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Vintage Bones: The Santa in the Slush



I love this episode and NOT just because it was my first one ever. I love the sweet way Booth is enchanted by Christmas, and how he opens up to Brennan about his relationship with Parker. I love him in the gray sweater that never made another appearance ever (sadness!) …probably because they film in LA, but it is still sad.


slush 4

And I love how he goes along with the mistletoe. And I love Brennan’s eager curiosity (thank you Caroline!) and the way she is charmed by Christmas and her friends/co-workers, and of course Booth’s gift for her family.



Just all around great.


Here are your moments of B&B!


slush 6

slush kiss 2 slush 26 slush 29 slush 30


And if you haven’t seen this deleted scene/extended kiss, I’m jealous because you are about to have your world blown open!  Well, maybe that is an exaggeration, but at the time…it was a big deal!




20 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Santa in the Slush

  1. Ahhhh, Santa in the Slush. Christmas and that kiss. “A whole flotilla!” “I love my gift, Booth.” “Merry Christmas, Bones.” Sweet little Parker. Dom DeLuise’s son is a killer. Just all of it. All of it. Still the Best. Episode. Ever and if you didn’t vote for it, you’re just wrong. Wrong!! So go sit in the corner and be wrong!

    Am I forgetting one or is this the last Christmas episode? I would have loved another, especially after they got their happily-ever-after.

    • Season 5 they had a Christmas episode where Santa blew up and cousin Margaret came to visit.

      • Ah, how could I forget Cousin Margaret.

        “The doors of wisdom are never shut.” Ben Franklin
        (See what I did there? Huh? Huh? :-D)

    • I loved this episode, but the kiss cropping still bugs me. Thank God for YT.

      In all honesty Man in the Fallout Shelter is still my favorite Christmas episode. It was on TNT last night and still makes me cry when the families come to visit and Brennan at the end with her presents from her parents. It still amazes how many episodes in Season 1 just blew me away they were so good. Hardly a mis-step for a brand new show.

      • Even the cropped kiss is better than 90% of the ones we’ve had since. I’ll take it!

        (Although I love Fallout Shelter, too. It was a lovely story all around.)

  2. Oh my, I absolutely loved this episode. The mistletoe scene of course was the best and I have played the “extended version” of it in youtube hundreds of times. Yep, definetely this one is one of my fav episodes. I even liked Sweets with his Christmas outfit.

  3. One of my all time favorite episodes for so many reason. Great long awaited kiss but really needed the extended version and we so deserved it. One of their top two best kisses. Loved this episode. I agree with MJ about the kisses.

  4. This episode never gets old. Though I must say the other holiday ones have stood the test of time as well – after all, Fallout shelter is where Brennan learns about Parker. (Incidentally, that may have been the best Dr Goodman episode)

    • I loved Goodman here (and just love Goodman in general. I hope he’s having a wonderful time taking the longest sabbatical in history! *lol*).

      “Boy in a Bush” is my favorite Goodman episode. His speech to Angela gets to me even now. Maybe I just need to hear his deep, African-American tones, too. 🙂

      • When I was watching in sequence for the first time, I hated the abruptness with which Goodman was gone (unless I missed something in Limbo?), and Cam in place. Hated Cam then. Kind of warmed up to her by the end of the 3rd season I guess. Took me a while in terms of number of episodes but that may have only been a week’s time in real life.

        I’ll give you that, Goodman did have a great voice.

      • I have yet to warm up to Cam. I hold grudges. 🙂

  5. Booth. Gray sweater. Enough said.
    And we knew what they really meant-

  6. One of my favorites. So much awesomeness in one setting. Have to digest… 🙂

  7. Booth in that final scene is just…..sorry, where was I? That was my first B&B spotting. And I said to my husband ‘I want to know their story’.

    That was 5.5 years ago… if he was leaning against a door watching her, I would’ve passed out.

  8. I love ED in that deleted scene. Imagine having to kiss DB…sigh…

  9. All hot and flustered just waiting for it – priceless.

  10. The Extended kiss scene is the best.

    I already how much Bones want Booth.

    After the kiss, Bones so shy and Booth almost lost himself.

    So cute.

  11. The whole mistletoe sequence took on a whole new meaning after the 100th flashback. Almost as if it was a way to taste what they wanted without having any lines “crossed” or strings attached.

  12. Does anyone know why they didn’t use the extended version of the kiss? I’ve always wondered that.

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