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The Cold in the Case: Post Episode Discussion


Hi All,
How did you like this episode—and what about that ending, hmmm? I know if people are subscribing to this blog, they may see this email before they have seen the episode, so I won’t really comment on it, except to say…INTERESTING! But in a good way!


The comments are open, and as a reminder—no spoilers!







27 thoughts on “The Cold in the Case: Post Episode Discussion

  1. OMG!
    I watched the end scene numerous times. I have a bad feeling about this. Booth was so upset, there were tears in his eyes. He did not seem too sure that he would not have to do anything he didn’t want to. Chills.

    – Why can’t we see B&B in bed kissing like the opening scene with Cam and Arastoo? Is that too much to ask? And Booth with his shirt off also!
    – I loved the diner scene and the look on Booth’s when Brennan said to him “I feel the same way”. And Booth smiling and saying to her “because were partners”
    – LOL the dinner scene with Arastoo’s parents had me laughing. His mother was funny saying “you have somewhere else to go?” And then a big argument erupted . As they’re leaving Cam says “it was nice to meet you.” LOL
    – I like Arastoo’s mom, especially that last seen in Cams apartment.
    – As I said the end scene with B&B was chilling to me. Booth was very upset and when Brennan told him he did not have to do anything he went to Booth thought about it and eventually said in an unconvincing manner “right”

    Great episode! 🙂

    • Agree about seeing others in bed but not B&B….at this point it’s just getting ridiculous! Are they holding out on that scene for the series finale???

      I agree that the end scene was disturbing. Booth looked close to tears and he seems to know, or suspect, something Brennan does not. I just hope that this season doesn’t end with B&B apart again.

  2. • Camastoo….ughhh still not a fan..I jus don’t “feel” it
    • Hodgins “helping” by reminding Cam his in law kidnapped and tattooed him…lol
    • B&B in the diner…so cute!!
    • Sweets telling Booth about the FBI director is uncool..don’t think he should do that…right?
    • I liked how his mom called Arastoo a hothead…he is! Glad she also complimented him too.
    • Booth’s gut is something that should not be ignored. Spooky ending!

    • Glad I’m not the only one not getting Camastoo. Just not a believable couple to me. Did like his parents though! 🙂

  3. Gif of the end scene. The pain on Booth face is evident –

    I won’t do it. Now I have a new life. I have a family. a-new-life-i-have-a

    They could possibly be looking at Booth’s files to frame him or offer him this promotion to get rid of him. If Booth refuses this I think he realizes it could be the end of his career with the FBI. Maybe that is where Danny Beck and the CIA will come in next season?

  4. I can’t get over Booth’s expression at the end….*shivers*

  5. Really enjoyed that one, and loved the end. Throughout the episode, DB did a great job making us feel that something about the Deputy Director’s sudden interest in him was ‘off,’ without giving too much away. I kept wondering why he wasn’t more cocky or excited about a possible promotion, but that end scene brought it all together. The military references really spooked him-I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look quite that afraid before. Next week’s episode and the finale promise to be great! And the best part, looks like whatever terrible thing B/B will be facing, they will at least be facing it together for a change. Fingers crossed!

    • Yeah, good point Mariu, nicely done by DB..something was off…but we don’t really know what. Just the right amount of “uh-oh” 🙂

    • Agh. Email. Sheesh.

    • Brennan was so proud of him and so supportive, it made me a little sad that he couldn’t enjoy it. His gut is telling him something is off and she trusts his gut. She knows how much he struggles with his past and will stand beside him whatever decision he has to make. This is shaping up to be quite interesting.

      • I liked Brennan’s “Christine will be bilingual” and naming all the benefits,of the trip. She’s happy now, no matter where she is, if she has her family! 🙂

  6. Yay! Booth called Brennan his ‘partner’ to other people again, not just his ‘associate’.
    Wait, there was a plot? Oh right, the freezing death we got wAAyyy before the squints. Not much of a case in my opinion, but then there was so much else going on, I didn’t mind.
    I love the actress they got to play Arastoo’s mother. Seen her in other things and that woman never ceases to floor me. She’s one of my favorite.
    Ominous ending. Agreed.
    Overall, not bad, not bad.

  7. I love the end scene. So much support from Brennan. She can follow him to anywhere. She loves Booth and her family.

    Do you think this promotion thing related to the Ghost killer? Someone really don’t want them to stay. Some higher power is behind.

  8. Just not getting the Cam and Arastoo relationship. The opening scene should have made me feel like they were a real couple, but it didn’t. Just no chemistry there for me. Loved his mom though. Agree with the others that I’ve seen the actress in other things and she is always great!

    The end scene spooked me as much as it did Booth. Not quite sure where they are going with this, but so very thankful that as opposed to the end of the past 2 seasons, this time, Booth and Brennan are going to handle it together!

    • Cam and Arastoo don’t do a single thing for me either. I just don’t get anything from them and it feels a bit hypocritical that Cam is so strict about the rules, yet she sleeps with her employee just fine. Also, I really miss Tamara’s longer hair heh…unrelated I know.

  9. During the B&B scene in his truck when Brennan said that she and Christine would go to Germany with him, Booth seemed surprised that she would uproot and leave her work there in DC. Why did he assume she wouldn’t want to relocate? Why wouldn’t Booth have asked for her opinion IF he was promoted but had to relocate? Wouldn’t a married couple discuss such a big change?
    Also, the last scene at the diner when Brennan told Booth “you can do whatever you want”, Booth was hesitant and unsure when he replied “Right”. What’s up with that? Is he worried that his feelings of duty to his country and the FBI will guilt him into something he doesn’t want to do?

    • I believe Booth has always been beset by feelings of low self-worth when it comes to personal relationships; both his parents left, and up until Brennan changed her mind, the women he was with weren’t interested in having a long-term relationship with the guy. Can’t fault him for wondering if maybe he isn’t the problem, that maybe he’s too much for people to handle. Case in point: he does stuff for others, yet is very reluctant to reach out when he’s the one in need, as if that would be asking too much of them.

      Because of his history, I feel like there’s still an element of uncertainty with him when it comes to Brennan, even after all this time. That’s why she still goes out of her way to let him know how special he is, and why she felt the need to clarify her stance on monogamy. Should he still be looking for all that reassurance now that they’re married? Rationally not-we all know that-but people’s insecurities often go deep down and are hard to eradicate. The fact that he has them is actually very consistent with his character. I’m glad that Brennan is always there, beefing up his confidence, just like he’s always there telling her that she has a big heart.

      As to the diner scene, Booth seems afraid that the FBI will look at his record and make certain assumptions about what he’s willing to do in the future; I almost got the sense that he really doesn’t want anybody looking at that stuff too closely. In fact, he’s made several comments this season and last about the questionable things people have had to do in a war, which I suspect will come into play in the finale. Maybe it’ll be “move up or move out” pressure, downright blackmail, or a trumped-up charge, but it seems like everything so far is pointing to him being drummed out of his office by the end of the season.

      • You said … I feel like there’s still an element of uncertainty with him when it comes to Brennan, even after all this time. That’s why she still goes out of her way to let him know how special he is,….
        That would certainly explain the first diner scene when B&B are sitting at the counter. Booth said something like the asst director can’t get along without him, then Brennan said I agree (or some such words). Booth appeared so pleased to hear her said this, he smiled at her and sat up straighter like he just got the greatest compliment.

        Also, ” downright blackmail, or a trumped-up charge” certainly sounds foreboding…I think I read somewhere that Booth was going to be shaken up by something or someone at the FBI.

      • Wow! This is a very good analysis of Booth’s character. It provides me with a good context whenever I am stumped by Booth’s reactions, decisions, etc. Thank you 🙂 mariu!

    • Em, I agree with you about the B&B truck scene. Picking up and moving to another country for your job is something you definitely discuss with your spouse! Actually, I don’t really know what was being implied there…was it that Booth would move to Germany without Brennan and Christine, or was it that he would just turn down the opportunity without discussing it with her and giving her a chance to say she’d go?

      I like Mariu100’s point about the element of uncertainty with Booth when it comes to Brennan, and it’s kind of sad. Sad that he hasn’t really had anyone love him the way she does…sometimes it’s like he cannot believe it’s true!

      • I think he was clear that he wouldn’t leave Brennan and Christine, he said as much in the diner. So, I believe the implication was that he would just flat out turn down the opportunity because among other things he wouldn’t ask her to leave her job to follow him.

      • Missmarple, I’m not sure he ever intended to go to Germany, because of whatever he is suspicious of in the FBI. Not that he’s hiding a big decision from Brennan, but that he knows something is up, and he’s not going to let them send him away to Germany. That’s the vibe I got anyway. That’s why he was downplaying the director thing to Sweets too.

  10. Maybe, the ghost killer is connected to the f.b.i. and they need to get Booth and Brennan out before they are discovered? I trust Booths gut too! Something is up.

  11. Cinders, I agree with you. Booth’s gut has servered him well. I have a bad feeling, TPTB have hinted that season 10 will have big change’s for B&B. They have said that the team will still be together but they will be working together in a different way. What that means scares me. I think back to season 6 and Hannah tbig mistake., that was a game changer resulting in painfull agony. I have all seasons of Bones on CD’s and watch them over and over except any episode with Hannah in it. It was painfull enough to watch them the first time. It makes me nervous any time I read or hear them say things will change. I have to hope they change things in a good way.

  12. I agree with you Jo, It makes me nervous as well. I try really hard to block out the first half of season 6 all though not successfully it still bugs me!

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