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The Turn in the Urn: Post Episode Discussion


Hello, hello!

How did you like this episode? What worked and what didn’t? The comments are open!




18 thoughts on “The Turn in the Urn: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Okay that wasn’t so bad. I was expecting a lots of angst and a shocker.

    – Booth saying “PLUS, she’s my wife”. Squeee!
    – Eek! Finn is on, hit the mute button. I don’t like his haircut.
    – I did actually feel bad for Finn at the end.
    – Loved Booth in the black leather jacket acting like the chalice was the Stanley Cup
    -I had to laugh at the mother saying Booth didn’t like her because her son slept with Booth’s wife. Sweets was like…WTH!!

    Well I wonder how Bones will do in the ratings this week since this was the finale to How I Met Your Mother.

    • The mother cracked me up her constant insinuations to Booth about Bones. Hodgins comment about Angie not being able to do reconstruction on the ashes was my favorite line of the night!

  2. • I like how a Booths character has that DB obsession with Philly sports 🙂
    • Brennan did look good!
    • Oh, good, “hillbilly” Finn ate at a fancy restaurant with fancy words lol
    • Angela’s magical machine. Sigh. She gets more brilliant each episode!!
    • Hodgins doing crazy experiments!! Yay! 🙂 Love him.
    • Whew, that little twerp Suspect threatened Booth?!?
    • Booth wanting Brennan to stop being “metric-y” haha very Boothy
    • Tornado in a trailer park?! Oh, Finn.
    • “School’s changed me?” Just say you found someone else. Ugh, Michelle.
    • Why did Brennan make them repeat all the tests but then tell him to look inside the bone. Seems like she, or other workers, should’ve though of that since the body was cremated.
    • Cam’s speech to Finn…what the heck makes Finn so great that he changed them for the better and all that???? His accent? 🙂
    • Booth “nice cup” but not the “Stanley Cup” hahaha
    • Eh, but Booth with the cup at the end was dumb.
    • Solid ep, overall.

  3. As usual I rally loved the episode! There were so many parts that I really liked that I can’t say which I liked bes!!!!!

  4. Solid. Nothing that outstanding to me though. I really loved that they were able to save the slaughters’ cup, that was neat.

  5. Another great BONES show. I was surprised at some of Booth’s behavior but it was fun to see him playful and ornery. Felt bad for Finn but he will move on I’m sure. The time goes by so fast it would be nice to have a 2 hour show now & then. Also, no romance between B&B in this episode. I’m sure it is not possible to do it all! I love BONES & look forward to the show every week.

    • He told her that she looked great in the beginning and then we had that nice scene between them at the diner where she looks at him with stars in her eyes and tells him he’s a good man. We also had that scene in their kitchen. They were playful and supportive of one another throughout the entire episode. It was nice seeing them just being good old fashion Booth and Brennan without any lingering (small) issues.

      • I concur! I think the ep had plenty good BB-ness; there is this comfortable, teasing, secure air about them, that make it nice and enjoyable to watch.

    • I do wish we’d see some more of those sly looks between them like they used to seasons 1-6 before they got together. Not as much I know because they are a great “real” couple, but my husband and I have been married 10 years and we still manage a “look” here and there like they used to 20 times an episode. But this episode was a lot of fun.

    • I agree…would like to see more “sizzle” between B&B.

  6. Really enjoyed that one; much stronger imo than the last two. And yup, check that one off my ‘wish list’: my wife. Sigh.
    Have never cared much for Finn; the way he speaks makes me cringe, but I thought the actor did a really nice job in the breakup scene.
    Felt there was a great deal of foreshadowing on this one-Booth’s anger at entitled people and then the victim’s threat to Booth about the FBI not liking how he’s wasting taxpayers’ money-and of course, Finn’s ‘you get to keep what you love the most.’
    I thought this one might have to do something with the Ghost Killer, but it obviously didn’t. However, I’m still confused as to why they made such a big deal about there being three victims in the urn when they only focused on the one. I’m wondering if any of that is supposed to carry over.
    Really enjoyed the scene where Brennan was looking at her hubby like a star-struck teenager. I can’t help but think it might tie into ‘keeping what you love the most.’
    Good, suspenseful episode and the “off” feeling I got from last week’s was totally gone in this one. Really looking forward to the return of Wendell.

    • I thought the other remains were in the urn because the crematory was faulty… so there was no reason to focus on them.
      I also never cared much for Finn, i think it was because there wasn’t much character development done for him. I think this episode introduces more character development for him than all the previous ones put together.

      To be honest I forgot about the Ghost Killer… that case kind of disappeared recently…

  7. loved the episode…but I´m always looking forward to see more romance between B & B, I never get bored of that for sure…
    I also liked (I don´t remember the exact line) when Booth counter answered “you can´t name any Flyer player can you?” It was nice to see how they handle their relationship, I love these two characters

  8. I loved the episode mostly because of Michelle/Finn scenes. They were great and not cringe-worthy. I was touched by them and felt bad for both Michelle and Finn. It definitely brought another dimension to their characters, Michelle is clearly a sensitive, emotional and good girl, and Finn has a big heart and puts other before him. I could see why Cam said he’s made both her and Michelle better persons. I also liked that Finn got a real-life lesson.

    As I mentioned above on the thread, I love BB casual, happy, teasing togetherness. They are comfortable with each other, secure in their relationship. It’s a pleasant watch. I’m also one of those who prefers subtle little BB touches on the episodes (intervened with the plot-line/case) than any overt romantic scenes. I love when we see them at home discussing stuff and teasing each other, or working as partners (at the Antique Collector’s home or at the Hoover Building), or when they share lunches. typing this I realized, I wouldn’t mind seeing them doing shopping/groceries together, bickering and all that 😉

    I loved Hodgins’ line about facial reconstruction 😀 and the little experiment he made using the stuff from their expositions XD he’s freakin’ awesome!

    I truly enjoyed this episode 🙂

  9. Well I’m finally caught up with Bones! Jeez. Can I get my Fan Membership Card back? Ghost Killer Cliffie for the finale?

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