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Vintage Bones: Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van


Hello and Happy Tuesday!


In this episode , we see one of Booth’s mentors, Brennan and Max play cards …and she wins. And much more happens…but that is for you to discuss!


While you think about it, here is your moment of B&B…and Abraham Lincoln.


soccer mom


8 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

  1. One of my favorite scenes! Booth is tipsy and adorable and Brennan is smitten. To quote Pepe Le Pew, le sigh.

    • yei! I love that scene as well and how Booth leans his head into Brennan, they always had such a strong relationship…

  2. I always get the feeling that in some of those extra-adorable moments, we get some flashes of ED/DB friendship sneaking in. Like this SUPER ADORABLE behind-the-scenes shot: I mean, they are the cutest besties ever! 🙂 I love that their real-life bond enhances their characters on the set. Sure, they are good actors, but it is fun to see them in interviews and off-set moments where we see they still have that closeness.

  3. I also like the ending when a drunk Booth knocks his head into Brennan’s shoulder–very real since my bf did this to me too. But I really was touched by the letter written by the dead mom to her daughter that Brennan read. “Understanding, compassion, kindness and love are the only true revolutionary ideals. When we compromise those we become what we despise and we loose our humanity”.

  4. I love the ending. Drunk Booth is so cool.

  5. That photo reminds me of the endings thread from September of 2011 that I came across yesterday. So many good ones. – I ended up watching a bunch on Netflix last night just for those scenes, in some cases to refresh myself of ones I had fuzzy memories of.

    The Lincoln Memorial always seemed like a strange spot to end up, but I guess being the relative walking distance of the Mall and the Smithsonian that it isn’t as far fetched. The scene was far better than I could imagine real life though, so great credit to them. Maybe it’s that I’ve been a suburbanite too long, and that trips in to the Mall are often tedious. Can’t imagine what it must be like to work AND live in the District like the show portrays.

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