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The High in the Low: Post Episode Discussion


Sorry I’m late! The comments are open–how did you like this episode?


28 thoughts on “The High in the Low: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I really liked this episode. The ending was just so awesome. Wendell, Booth and Brennan awesome!

    – Did Michael Terry Grant really shave his head for this episode?
    – Angela’s new 3-D program Theo, reminded me of the earlier seasons 3-D animator
    – Booth Practicing with his computer game at his desk, LOL
    – Could the Killer walk Free Because Wendell Was Using Marijuana As Cam Suggested?
    – I loved the Diner scene with Booth and Wendell. Very touching.
    – Booth doing his FBI testing was very hot. Booth +gun = hot
    -The end scene with B&B on the park bench sharing a glass of champagne and discussing the fact that they had “sex in Virginia” was just 🙂
    – Wendell is so lucky to have friends like B&B

    Brennan is so proud of Booth – es-920-look-at-her

    I am loving B&B’s relationship right now.

  2. Loved this one-the characters behaved exactly how I would want to see them act, save maybe for how hard Angela and Hodgins were on Cam. But even then I can understand the couple’s misplaced outrage, given the circumstances. This was one of those episodes where I could relate to everyone’s point of view, and it was particularly heart-wrenching to see Cam as the boss be forced to pick the integrity of the lab’s work (incredibly important) over someone she cares for. Ugh!

    The scene with Brennan and Booth at Wendell’s place caught me by surprise, I must say. When his doorbell rang, I was sure it was going to be Cam with some sort of reprieve. It was nice having B/B there, though, supporting their friend outside of work. And really nice to see that Booth has found such a good friend in one of the squints and that Brennan has become such a loving mentor. Gosh darn it, Wendell-don’t die!

    On a totally shallow note, really enjoyed the competency exam montage at the end. It’s nice to be reminded of how good Booth really is at his job (and how good he looks in black 🙂 More than that, though, we see how much Brennan’s opinion of him matters to Booth; how he always tries to do better because of her. To my mind, it mirrored the scene where he was compelled to quit gambling after their first kiss.

    And of course, the champagne toast couldn’t have been any sweeter-Brennan of course had no doubt that her guy would ace the test.

  3. Loved this episode!!!!! Enjoyed everything about it, which I have not been able to say in awhile. Booth taking the test at the end…… still my beating heart!!! The scene when they are at Wendalls, awesome. The scene on the park bench, absolutely adorable!!!! Here’s my fear. I also know David Boreanez was not going to leave after this season. He is supposedly willing to stay but I’m hoping that they are not cutting back his roll or something to keep him for season 10??? Any thought??

    • hey, I thought this site was supposed to be a spoiler-free zone. Could you delete that “I read on tv vine” part, please? I can’t un-see it, but it would spare others from being spoiled.

      • I sure can and I’m sorry it was just what was on the official bones page under preview! Would never offend anyone!!! So sorry!!!!!

      • Also, not a spoiler at all, just rumor, I have no knowledge of any upcoming happenings. I was just hoping for other peoples ideas of possible outcomes! I can’t seem to go in and erase. Was just hoping to hear other peoples theories.

  4. -thought the medical marijuana thing was a bit heavy handed
    -it also was heartbreaking to see Wendell so sick. I hope they give him that 20% recovery chance!!
    -I thought it was a good compromise with B&B because at first, it seemed like Brennan was not being supportive and even planting seeds of doubt in Booths brain that 90% isn’t good enough…but I liked that he took her advice and really did work hard and apply himself to higher standards!! And I loved that she had drinks ready because she had faith he’d do well. I love their relationship.
    -Another Angelatron?!?!? Oh dear!! Give that woman a Nobel prize for geniusness!!
    -Solid ep.

  5. Wendell! 🙂

  6. Loved the episode. It was so very poignant and Wendell’s cancer was handled so well. I am pleased they went all out to showcase the medical marijuana issue. It was timely, appropriate and perfect as a storyline. Wendell was pitch perfect. My heart went out to him, and he didn’t use melodrama as an indulgence. B & B played the episode so well. They are such a solid couple, it is a pleasure to watch them interact – with one another – and with the other players. Cam is always relegated to delivering the kill shot. I am so glad that in this case there was a viable option and Wendell gets to stay! I think Hodges is one of the finest supporting actors anywhere and is long overdue an emmy. Angela? Not so much.

  7. I thought it was great! and I loved it all!!!!!

  8. “Yeah, what was up with the Virginia comment, is this related to a case?!?!

    Lol, bb, apparently this is what they were referring to –


  9. I really liked the show a great deal. There were a lot of HIGHS & LOWS. The information was great re: medicinal marijuana and that there are options to consider. Booth who I believe was worried about his tests but denied it ended up doing very well. He learned that sometimes you may need to reconsider a situation and look for other options as he did for Wendell’s work. The murdered young woman was just trying to help others with her homegrown blend of pot. The young man that killed her threw away everything that he prized in his life. That, to me was the biggest low. Two young people’s lives were lost: one is dead the other in jail for a very long time I imagine. However, one other young bright person is going to be able to continue the work he loves and needs, and can use the drug as he deems necessary. I just love how the writer’s cover so much ground in 1 TV hour. Brennan is gradually evolving before us and it was evident to me that she cares a great deal for Wendall – just doesn’t show too much. Her words to him were more thoughtful & encouraging and I think she speaks volumes with her eyes!

  10. I really enjoyed this episode. Espeically all the B&B moments. The case was interesting. Had lots of supects, the weapon that killed the woman was really strange. The writers are very creative coming up with the gory body’s and the weapons that are used to kill the victims. Angela has another high tech computer to play with. It’s a bit of a stretch that she’s able to manipulate all the high tech equipment that no one else knows how to use. Where did all her knowledge com from? She started ou as an artist. I wish they would explain this sometime it just puzzle me.
    Wendell looks good bawled, he is dealing with his cancer very bravely. The story of him using Marijana was well done. Cam had such a hard time firing hm, Hodgins & Angela’s reaction was a bit harsh. It was so sweet when Booth and Brennan told him that Caroline found a way to keep him working at the lab and his own office to boot I cried. Wendell’s story is so heartbreaking. I hope they let him live.
    I loved all the interaction between B&B. B&B were investigating the case together as in past seasons they haven’t done that in a while, I liked it. I prefer Brennan over Sweets. Sweet needs to stick to profiling. The less I see of him the better I like it. Booth and Brennan bickering with each other was great. I hope we see more of it. Booth doing his FBI thing was nice he his such a good agent. He is candy to the eyes what a hunk. I loved B&B drinking champagne on the park bench celebrating Booth passing his compeetency test, a 97% no less. They are such a wonderfull couple.I Thank the writer he captured the chemistry of the show.
    I believe the Virgina sex comment came from the episode before this one I can’t remenber the name of it.

    • Actually, your disbelief in Angela’s talents is all too illustrative of the doubles standards and prejudices against women that are common too, basically, ALL cultures.

      How many times, in the real world, do we hear about male geeks who taught themselves everything that they know just by a combination of experimenting about and consulting online with other geeks?

      Didn’t Bill Gates drop out of Harvard because he and his in-group were too busy discovering and accomplishing great things on their own?

      But you doubt that a woman who was/is an artist might also be incredibly intelligent as well and she’d, like so many, many men in real world have, might combine her intelligence with her creativity to
      learn and discover wondrous things?

      Also, at the Gravedigger’s trial, Angela did testify that she had an associate’s degree in computer science as well as her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

      • This, all of this. Amen.

      • Ditto Mar.

      • Well said Quarterbreed.

      • I don’t wanna start a debate on here, but I guess you want one Quarterbreed with your accusations. First of all, I’m a female. Second of all, I don’t hate on Cam, Brennan, Caroline, Daisy, or any other female character. Please don’t belittle my intelligence by accusing me of gender discrimination. I base my comments on the fact that they started her out as an artist. Brennan, to be technical, is the one who usually is putting down Angela’s abilities. Somewhere down the line they wanted Angela to be more believable so they added her degree in there during the trial. I don’t think it has ONE THING to do with her gender to giggle a little at her skill set so quickly expanding in the show. Had she started out as a computer expert, none of us would have batted an eye.

        I apologize for the rant, but honestly, being accused of gender discrimination really bothers me.

      • Really out of line to attack BB this way…geez. It’s just a tv show people!

    • I mean “Jo”, not BB.

    • Jo, agree with your comments re: Angela!

  11. My feelings exactly, bb. The writers obviously felt like they needed to shore up Angela’s qualifications to fill out her role-not uncommon as a show develops; look at Sweets. My daughter and I both do a polite eyeroll at the many weird things she’s come up with, and I guarantee you we would do the same were her character a dude. We just accept that it’s just part and parcel of the storytelling process, and one of many, many times we have to suspend belief in order to enjoy the show. No biggie either way, and no need to get upset when things occasionally get called out as being kind of funny or outlandish in the comments.

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