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The Recluse in the Recliner: Post Episode Discussion


Hello, hello!

What a finale, right?  What did you think? The comments are open, so speak your mind!

And thanks to each person who comes around to BT to discuss the episodes each week. It’s been a great season!




62 thoughts on “The Recluse in the Recliner: Post Episode Discussion

  1. That was intense as all h3ll!!! What in the world is going on? So much that I have no theories!

  2. The battle scenes were amazing. Kudos to David both as director and actor.

  3. What do people think about Stark? Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

    • Gotta be in on it! Booth killed 3 FBI agents?! Say what now? GFOHWTBS

    • I’m hoping for him being on BB’s side, but having his hands tied as of now. I can see the Delta Forces sent to BB’s Home being also FBI, just in the possible event of Booth overpowering them and killing them, so they have another possible way to get rid of him. I think that if Stark is not on BB’s side, it will be near to impossible to make this conspiracy straightened.

  4. I wonder if this will get resolved quickly or slowly.

    • Hopefully quickly because I hate drawn out story lines. They were already close to figuring it out.

      • Same here, I think that might be the reason why I dislike Pelant storyline so much, it was WAY to much drawn out. So I hope this will be resolved relatively quickly.

  5. of course the men that came to kill him were FBI agents! They are part of the FBI conspiracy. But there’s no way they can say they were coming to arrest him because they blew in his doors and came in full body gear which they don’t do to arrest people. I can’t decide whether Stark is good or not…I get a vibe that he’s not.

  6. That’s the most intense action sequence I’ve seen on tv in a long time-maybe ever. How great that we got to see not only Booth but Brennan kicking butt. Excellent episode; DB truly is a great director. Really well paced and suspenseful, although the ending killed me-are they arresting Brennan too as an accessory?

    And still no clue as to whether Stark is in on it or not-kind of think not, because that would almost be too obvious and assuming he’s back next season, the team could benefit from having someone on the inside that could help them out.

    And although summer is the best, the hiatuses always suck.

    • Agree with you on all that, Mariu. Amazing action packed episode. I couldn’t relax the entire hour. Well done, DB…and ED at the end broke my heart. Gosh, they are good!

  7. I’ll never make it through the summer!!! O my gosh, so intense!!! WOW!!!!! Fantastic and emotional finale!!!!!

  8. That was a FANTASTIC hour of television I’m emotional wreck after tonight’s finale. I don’t think I’m going to make it through the summer. WOW! David did another great job at directing!

    • Summer is always a challenge Bones-wise, so I will have to make a chain with paper links to pull off each day to count down until they return in September. That’s what I have been doing since I was a kid for things that I can’t wait to have happen. This summer may also be kind of bittersweet because it is likely to be the last season premiere to look forward to. Or, maybe not. We’ll see. The one thing that is certain in the Bones world is that you never know exactly what is going to happen, especially in September.

      • I was just thinking before i read you comment, that with such a finale of season nine, we might actually get season eleven 🙂 it was such a great piece of television. but we’ll see. Now it’s time to find a way ‘how to survive Bones Summer Hiatus’….

  9. What’s gonna happen to Christine and Parker? Will Christine be cursed to live the life Temperance has? No parents. Are we to assume that it’s within the realm of possibility that Booth and/or Bones die before the end of the series???

    Major KUDOS to David Boreanaz for his amazing vision w/script and director!!!

    • Christine has a grandpa. Maybe Brennan did or didn’t, but Christine does and she also has a grandma, so she’ll be ok.

      • Christine also has Angela and Hodgins, and Russ and Cam and Sweets. All of them would take the very best of care of her if both Brennan and Booth can’t be there.

      • My bet is that Christine will be with Hodgins and Angela if both BB are long term arrested. Max is a great choice too, if only for his ability to go off radar and protect his granddaughter. the only problem might be his age…

  10. Here’s something fun to contemplate: how will Max help his son-in-law?

    • the only way he knows how: assassin the assassins 😛

      but seriously, I think he might have some interesting connections being able to provide new information

  11. Thoughts as i watched:

    I do NOT like seeing Booth with so much blood and his arm falling off the table…waaahhhhh
    • Love supportive Brennan learning German to help her husband if he gets the promotion
    • Fierce Booth hiding stuff from the Deputy Director….intense!!
    • Such an intense episode…and I notice Cam is wearing pants! Lol
    • I love how Booth holds out his hand before the hearing and Brennan just takes it…and then walking hand-in-hand together
    • I want to punch that Congressman. Oh my gosh. I’m shaking. That was LOW
    • Booth packing up his office WAHHHHH
    • I wish Brennan hadn’t said “I hate you” even if she was thinking it and not really meaning it. Not what poor Booth needs to hear then!
    • Trap-setting Booth is so fierce and kinda hot (am I a terrible person?)
    • I was wondering why Angela hadn’t been stopped yet, nice tie in they did with her having Pelant protection
    • The poor Mighty Hut!!!!
    • Brennan is fierce!! Both of them are stronger together!
    • I hope there is security at this hospital!!!! LOTS of it…I hope all the team is safe!
    • I love Brennan running to him…but OH MY GOSH THE END!!!

    • About the scene with Booth all bloody on the gurney: it’s sort of fun to think about David switching between directing and being unconscious and bloody on the gurney. Does he sit up and tell people stuff, and then lie down and call “Action!”?

    • • Such an intense episode…and I notice Cam is wearing pants! Lol
      Lol, she did? did not notice at all

      • I wish Brennan hadn’t said “I hate you” even if she was thinking it and not really meaning it. Not what poor Booth needs to hear then!
      I actually like that she said it. It shows not only how upset she was, but also that she feels secure enough to express her intense negative emotions to him, and he understood. I liked the scene a lot.

      • Trap-setting Booth is so fierce and kinda hot (am I a terrible person?)
      Then it’s you and me both! I couldn’t stop myself from noticing it either.

      • The poor Mighty Hut!!!!
      That’s what I’ve been thinking throught the whole preparation scene nd then the shooting one. The poor Might Hut, indeed!

      • I hope there is security at this hospital!!!! LOTS of it…I hope all the team is safe!
      The irony of this sentence just cracked me up. Oh, the hospital has security all right, just not the one we were all hoping for…

      • You’re not a terribly person. There is nothing like action figure Booth in his bullet proof vest and all that fire power. I LOVE when David runs around with the pump action rifle. Thank goodness, they’ve turned the AC on in my building.

    • Wow I experienced many of the things you said! and yes I noticed Cam wearing pants too!! 😀
      Loved the walk in hands scene, just to remind us of such a strong couple they are when they are together and how much the need each other…
      The court scene was hard to see. I wanted that Congressman to dissappear so much; the scene was so intense and David was excellent as an actor there… and of course directed the scene very well…
      The “I hate you” part was necessary although very painful, I felt my heart breaking at that moment, but then Booth´s reaction made it feel better, again SO INTENSE!
      Anyway I had complained before because last episode was a little bit boring, don´t get me wrong I love that the show is very clever and I really love all the scientific stuff, but sometimes to be able to see big action scenes definetely makes it better.
      My thought at the end of this episode was, this was exactly what the show was starting to miss, the intensity of scenes! and it came to my mind that if the shows continues in Season 10 the same way as this final episode did (intensity and action scenes), it´s going to move into a very different direction and trigger it again, maybe Season 11? I don´t know.
      I hate the idea of having a Final season, I wish we could have Bones forever, but all good things have to come to an end someday (the later the better :D) I just hope that we will be able to see Emily and David doing more stuff on their own, I wouldn´t want them to be those actors that feature in articles that start with “What has been of….”
      Anyway counting the days for next Season, for you all american viewers is the summer, but for me in this part of the world (South America) is the winter 😀

    • Thanks for the pix, bb.

  12. Whoa! That. Was. Awesome! I’ve been wanting them to put in a little more action scenes, because I love to see Booth and especially Brennan kicking butt. That was intense and incredible, and they wove the pieces of the story together so well. I can’t wait to see how they get Booth out of this mess. And I wonder if they’ll revisit whether Brennan was hurt at all? Will she get treated while she’s being questioned?
    Gosh. For the first time in a long time, a show’s season finale has left me nothing but excited for the next season. Way to go Bones!

  13. I just finished and I’m typing my first impressions, I’ll read the comments later.

    holy sh*t, holy sh*t holy sh*t. are they f*cking kidding me? what the finale was that? the worst cliffie EVER!

    just kidding, I liked it a lot, the finale was engaging and pulse increasing, and fast paced and a piece of great TV. all the actors did a marvelous job, DB is a great director I love the angles he take with the cameras, f e, the opening of the scene at the crime place with him coming out of the car and the low camera position.

    Also Fisher. Seriously, I love Fisher and him being included in a finale… oh my, they just made my day. He’s awesome. How he thought about the possible remains of the killers between the teeth of the victim.

    Hodgins and he conspiracies! and Angela’s backing up program in case of hacking attack! And Angela looked LOVELY in that yellow dress!

    Caroline and mentions of Max and a little glimpse of Christine.

    And the confrontation at BB’s house… the preparation. II find Booth stoking all the guns and even the explosive materials very in character. Everything to keep his family safe. That was truly an awesome sequence. Also did anyone else thought that Booth had memorized the plan how the turn their home int a fortress with the C4 and positioning if guns? And the shooting… boy it was heart-stopping and I’m still on adrenaline from watching that scene… And Brennan to the rescue. It was awesome how she handled the gun. But when Booth stopped moving it wrenched my heart, even though we knew he survived at least the shooting (I’m immensely grateful for the opener. I don’t think I’d survive the shooting scene without knowing Booth is alive…)

    Finally, the ending scene. I have to say, I was moved to tears by Bren and the Co when they waited for any word on Booth. and then the surprising ending. Booth handcuffed, Bren arrested. And those were FBI agents? I hope the Assistant Director will be on BB’s side, but as of now has only his hands tied.

    I still can’t believe they ended it with such a cliffhanger!

    But still to me this was a WAY better storyline than anything with Pelant.

  14. Wow , this is a very good one. It shows how solid the relationship between B&B, no matter what happens, they always back each other up. A great storyline for next season. This is the best episode for all the seasons. Hopefully, they do not make season 10 to be the last season. With this new storyline, they can expand a lot.

  15. Can’t really add much to what you’ve all already said. That was one of the most intense hours of television I have ever seen and one of the best episodes of Bones ever. All of the actors were on top of their game last night, but I’m partial to David and Emily. Wow, their scenes had me in tears. They make you feel emotion unlike few other actors I’ve seen on television. Then the final action sequence I was literally holding my breath. DB has an amazing career as a director if he ever decided to go that route full-time. Of course, I hope that is a LONG time down the road.

    And on a completely shallow note, Booth was looking some kind of hot in that blue suit at the subcommittee hearing. 🙂

  16. “And those were FBI agents? I hope the Assistant Director will be on BB’s side, but as of now has only his hands tied.”

    They were Delta Force guys. And I do not trust the Assistant Director, Stark. He is in on the conspiracy. He is the one who recomended Booth for the bogus promotion in the first place.

    One of my questions is why did Booth tell the Senator in the car that he had all the goods on him and was going to release that information. He pretty much sealed his fate doing that. Why not keep it to himself??? I need to watch episode again when my heart can take it.

    Great Episode!! Best finale!!

    • he did it to bait the Senator into calling the blackmailer/conspiracy-boss in order to force them to confront him (in the Mighty Hut) Booth told Bren this when he was preparing for the confrontation. just at the beginning.

      About Stark, I think he’s waaaay to obvious at the moment. Kinda like Flynn was during Pelant storyline. Stark could have been set up with the promotion (the Senator could have mentioned aka heavily suggested Booth for the promotion). I think at first they tried to get Booth away from the USA and the investigation, because he was a too good agent to be rid of just like that, but with the Montamara (however they are spelled) investigation and this episode, it become clear he’s WAAY too close to the truth and they need to silence him either by slander or death.

      Also, couldn’t the Delta Force be also FBI? (like Booth is a Ranger, even if not active, and and Agent too?) Wouldn’t it add another way out of getting rid of Booth, in case he overpowered the men sent his way? (which was a strong possibility considering his Army and Agency history and did actually happen). Just thinking…

      • It’s McNamera, I think.

        I thought this too: if they had just confirmed him and sent to Germany, he would have been out of the way without blood being shed. But, that’s not as dramatically interested – or as good storyline. HH is an evil genius. 😉

  17. I didn’t see Brennan’s remark about hating him telling her to leave him as her saying she hated him.

    And he told the Senator that so he would send someone after him. It was bait.

  18. Great episode! What a way to end the season!

    Glad the cliffhanger wasn’t whether or not Booth would live as that seems too cliché for a Bones finale. I like the way the story is heading and the potential for where it goes from here. For my part, I think Stark’s not part of the conspiracy and will be instrumental in getting Booth cleared next season. He seemed genuinely baffled by the turn of events.

    Loved Fisher .. bastards. Then Brennan – “..the third assailant, I’m sorry, the third bastard …” LOL. Thought Angela was great in this episode and loved both her outfits too.

    Fall seems a long ways away ….

  19. Just remembered something else I wanted to note: if Max can get guys killed in prison, then maybe he can make sure that Booth is safe.

  20. He will be in jail, not prison.

  21. Honestly, one of the best Bone’s finales ever. I really wouldn’t mind if this is a continuing story arc as that could help Bone’s remain on for 2-3 more seasons. I would love that. Started with the pilot in 2005 and have never looked back. Love my Bone’s!

  22. Did anyone notice the conspiracy actually is an extension of Judas on a Pole. Corrupted FBI severing a Master.

    If everyone is going to revaluate their path, I will think that Cam will not going to put her heart in the group. She does not want to lost all she have. This is too much for her.

  23. This was one of the most exciting episodes from Bones in a while- I think. There have been plenty of good episodes- but not as exciting as this one. What a rush. I have to admit I did not see the Congress officials turn coming– oh the blackmail. The energy was maybe even better than the “Hole in the Heart”– one of my favorite episodes (season 6). Can’t wait to find out what happens as we move into season 10- (the last season, right?), I think it would be great to just have an all around amazing season and end the show on a high note. Here’s hoping.

    • It has not been confirmed to be the last season, so no, it’s not right, not yet. It like will end up being the last season but that is not official.

      • I read somewhere else, it was going to be their last season. But TV networks don´t work like that if they see a sudden increase in ratings, they will definetely consider extending another season. So it´s up to the writers of the show and how well they perform this season.

      • Once again, it has not been confirmed. Kevin Riley, Fox now ex-programming director said that Bones would be renewed for a 10th and most likely final season. However it was never established that it would be. It is most likely the final season but that hasn’t been negotiated yet. The show runners are willing to do more but there are a lot of factors at play. I’m just saying that it has not been officially confirmed even if some media outlets seem to think so and just continue to spread their misinformed idea that it is indeed going to be the final season.

      • Okay- thanks. For everything I heard, I thought it was confirmed.

  24. Late to Bones, but thanks to Netflix and Hulu Plus… I have binged the last month and watched the whole thing from start to current. Though since I had seen part of the eighth and ninth seasons, I wasn’t completely spoiler free but I don’t think it harmed me much (other than complete hatred of certain writing/characters in the 2nd and early 6th seasons). My wife is following suit, now early in season 5 without spoilers, though we both independently discovered we had seen the season 3 episode with the time capsule. And I swear I had seen the London episodes already. I find myself sitting down with her and rewatching, and finding I missed things, either subtle dialog or expressions, that become all the more clear.

    I found after #100, I had to rewatch the pilot before moving on, to get a better context on the opening segment of the series. Then when I hit the wedding, I had to rewatch it again to remember the context of the Duck. On the whole, I find I recall easier the character movement rather than the underlying cases. The magnetism of the leads (despite being annoyed it took them as long as they did, at least they did it in a way that I could understand and reason why the characters needed that long) and their growth pushed me right into the next ep, often being up to 3AM watching more Bones, and a couple of nights practically up all night. I recall the crushing nature of the end of #100 (riding away in the taxi looking back), the appearance of Hannah in season 6, Doctor in the Photo, and the season finales of 7-8-9. Contrasted with the full joy of the end of season 6 (Angela’s baby + Bones pregnant), really building from Sin in the Sisterhood on, the birth, the “last words” video, the wedding, the one man band/tag…

    I’m trying to recall anyone other than Hacker that Brennan saw after her birthday toast in 4:9? It was like as if that was the internal point where she realized what her standard was, even if she didn’t know what that meant. Or that the wake-up call in Doctor in the Photo isn’t possible if there is no Hannah.

    Almost wonder if #200 might expand upon the tale of the tail of the 6th season, i.e. reveal of the dates from Blizzard, and that which finally pushed them over the line. Outwardly, it was implied it was because of Vincent, but it seemed they were headed that way all the way with the progression dating back to the Valentine’s day episode just after the breakup with Hannah. Maybe it’s better left alone, I don’t know. But it sure did seem to be quite a jump to where season 7 started off, so they had to come to terms with it at some point in between. Not a complaint, just an observation. (I don’t mind the understated nature of their intimacy as portrayed in the Hole in the Heart – leaves more to the imagination and subtle clues in the Brennan/Angela conversation – confirmed at the end of Change in the Game – but don’t think it’s unreasonable for some flashback to fill in the gap a little)

    As for the subject of this post – maybe it isn’t quite as crushing as when I first watched it, perhaps tempered by the comments of others, but that final scene with Brennan screaming out is one where you can feel her anguish. Many touching moments in that episode though, and with the full background now in hand, the only thing that is a sure thing is their bond. Stark seems too easy to be the bad guy in this, i.e. not enough twists. And part of me hopes that there is a serious Max component, in finally revealing some of which he was unwilling/unable to since it now impacts his family again. I get that the major resolution will most likely happen in the season 10 premiere, but like anything else, there will be lingering aspects of it. I just hope they don’t rush it too much to get in done in 43 minutes.

    Not that I’d been cataloguing, but I think I recall only twice where Booth has called Brennan just Temperance – once in the pilot and once in season 8. And I only noticed the one in the pilot on the 2nd rewatch after the wedding. I’m not sure that I’ve heard her call him Seeley at all, except as part of an introduction with full name.

    Thanks for the site, and we’ll be sure to be around as season 10 airs so as to avoid the jumbled nature of my comments above.

    • I totally agree with you, there should be some flashback for the end of season 6. I known B & B have been through a lot after that and their relationship is deeper and has reached another level, but for the people who have been following the series from the beginning, seems like something was missing that cannot be completely digest between season 6 and 7. It would be nice to have something like that for # 200…

  25. I wish they could have resisted the cliche of having an end of season cliff hanger, it’s only ever an annoyance to me. It’s bad enough when they have them mid season. As a compromise they could put a cliff hanger at the end of the first episode of the season, then if you like waiting months with unresolved story lines you can just stop watching after you’ve seen the first one. We’ve finally been rid of pelant and now they do this. If you liked pelant then just stop watching each episode with ten minutes to go and then in a couple of years you can watch the last ten minutes of each episode.

  26. I am also a Netflix/Hulu Plus viewer, and discovered this blog when it was covering the first 100 episodes. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful place to enjoy the show and discuss it!

    I thought the finale was great, especially the action packed end sequence and the anguish Dr. Brennan goes through at the end. We’ve been through so much with these characters, to the point where you feel you know them and care what happens to them. The setup for Season 10 is definitely compelling!

    I never thought I would watch this show in its entirety, since I am not a big “Procedure of the Week” television fan, preferring TV series which have a story arc. I just figured I would watch a couple of episodes to see David Boreanaz in a different role besides Angel (I am definitely part of the Buffy/Angel contingent of Bones fans!). After watching a few episodes, I skipped and watched Episode 100, figuring that would sate my interest in the show. Instead, it made me want to watch the whole thing and see how their relationship developed. Unlike the above poster, I watched knowing all major spoilers. Frankly, if a show only works if you don’t know the spoilers, then that’s not a very good show. I think it’s the journey not the end point that matters.

    I definitely will be checking out Season 10 to see what happens. So Netflix absolutely did its job for the Fox Network!

    I do wish sometimes that the series was designed differently. Having every episode be a new murder can get tedious and gets in the way of the more interesting stories about the characters. For one example, Episode 21 this season, Booth and Brennan were discussing his possible promotion to a Berlin office. He was expressing his reservations about it. It was a great moment that was all too short. My view was the case of the week got in the way of the far more engrossing topic of his being promoted (relevant, it ends up, to the finale) and how it would affect Dr. Brennan and their family. But due to the structure of the series, this is a regular frustration I have. Frankly, most of the cases are forgettable or at best an okay subplot, and the only reason you want to tune in is to see what is happening with the characters or one of their Big Bad story arcs. Plus Hodgins in the lab is worth watching every episode!

    I can’t help but wonder if this were a cable series with 13 episodes a year instead of 22, what they could have done with it. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are grossly underrated actors who with simple nonverbal queues show how great television can be. Yet the show does not get either Emmy or TV critic love, because the structure of the series is so confining. (Well, Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post, excepted. In the past, she has written high praise for the show. Here is an example when she was at Slate: In the end, I still tune in and love it so this is not major criticism, just my own musings on how it could be better. And frankly, the show is still on the air BECAUSE it is episodic, so my dreams of how the show should be would probably lead to its cancellation!

    One way I will not criticize the show is in how long it took B & B to get together. I think that was masterful writing, akin to a great Jane Austin novel, particularly the way Booth and Brennan would look at each other, but not act on how they truly felt. That is much more seductive to viewers than kisses or bedroom scenes. Although, like relantel said … I am fine with a flashback if they so choose to fill in some of the blanks for the end of season 6 and hiatus going into season 7. 🙂

    • Well first of all, welcome Lynn! I got sucked in around Season 2 and I’ve been along for the ride ever since. I found this site a little late in the game, but I’ve enjoyed it ever since!

      I really like your comment: “I can’t help but wonder if this were a cable series with 13 episodes a year instead of 22, what they could have done with it. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are grossly underrated actors who with simple nonverbal queues show how great television can be. Yet the show does not get either Emmy or TV critic love, because the structure of the series is so confining.”

      Hm….Bones as a Cable show? Interesting to think about. You are right that, ED and DB are grossly underrated. As is TJ Thyne, BTW, which you also mention. (OT: Can you believe that Steve Carell never got a ” The Office” Emmy??) Cable shows these days do tend to be the darlings of the awards shows.

      Sometimes the formulaic-ness (new word) works for them, especially with the invention of the rotating squinterns. They can bring out interesting things about the characters (say, Sweets in “Mayhem”) with the different plot points they can delve into. And where would the Bones’ prop people be without a weekly body to dream up? But yes, I do agree that some storylines would do well to carry over into multiple episodes to fully flesh out (boom! haha) ideas better.

      Perhaps Fox should cut Bones loose after Season 10 (only if) they find a home on a cable network, then it can have a new life as you envision it, Lynn!! 🙂

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