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Vintage Bones: Intern in the Incinerator


Happy Friday around the world!

I really like this episode. I like the case, and the B&B interactions, and I like the squint work. The main things that make me smile in this episode are:

1. That Booth knows Brennan’s favorite things, such as flower (which is cute) and planet (which is seriously cute) .

2. The way Hodgins laughs at Booth when he comes to him for advice on what to do with Cam’s sister

3. Brennan in the interrogation room.


The end scene has always been interesting to me. I think they were going with some foreshadowing perhaps? That someone was going to betray Brennan? I have also done a scene study (link here, if you’re into that sort of thing!)


Either way, B&B are solid, as displayed here.


intern 4


5 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Intern in the Incinerator

  1. Who doesn’t love scene studies? What are they, communists?!?

    B&B are just gorgeous here, too. Pretty, pretty people.

  2. Scene studies are a reason to get up in the morning. I had forgotten Brennan’s question “Are you going to betray me?” which means so much more in the recent era of Booth’s proposal rejection and now the FBI conspiracy dramaz. I think Brennan has stored up enough Boothy evidence to know the answer to this question. And vice versa. They are PARTNERS, baby. Life partners, parental partners, work partners…and I think that’s what makes these earlier episodes so much sweeter…because we are getting the payoff of all those years of build up. And it’s freaking awesome. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more. I also believe back then when the episode first aired that it was foreshadowing that someone was going to betray Brennan but that the someone wouldn’t be Booth.

  3. Loved that Booth knew Brennan’s favorite flowers and planet. Loved this end scene. It was profound for Brennan. Appreciate the links to the old scene studies. Thanks.

  4. I’m still reading through the posts and comments – started with the “who’s to blame” series that I had found the site on, and been working my way forward from there gradually, all with the knowledge of those episodes already from my first pass through them this past month. I find there are small things I missed that others here picked up, and I’m thankful for the archive and record of thoughts that provide an enhanced experience. My wife is now in the middle of the Hannah arc, and thinks I’m way to overinvested in the show. At least I can talk about 5 seasons now with her without spoiling anything, so that’s an improvement. But still leaves me with almost four seasons of knowledge I can’t talk about yet at home.

    Very thankful for the various scene studies, and that I felt the compulsion to pull said ep up on Netflix again. Loved the 128 questions thread from the day of the season 6 finale – some of those are still unanswered. Presently working on the second MAQ post after that one in my reading. Kind of want to add late comments to some of those, but it seems so long out of place to do so. And never would have ascribed plot appropriateness to the various songs used in the show but for reading here. So bravo to all, and maybe with luck I will be caught up on BT by the fall.

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