christine. Booth as the One Man Band was so loveable. Christine chasing him and yelling daddy daddy was so sweet. It was fun to watch them play tag. Yes yes a very enjoyable episode. I will watch it again and again.

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