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Vintage Bones: The Man in the Mud


Hey, hey, hey!

One thing I like about the Sweets character (especially in the early years) is that he is a person who is meeting Booth and Brennan at the same time, so he’s meeting them as partners and as a pair, so to speak. Every other character knew one of them before meeting the other, and that affects loyalty. I’m not saying the characters are picking sides or anything…it just was nice for a character like Sweets to only experience Booth and Brennan together.

I think it also brought B&B closer together as partners and a team unit. I think at this point, they both saw themselves more as individuals–that is, they recognized their own skills and what they both brought to the partnership, and they respected one another’s skills. But with Sweets, they started to see their emotional power as partners as well.  They weren’t just successful on cases, they could help Sweets emotionally as partners as well. Brennan and Booth (at this point in the series) had some self-esteem issues in terms of their personal self-worth. They had/have a lot of self confidence in terms of professionalism and other skills, but joining together to help someone with relationship problems is new to them, and I think ultimately leads to them growing in confidence.

For example, your moment of B&B:


man in the mud


PS… I took a ceramics class and NO ONE makes the kind of items that Booth, Brennan, Sweets or April made in this one-time session unless they are serious about ceramics, haha. But oh well.


6 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Man in the Mud

  1. I loved the ceramics class, even if Booth’s sudden ability to create a perfectly formed horse was a bit suspect. The playfulness in the scene when they started throwing clay was so sweet.

  2. It was fun seeing Brennan & Booth in a ceramics class.

  3. Sarah, I took ceramics class for three or four years and let me tell you, nobody who looked like Booth ever joined the class.

    I always loved how Booth ended up being good at ceramics/sculpting when he was pretty sure the “date” was going to be a total failure. Also loved April throwing the clay in Sweets face. Ha!

  4. That Booth didn’t want to go at first… then had fun… refresh my memory, what changed his mind on going? Was it Brennan’s willingness?

  5. I have a feeling that Booth is the kind of guy who is good at a lot of things but keeps his other interests hidden. Like GGW noted, he downplays his intelligence and I can see that occur in other areas too. Either to keep up his tough guy sniper cred or because he’s simply insecure and worried about what others would think.

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