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Vintage Bones: The Boy in the Time Capsule


Hello all you brainy smurfs out there–you know it’s true—we have our looks and our brains, and so much more!

courtesy of missparkle's tumblr

courtesy of missparkle’s tumblr


I definitely love the end scene of this episode, but one of my favorite season three scenes is the one where Booth is trying to tell Brennan an embarrassing story from his childhood, and he keeps inadvertently bragging (in her opinion).  Excuse me, Booth is a gentleman–he brought his sleeping bag!  It’s just too cute.

I liked the case on this episode as well.


And here’s your moment of B&B


courtesy of lessthansignnumeralthree 's tumblr page

courtesy of lessthansignnumeralthree ‘s tumblr page




6 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Boy in the Time Capsule

  1. Great end scene. Love Brainy Smurf.

  2. Oh my! how much time do we have to wait for next season? I´m getting too anxious!!!

  3. This is one of my favorite episodes! I love the Brainy Smurf moment more than Jasper, actually. I think it speaks to Booth loving her exactly the way she is. And all the embarrassing but still bragging chats? Love. Le sigh.

  4. This was the episode that I was certain I had seen before when I watched it in sequence the first time. And strangely, my wife thought the same thing when she got that far in her own sequence. Though the strangeness of it was we remembered the case, and placed little or no memory of the character development. What night did that season originally air on and/or what aired before/after? We watched 24 back in the day but I don’t think we watched much else on Fox, save for a short span of American Idol (maybe the Clay Aiken season). It wasn’t much until later that we picked up Alcatraz, Touch, New Girl and Mindy.

  5. I do love the Brainy Smurf. Booth seemed to love gals with substance, and he really appreciates her smarts…which I’m guessing Brennan didn’t get a lot of as she pushed through the ranks to be #1. He validates her and her accomplishments. He is always very proud of what she can do. And as we see with Brennan helping him at the shooting range and supporting him on his FBI training, she has always supported and validated him as well. They are just so gosh darn cute when they cheer each other on! 🙂

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