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Vintage Bones: The Secret in the Soil


Ahhhh, the introduction of Sweets. Over the years, I have had some issues with how Sweets’ character has been utilized. And there have also been moments that I’ve loved!  But I think the idea of sending B&B to ‘couple’s therapy’ was a genius move, and it really pushed their relationship along in a way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


In this episode, we get a good example of a sympathetic case, and more movement in the Angela/Hodgins storyline. And of course, we get the end scene where B&B sort of inadvertently label their relationship as ‘coffee’ , but we all know it’s so much more. Starting with this…


Your moment of B&B.




PS…back in January of 2011, I did a scene study of the last scene. Here’s a link to it if you’re interested!


7 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Secret in the Soil

  1. Oh, geez….that scene study. Now I’m too incoherent to form an actual thought. Just….guh.

  2. Man, I was determined not to get sucked in here, but then I opened the link to your old post and… you really make me want to go back to the show, back when it was teaching me to believe in love for the first time,all over again. That line- ‘he means we complete each other’- I’d completely forgotten it was used in that episode, and I’ve built an entire fic around it without knowing this. It’s called Purak: A Less Cheesy Way of Saying You Complete Me. In case you’re wondering about the title, as I’ve explained in the fic, “In Hindi, ‘pura’ means whole, so ‘purak’ would be the person-or thing-that completes another person-or thing….Something or someone without which it isn’t possible to be whole.” I’ve always thought it’s a beautiful word, and so reminiscent of the BB relationship. Anyhow, I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to (re)discover that Brennan had said that line on screen, and my shoddy attempts to contextualise the foreign word to make the meaning more obvious (I had suggested that interested readers “Picture Tom Cruise -hell, if your imagination can conjure up a Booth, lose the floppy hair and bobbing Adam’s apple, add several inches and a few pounds of gorgeous, and sit back happily as the scene unfolds- in Jerry Maguire, choking over those three words-‘you…complete me’. Or Phoebe declaring that Ross is Rachel’s lobster. The word ‘lobster’ in this instance would be synonymous with ‘purak'”.) But now that I know Bones said those words herself, I can’t wait to share it- with everyone who’s stuck with the story right from the beginning, and new readers who have yet to discover it and will have the benefit of being spared my oversight and unnecessary visuals of Tom Cruise. I’ve even been inspired to post an update after a long and dry hiatus. And since I owe it all to you, I’d like to include a link to your post in the next instalment, if that’s alright. I’ve included a link to the fic below as well, I do hope you’ll check it out. I’ve been using the author’s notes as a guise to write my own blog, in some ways, but I’ve never managed to muster up the nerve to start one from scratch.

    P.S: On an unrelated note, there is another word: ‘mamihlapinatapai’- that made it on the Guinness list of words that are hardest to translate- which also reminds me of the Booth-Brennan dynamic, for obvious reasons. I’ve used it as the title for the first chapter in Purak. (Loosely) Translated, it means: ‘A look shared by two people, each wishing that the other would offer something that they both desire, but are unwilling to offer or suggest themselves.’
    Because you get Bones in a way that no one else seems to, I just thought you might like to know. 🙂

  3. I loved this too. Loved Sweets and couples therapy but have long since lost my love and respect for Sweets. He is overused and poorly so. Love this scene where Booth really can’t handle standing there looking and touching Brennan like that. Love that!

  4. Scene Studies are just everything. Love reading them!!!

    I agree that Sweets is a hit-and-miss kind of character. I loved the therapy sessions, I love when they inadvertently share things because of conversations they’ve had with Sweets, and I love how they began to mentor and support Sweets as they got to know and like him. As they came together emotionally, and didn’t need Sweets’ therapy as much, the show has tried different things to be able to use his character, to varying degrees of success. But overall, I like Sweets, and the early moments he had with B&B!

  5. Also, favorite quote from the scene study:

    “Or maybe it is clear. It’s clear that he’s imagining blue eyed squinty babies and loving her forever, and he thinks she’s imagining meeting once a month at the diner. To him, coffee means waking up next to her with coffee, having it late at night together after a long case, right?”

    And it came true, Sarah!!!! Except their “coffee” is wine. And/or slightly melted ice cream 🙂 🙂

  6. or apparently any kind of Italian food.

    • For a moment when a link to this post showed up in my inbox and I read the first few lines alone, I thought I’d written it. You took the words right out of my mouth. They’ve used Sweets very poorly over the years, and his presence has been cataclysmic for some very bad moves, for the showrunners and by extension BB-,catastrophic even. And his presence it would seem is still felt, more acutely, or so they insist on repeating,in his absence. They really ought to stop going on about him now that he’s dead.

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