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Vintage Bones: The Verdict in the Story


Hello and Happy Tuesday!

Oh, this episode. My top five favorite things about it:


5. First of all, this skeleton is one of the great unsolved mysteries of Bones!


But it is also very cute how excited Booth gets about showing it to Brennan. She doubts it will be that amazing of a find, but even she is impressed.


4. There are some great moments between B&B and Sweets, including where they finagle free profiling from him in exchange for him studying them for his book.


3. Angela wins some best friend points


2. “Sometimes I think you’re from another planet…and sometimes I think you’re really very nice.” So sweet from Brennan to Booth, and we see the little hint of vulnerability from him too. Praise from her means the most.


1. “That’s a lot of heart, Bones.” Kill me dead–that line gutted me and stuck with me for weeks!

verdict 2



Honorable mention—the hug at the end!


Okay, enough from me–what are your favorite parts of this episode? The comments are open; enjoy your moment of B&B:

verdict 2



18 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Verdict in the Story

  1. That was a great line, and a great moment played perfectly by both ED and DB. She put him in a horrible position and if Caroline had chosen to prosecute her, it would have been worse. Love this episode!!

  2. This is one of my all-time favorites. (When I eventually rank my top Bones episodes, I already know it’s going to be way up there. Also, I’m already terrified of having to rank my top Bones episodes.) Obviously brains & heart sets a kind of mantra for the show–it’s not just about Booth having the heart and Brennan having the brains, but it’s about how the best thing you can do is try to have both, and use whichever one comes to you more easily to help you access the other one. Brennan thinks of such interesting ways to care for people. The way she plays this trial is the perfect example of that.
    But beyond that, I also think the best episodes of Bones are the ones that pit our team (and specifically Booth and Brennan) against a system, especially when that system tries to pit them against each other. It works because this show has such a strong sense of its characters that it knows (and we can kind of predict) how they would each respond, completely uniquely, to the pressure, and they always manage to come at problems from different angles without losing their loyalty to one another. I LOVE the image of B&B whispering at each other from across the aisle of the courtroom. It doesn’t even strain their relationship at all to be on opposite sides of the law. That’s how sure they are of each other.
    And in response to that last picture: “No no, y’all, cut that out!”

  3. I’ll admit to sleeping through this entire episode last night, having fallen asleep in the middle of Baby in the Bough and waking up for the final scene of Wannabe in the Weeds, then finding myself having to watch all of Pain in the Heart (oh the slug). But I had recently rewatched it last week (prompted by a scene study of the final scene – but for the life of me I can’t recall if that was recent content or 2011 content I was reading). As ever, though, that end scene is another one of those moments where what might have been had they not been interrupted…

  4. Sarah, you nailed the best of the episode. Both those scenes “Sometimes I think you’re very sweet.” and “That’s a lot of heart Bones.” still stand out. This was definitely one of Season 3’s best episodes-which is saying something because despite how short it was Season 3 is probably my favorite season.

  5. Another sterling episode with great B&B interaction. This isn’t the only example by a long shot but it is a good example of just how much B&B trust each other. No matter what is going on (and even in the unmentionable season 6) there is a level of trust between them that nothing can disturb. That final hug on the courthouse stairs and the moment when Brennan hugs Max but looks straight at Booth as if to say, ‘Babe, this one’s for you’ are terrific.

  6. One of my top favorite episodes. Too many great moments to list. Just all around great.

  7. I love that B&B coffee cup scene you posted because it made me think of when they were teasing Sweets “You likeeee us”…and there times at the coffee cart and the “You wouldn’t even have coffee with me?” Man they used to use coffee alot as such a symbol…

    • That reminds me of the statement: ‘A year from today we’ll meet at the coffee cart on the Mall’. I never understood that at all. Why not at the Jeffersonian or the FBI. I guess I just detest season 6 so much that nothing they did made much sense. But my favorite is Booth’s hurt ‘You wouldn’t even have coffee with me?’

      • they did meet on the mall… but I don’t remember the coffee cart in Mastodon.

      • I think they met there because it was a “partner thing” for them and a neutral ground…not his place or hers. Weren’t they also drinking coffee when they talked about the center holding?

  8. I think the hug at the end said a lot!!! I love BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I just watched Bones for the first time this summer (I know I’m so behind and I’ve been missing out for years) and I’ve already watched all the seasons and back to the beginning of season 4! This is one of my favorite episodes for all the reasons you listed. I also loved when they would talk across the aisle and the judge made them swap seats like they were kids at school! I love when Booth realized exactly what she was doing when he was testifying. Such a great moment!

    I found this blog looking for episode recaps and have read most of the 100 days of bones ones. I love them. My friend and I have started a blog ( and I’ll be talking about Bones when it returns in the fall.

  10. How many times have there been unresolved skeletons? I only recall this one at the beginning, and the episode that ended with them on the Washington Monument scaffolding. Have there been any others I’ve forgotten?

  11. the thing that really always strikes me in this episode is that B & B just can not be apart from each other. No matter what happens, Booth finds a way to be around Brennan, and she with him. The connection is always there between them, and when it dawns on Booth what Brennan has done, he realizes that connection might be severed. The idea of how awful that would be for him is written all over his face. Great acting by everyone in this episode…it makes me feel like I am right there, fully involved with everything that’s happening.

  12. So I just watched this again last night, and it really struck me this time that Booth, while he’s on the stand talking about whether Brennan could do this crime, keeps looking at Max as is to say, “DO SOMETHING! Don’t let her take the fall for this… are ruining her reputation!” He looks like he wants to pop old Max right between the eyes…..or so it seems to me.

    • Supposed to have been on TNT today or tomorrow – though with Netflix not much excuse to simply go watch it again. But really, save Player Under Pressure, the string from Knight on the Grid through the end of the 3rd season is a very strong set of episodes. Hard to watch just one of them when starting with Knight. I usually end up going right on through Yanks.

    • Oh, and I totally get what you are saying about the “look”. I often wonder whether such things are my imagination or the intent of the director. Seeing others observations of the same thing make me think it was intentional.

  13. I think it is a combination of the director and the talent of the actors. In this case it is very subtle but to me it’s not my imagination. I think it was planned.

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