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Vintage Bones: The Mummy in the Maze


Hey, hey, hey!

Hope you’re having a great week! I really loved season 3, honestly. And I’m not just saying that because it was my first season! I know I’ve mentioned that Santa in the Slush was the first episode I ever saw and that I then went back and rented seasons 1 and 2 from BlockBuster Video and devoured them. This was during the writers’ strike.  And then I decided to see if there was a Bones website…and there WAS! Fox had a site of course, and it was like winning the lottery to discover that the first 9 episodes of season 3 were posted online. I watched them over and over! And this episode was one I really liked. I hope you will also share your favorite moments from this episode.

This one also gave us this behind the scenes moment, one of my all time fave things ever.


Really, everything about Booth in glasses also does it for me. Emily, we agree.

Plus, there’s this gem; your moment of B&B.



10 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Mummy in the Maze

  1. Season 3 is my favorite and “Santa in the Slush” is THE. BEST. EPISODE. EVER. (that’s not their wedding).

    And I love this episode, too. Thanks for that great BTS moment! Way to start my day off on an adorable footing, Sarah. 😀

  2. I loved this episode and it´s funny when Bones is suddenly afraid of snakes and needs to be in Booths back and arms 😀 The whole Halloween customes were awesome, and Booth´s look when he spotted Bones in wonderwoman outfit was priceless…

  3. Season three is definitely a VERY strong second favorite for me (behind only season two). This episode is glorious, start to finish, and that behind the scenes clip? I’ve watched it like 25 times. They’re so cute together. And his laugh is hot. It’s just hot. (Vegas…is hot.)

    There are SO MANY GEMS in “Mummy in the Maze.”
    I love the moment when Booth has been told to wait outside and he kind of starts to sulk his way out of the room, then comes back. “With this chair! I’ll wait outside WITH THIS CHAIR!”
    Naomi from Paleontology has agreed to be Zack’s front. (“I’m a cow! See my udder?”)
    Brennan is so adorably passionate for Wonder Woman. (“Pretty fast is not super speed.”)
    “There is no bug or slime specific to church thrift stores.” “You don’t know that. I’M the bug and slime guy.”
    Hodgins is “a solid 7.5, which is quite respectable.” (Pfffft, he’s a 10. But that line is great.)
    “See? I corrected you. In character. As a squint.”
    Booth’s little squeak at the clown is GOLD.
    Brennan jumps on Booth!
    “Smart! You should wear a lab coat at all times.”
    They’re so cute in that last scene, comparing themselves to Wonder Woman and Clark Kent after a bad date (DATE!), then carefully backing down from the word “date.” Nice try, you two. And I love that she knows it bothers him to kill someone and tells him that she’s sorry he had to do it. She doesn’t have to tell him that he did the right thing, because that’s obvious. But she knows that “the right thing” doesn’t make it easy for him. UGH. THESE TWO.
    The chair thing is probably still my favorite, though.

  4. The glasses, the hair, the “nerdy” shirt, it’s just all so perfect. I feel like it makes him look younger. I must have watched that BTS clip 20 times because his laugh is so cute. We rarely see him full on laugh in the show but it’s so cute!
    Kelly I also loved that she knows he hates killing people and is just there for him. He also look even hotter at the end when he’s still in costume but he’s roughed up with some dirt and blood on his shirt. That end scene is possibly the hottest he’s looked. I just love him after action scenes when he’s roughed up.

  5. Great episode. Great season. Loved every minute of it especially the end.

  6. I just adore that Booth dressed up as a squint, probably hoping to impress his squinty Brennan…and then she just wows him with that sexy getup…they are the best. I love all of their costumes. Such a random assortment of interesting choices, but they are all perfect! I always love when Booth gets to take down a baddie with one perfect shot. Brennan leaning on Booth’s protection from the snakes is fun, and MAJOR PROPS to the writers for the callback later on with Brennan and Daisy.

    What will they dress up as with Christine now??? Doubtful we’ll see it, but will they be something matching as a family? Will Brennan always be Wonder Woman and Booth forever a squint? Or perhaps Brennan will have them all dress up as different elements in a molecule so show they are bonded together?? So many ideas….

  7. Love it when they get twisted around in the maze. Booth tells the cop by the car to just throw his flashlight up in the air. Turns out that it was right next to them. Booth knocks down that those bales of hay and voila! The look Bones gives him is just… “I find intelligence sexy and you clearly have it in spades.” and muscles- muscles too. Makes me laugh every time.

  8. Hey hey! Vintage Bones is Back!

    Loved it 2 years ago and love that it’s back!

  9. Back from a wifi-less vacation so late to the party, but great comments, guys! I too adore this episode because it has the perfect combination of angst and humor. I love the scene where Booth is freaking out because he knows there’s a live victim out there who only has a little time left, but the squints refuse to guess. Brennan calms him down ever so expertly-although not without losing a chair.

    The action scenes are some of my favorites from the entire season; the part where Booth takes his one perfect shot always makes me swoon. And yeah, I don’t know what it is about his nerdy attire that makes him so sexy-maybe the fact that he can be so vulnerable with his clown phobia and his hatred of taking a life, but such a he-man when it counts.

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