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The Drama in the Queen: Post Episode Discussion


The comments are open—how did you like this episode?


We’ve only got one week until the finale! No spoilers please!


13 thoughts on “The Drama in the Queen: Post Episode Discussion

  1. • Sweets as Booth? Nah, I prefer him in psychology…but Booth (I mean, David) has a finale to direct so I’ll try to make peace with it 🙂
    • Haha Sweets’ serious face as he leaves the body…he’s always gonna be the baby duck to me
    • The intern saying “dude” is already annoying me!
    • “Madam’s Apple” I see what they did there!
    • Hodgins “what is it with Sweets and the interns?” My thoughts exactly!
    • Cam lecturing her staff on propriety in the workplace?!?! Pah-leeze!
    • Sweets ordering Hodgins in the pool is weird…
    • the PROMOOOOOO!!! What a finale this will be!!!

    • I’m in total agreement with you, bb, regarding Cam’s lecture about impropriety etc. She is one of the least consistent character on BONES. She is the one always threatening others and she twists the rules for herself & that disappointing boyfriend of hers. I have nothing against Tamara – just her character, Cam- who I have NO use for. Bring back Dr Goodman!! Loved that man!! That’s my rant on Cam, for now.

  2. Thought it was a decent episode, and particularly enjoyed the interactions with the performers at the club. But the intern? Probably my least favorite of them all as of now. Too smiley and overly-familiar, and the chemistry with Sweets felt kind of forced. I guess the writers had to push things along on that front, though, considering they were going to show her and Sweets sleeping together at the end. Not feeling it, but I suppose I can give it a chance; Daisy really grew on me after a while. And the promo? Did *not* expect that at all. Wow-long summer ahead, folks!

  3. I like the intern better than Wells. That’s as much as I can say and that’s not saying much. The episode itself seemed solid enough though.

  4. Sweets and the new intern just remind me Sweets and Daisy. No different. Can they find a better one for Sweets.
    The Promo make me worry, don’t make anything bad to B and B.

  5. Cam is beyond a hypocrite. She’s dating an intern who technically reports to her and she wants to talk about inappropriate?? Oy! They are not doing that character any favors. And speaking of new interns, did NOT like the new one. God grief, even Daisy would be better than this one. Why do they always find the annoying ones for Sweets?

    The case was solid, but nothing that really stood out. I missed seeing Booth on the case, but the few scenes we did get of him and Brennan were good. Now for the preview for the finale….wow! I held my breath the entire time so can’t imagine what the whole episode will be like. Hearing the interviews with David and Emily, I have my suspicions where they are headed with this so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. It’s going to be a long summer waiting for Season 10!

    • I can’t imagine that people who dislike Daisy will be satisfied with this intern! She was an obnoxious mix of Dr. Wells and Daisy, squished into one person. Who called everyone “dude”. So weird. And it looks like they will follow the old Sweets/Daisy pattern of basing their relationship on frequent hookups, probably also at work! While I found Daisy endearing, I just find the new gal annoying. Curious… did anyone here like her?

      I’m still hoping that Daisy is able to come back as the show wraps up and reconnect with Sweets. I think the two of them, having grown and become more mature, could be a really good couple. I thought they seemed to really love each other, and I think it would be nice to let them find that happiness again. But that may be just me! 🙂

  6. not really my favorite episode… I didn´t like the new intern as well, she seemed too unreal. I don´t know what is going to be the end of this season but they have been give us some tips with Booth about to get a promotion or something like that, but I don´t expect such a shock ending for some reason. I also started to not like Cam, her character that is, for some reason it´s not well constructed as Marge says. I just hope that they go back to the basics, the series is the about the relationship between Brennan and Booth, and they kind of let that out by trying to work on the other characters, it´s like the essence of Bones is staring to fade out…

  7. I liked when Booth and Brennan would go to Sweets in his office to talk about their working relationship and sometimes get a profile from him, but he rarely went out in the field. It’s making me nervous that they’re having him in the field more this season. It makes me think they’re preping him to be in the field more next season maybe because Booth can’t be in the field for whatever reason(whether he loses his job or gets hurt too badly to work in the field or whatever).

  8. This epi was just ok. I have a love/hate thing for the one before DB directs – I miss him in the epi but know there is much goodness to come!

    – didn’t make sense to me that they would have Sweets as the lead – he is a psychologist for Pete’s sake-would think they would put an actual agent on the case like Shaw….
    – sooooooooo don’t like the new intern – even Wells, who is pretty obnoxious, is a sympathetic character when you find out he has no friends. They did no favors for this girl by not giving us anything to like!
    -turned it off before the promo – going to be spoiler free!!!!

    Can’t wait for next Monday!

  9. I like the new intern. She has some of Daisy qualities- bubbly, smart, excitable, and lustful- but she’s different. She’s her own person who isn’t trying to be Dr Brennen 2.0. She’s not looking for validation. She doesn’t hold her tongue when she feels disrespected. I felt she kind of lighten Sweets up.

    But that’s just me…..

  10. I do not like the new intern. Brennan’s reaction towards her surprised me, she really has mellowed out. I can take Sweets in small dose’s. He need’s to stay out of the field and stick to profiling. Please do not end an episode with him alone or with someone. I look forward to the end scene with Booth & Brennan. Wow that promo made me nervous.

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