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Vintage Bones: Player Under Pressure


Hello and Happy Friday!

Hope you’re doing well! Thanks to each person who comes around to chat during this Vintage Bones series.

This episode is always interesting, since it was originally supposed to air in season two. So the continuity always feels a little bit off (for example, this episode airs after The Boy in the Time Capsule, where B&B discuss Booth not being ‘that guy’), but in the grand scheme of the whole series, it still works pretty well.

This episode had some funny moments too, like when B&B attend a college campus to interrogate some students.

Plus, the end scene is special, as Brennan compliments Booth on being a fully developed man.


Booth player bren player


8 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Player Under Pressure

  1. I love those little moments they had in the early seasons. They’re all mushy and gooey and stuff.

    Plus, they look gorgeous.

  2. Her face here! I miss this face! I know that they are together now, love each other, blah blah blah, but surely he can do something that surprises her, or where she sees something new. GAH!

  3. Oh the early days of Bones where our little innocent babies have no idea what’s in store for them! 🙂 Those special moments between them hooked us all in, baby. The connection between the two actors was so evident and yes, MJ is right, they are gorgeous! There’s just something about how they looked at each other…it’s just a travesty that they don’t have piles of awards for it!!!

  4. Pshhhh. …email 🙂

  5. I miss these wonderful short magical moments that spoke volumes and fit so seamlessly into the episodes. Those looks. Those feelings. Priceless.

  6. Where in season 2 was this supposed to air? I don’t recall it seeming out of place when I watched season 3 in order, and although I rewatched Bough, Wannabe and Pain the last few nights I hadn’t rewatched this one.

    • It was supposed to air in April of 2007, but the Virginia Tech shooting had just occurred, and so the show/network determined not to air it at that time because of the nature of the case, etc. When season three was sliced into by the writer’s strike, and the episode number was cut, the show still had this episode filmed and ready to go and with only a few minor changes (if any) was able to air it in season 3. I think the biggest thing that is out of place is Hodgins’ hair, haha, which was short in season 3 but long in season 2. Other than that, it works pretty well. And at the time it felt like a bonus episode! Also, fun fact, I believe the first few episodes of season 4 were also written for season 3 (definitely Man in the Outhouse, and I think even Yanks in the UK), so it was all a hodgepodge. 🙂

      • Thanks – I always got a rather disconnect in the Season 3 to season 4 shift. Really doesn’t seem like any other season finale/season premiere pair. I guess it makes sense that the writers strike did a number there. Even season 1 at least had the phone call at the end of Limbo to carry something over into the next season. It was like, Bang, We’re in London. (Nevermind the oddity that I was sure I had already seen Yanks years ago before we really got into Bones full bore)

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