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Vintage Bones: The Knight on the Grid


Bonjour, Bones fans!

The journey of B&B was (and still is) made up of a few really big moments and about a million tiny ones. I’m proud to say that on this site we’ve analyzed and over analyzed them 🙂 .  I look at a show like Arrow that is sort of in its infancy in terms of its romantic ‘ships’ and it’s fun to see the signs of how the writers plan to torture their viewers, haha. For example, I think in one episode Oliver called Felicity his partner. They should be able to get a few years out of that one!  In other news, OLICITY!


Okay, moving on and back to Bones.

But it is true, we don’t necessarily have to analyze every step between B&B any longer for deeper meaning. I won’t deny that this has taken a little bit of the fun away from me, but I would much rather have B&B together than still be able to count their kisses on one hand. Having said that, I still contend that when Brennan kisses Booth (and Booth about faints, haha) in this episode, it’s one of the most romantic moments in the show history. If you haven’t watched it lately, I highly recommend.

Plus, green jacket yoooooo!




PS…for those of you (us) who basically want to start a drinking game whenever Brennan calls Booth ‘a good man’, but are too afraid to do so for fear of alcohol poisoning, this deleted scene from this episode may be one of the first known instances!


10 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Knight on the Grid

  1. Oh, I’m gonna have to rewatch this episode today, just for that kiss on the cheek scene. It’s so gooey, the way he’s just struck by a bolt of lightening called Temperance Brennan.

    (I’m laughing at the ‘good man’ reference. Out loud. 😀 )

  2. Oh I love Booth´s face when Bones kisses him, he is atonished and like you said about to faint. And for Bones to be able to express those emotions at that stage in the series where she wasn´t too much into that, it´s a huge deal. I love this two!!!!

  3. Love that kiss. It was a great surprise and a special moment. Thanks for that great deleted scene. Never saw that before.
    Tired of hearing Booth is a good man. Brennan is a good woman – a very good woman! She never gets enough credit.

  4. Oh gosh, he’s so flustered at the kiss (the little foot stomp, like he’s steadying himself!). She’s so spontaneous and genuine in that moment, and I love that she just goes for it. I also love that Brennan doesn’t hesitate to help Amy, and that Booth enlists the monsignor to vouch for Russ. (“Thanks Steve.”) These people take care of each other.
    As for the funnier bits (and there are so many):
    Brennan’s “load it on a truck AND TAKE IT TO BETHESDA” smile gives me life.
    “No, Russ turned himself in, but I convinced Booth to let him go see Hayley at the hospital.” “I did not hear that.” “RUSS TURNED HIMSELF IN, BUT I CONVINCED BOOTH TO LET HIM GO SEE HAYLEY AT THE HOSPITAL.”
    “Did you just Star Wars us?”
    “I really want to tell my girlfriend I helped catch a murderer. It would be a good night for me.”
    “This is how we roll, right guys?”
    “Point of investigation: How do masters find their apprentices? Not on craigslist. I checked.”

  5. I’m a conspiracy nut like Hodgins so I love all the Gormogon imagery; that alone would have made for a great episode. But add the kiss, the explosion with Booth pulling Brennan out of the car, the dive into the pool to rescue the boy, and the shooting range scene and you’ve got magic.

  6. Oh that kiss is gold – he does just about faint, doesn’t he?!

    Re. the drinking game – fabulous idea!

  7. I love the kiss. It suprise Booth.
    His heart almost fall out.

  8. Oh the backstory left on the cutting room floor… (Booth’s dad anyway – don’t recall him mentioned until Con Man in season 4)

  9. Is this the ep where Booth intervened behind the scenes (called the bishop) on behalf of Russ?

  10. It may be trite, but the look on Booth’s face when she tells him he is a good man in the scene above would make me want to say that over and over again too. He wants to believe her but can’t quite, so why not tell him over and over again……

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