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The Nail in the Coffin: Post Episode Discussion


Oohlala, what did you think of this episode?

It’s hard to believe we are winding down this season! I know it’s tough not to speculate on what will happen next, but please refrain from any spoilers in your comments. But I know it is tough!


The comments are open! 🙂


15 thoughts on “The Nail in the Coffin: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Thoughts as I watched:
    • “Use additional paper if necessary” of course Brennan would 🙂
    • Bones and Cam power struggle…reminds me of the old days
    • Why is Caroline at the crime scene? But yay glad to see her!
    • Why should Cam use Edison? She made him the non-crime anthropologist of the Jeffersonian, so she should use Brennan
    • “You want a breath mint?” Lol Sweets
    • The gluing of the nails on the body is making me think of Gormogon and his teeth collection
    • Hmmm….a light ending, but there’s more ahead!!

  2. I thought it was a great episode overall. It was very fast paced with lots of stuff to absorb. The mystery was excellent.
    I had totally thought the Ghost Killer was the gardener before watching but as soon it was the first suspect I realized it wasn’t likely. Stephanie McNamara was my other suspect when I first watched tGitK so at least I wasn’t totally off 🙂

    Of course Brennan would write a dissertation on Booth’s comportment 🙂 I loved that Booth supported her at the crime scene. Cam was out of line to exclude Brennan from the case. Its fine if she wanted to Clark in as well but to not let Brennan come to the crime scene was uncalled for. I had hoped she would apologize but I will settle for the fact that she conceded to Brennan that the murder weapon was more important than wasting time on the tissue.

    Thought we would see more of a reaction from Hodgins considering he knew Stephanie well. That had to be shocking for him

    Didn’t understand why Booth is okay with the promotion compared to last week?

    The end scene was sweet.

  3. Liked. I kinda knew the serial killer was the dead girl all along, but I definitely wasn’t expected the nasty nail-thing. Gosh I can’t even imagine what kinds of things being locked up in that, clawing to get out, would warp a child into though. The fact she could kill so expertly and so long without getting caught showed high intelligence. I felt sorry for her, but then again, I think we were kinda supposed to.

  4. I am still a bit confused by this promotion for Booth. Was the Germany thing just a possibility? Because last week it didn’t look like he really wanted that promotion if it meant that. But this week the promotion is all a good thing. What did I miss?

    Overall, thought the episode was a good one. Though I have a feeling we are far from done with the Ghost Killer!

  5. Best I can come up with in terms of the promotion is that Brennan and maybe Booth’s superiors have said enough stuff to him to put some of his fears to rest and make him more comfortable with the change, at least temporarily. I can’t imagine that’s the end of things, though.

    What’s interesting to me is that they’re devoting so much time to showing all that Brennan is doing to get her hubby some well-deserved recognition. It wonderful to see how much she loves him and just how highly she values his abilities, but I wonder if all this attention on him isn’t going to come back to haunt them both.

    Very solid, satisfying outing, btw. Lighter on the personal stuff, but I found the case gripping and well laid out. Creepy, creepy story, though. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this arc.

    • Wow, that be such a kick in the gut for her. I can see that. Also, this is just the tip of the iceberg with this killer. I wonder if Pelant knew about all the cover up and planted the seed in Brennan’s head just to get her to follow up on it knowing full well that she would end up uncovering a lot of other nasty stuff, even some dirty things about the FBI. He was all about exposing the feds in his first episode.

  6. This is a lovely eposide. So much details. It shows how much Booth and Brennan support each other. They are so attached. Hopefully they can keep their relationship forever, don’t try to screw them.

    Pelant first case was related with dirty FBI. Ghost killer also related to dirty FBI. I do think Pelant know about that and lead Brennan to find out Ghost killer than the secert behind.

    Can’t wait to see the finale.

  7. Well, everything moved rather quickly for me so I will watch it again. The Booth-Brennan support system was alive and well. and I love that! I didn’t care for the clash between Cam & Brennan which was unnecessary. To borrow from another reviewer here, Clark is not the crime specialist Brennan is. I think Cam should have followed normal protocol. If there was a question about Bren touching anything they could have all discussed it. Doing it this way just irritated me immensely. No apology from Cam was not good.

    Moving on, I was amazed that this took us back to the MacNamaras – WOW! Very interesting twist and it is just too bad there wasn’t time to delve into the Mac family background & genealogy. Of course, Jack provided an abbreviation but admitted he didn’t know a lot about them. I say, wealthy dysfunctional just screams for for more digging into the past.
    I’m not sure the Ghost Killer is done with the books closed on it.

    Did I miss something with the FBI and the mole cover-up? I might catch it 2nd time around but it went right past me if it was discussed.

    I, like many, enjoyed the numerous additional pages Brennan wrote for her sweet hubby’s FBI forms. I think the whole promotion is very vague and I am ok with that!

    Overall another great show and now we are on to devouring ang tidbits we are thrown for next week.

  8. Anyone wonder whether we’ll find out Cam’s involved in the current FBI cover up? She was quick to label the 1st McNamara death a suicide; she tried to keep Brennan – the most qualified anthropologist – off the ghost killer case; we know she’s having major money troubles due to her stolen identity which could make her susceptible to a payoff; and she’s done some sneaky things in the past, like forging Michelle’s college application.

    • You think Cam could be involved with the FBI cover up, that would be a twist I wouldn’t see coming. I don’t think she’s involve with the cover up I think the writers are setting this up for the finale where Booth and Brennan are left out in the cold I mean they did leave things unresolved between Brennan and Cam I think that did that for a reason.

      • I imagine they’re drawing battle lines for the characters; Cam is now clearly on the side of going strictly by the book, while most of the interns will probably be forced to follow her lead at some point. Booth is obviously in Brennan’s corner, even as he too seems to be alienating his boss over the Ghost Killer case. This story has lots and lots of potential, folks; I’m confident the writers will deliver.

  9. It looks like the ghost killer case is closed. Do we ever know who send the ghost killer’s victim to Brennan house? Is it from the School teacher or someone else? Do we ever got an answer

    • It was never confirmed but I got the impression it was supposed to be Trent. For some reason, when Trent came back into town after his father’s death he dug up the body and sent it to Brennan. That’s the hypothesis that Hodgins came up with at the end of the Ghost in the Killer because the same pollen was found on Trent and the box with the remains (but Cam didn’t believe him).

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