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Vintage Bones: The Wannabe in the Weeds


Hello, hello!


I think this episode gets glossed over a bit, because it fell between Verdict in the Story and Pain in the Heart. Every time I watch this ep though, I really enjoy it.  The case works, there is the fun scene between Booth, Brennan and Sweets about Cyndi Lauper (which ended up turning into a series-long thing when she starred in S5 and beyond, which is really so very cool), the insanity of Pam N which was creepy, and a lot more.

And for me, this episode is kind of heartbreaking because there was just something more in Booth’s eyes when he watched her sing. I always got the impression that he really wanted to tell her how he felt. Of course, the writers probably did that on purpose, knowing he was going to suffer a gun-wound in the next seconds. EVIL! 🙂

It was definitely an intense time after the final scene. But so well played by ED and DB!

But now, your moment of B&B:


Green Jacket, RIP

And I think this was a BTS pic, though I don’t remember exactly…



Either way, cute.


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17 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: The Wannabe in the Weeds

  1. I loved her clothes in this episode, too. Actually, I think I loved all of her clothes in the early seasons. She had kind of a boho-vibe going on.

    • I noticed that they were wearing the same colors as each other black shirt under green top/jacket. He looked like he wanted to eat her up with a spoon when she was up there singing her little heart out.

      This episode was all kinds of good. Pam Noonan was just a special kind of creepy.

      • The only off note for me for this whole episode is the running joke of calling her “Fat Pam.” It still bugs me on re-watches.

      • Especially since the actress who played Pam was 5 months pregnant at the time.

      • Yikes, that’s even worse.

        Re: Booth’s expression watching her – he had the same look on his face when he watched her come out for The Science Dude’s TV show in that cute little tutu and pigtails. Hannah who? 😀

    • Me too! I love her earlier look.

  2. The rest of this one usually gets lost for me, that final sequence – the beauty of her singing, smiling; him watching, not able to contain himself, only for it all to crash down thanks to fat Pam.

    To say the resolution of that in Pain was awkward is being kind. It was one of those “time jumps” that didn’t seem to make any sense. I get that it was resolved in the opening sequence of Pain, but still, it seemed like they added an unnecessary roadblock on the way to “Eventually”. Was not too fond of Sweets’ manipulation there for sure. I guess I should be thankful the S9 finale didn’t end like Wannabe…

    • I’m not one to hold a grudge, and Brennan has certainly moved on, but I’ve never forgiven Sweets for not telling her that Booth was not dead. I wasn’t crazy about the character before that anyway, but that really sent him over to the Poopy List for me.

  3. I loved her clothes in this episode too. I especially loved her clothes in the first few episodes of the series and Zach’s – her eco-warrior look. It was a great episode except I felt they didn’t show enough after Booth was shot. Hodgins was great.

    • “It was a great episode except I felt they didn’t show enough after Booth was shot. ”

      I guess this is the rub. It really isn’t a knock on this episode so much as the way it was handled in the beginning of Pain.

      The pure emotion from Brennan in that fade-out is extremely well delivered by ED. It comes across as being a realization moment for her – that’s not just anyone dying in front of her. Instead of delivering on it, making this scare the equivalent of H, instead that gets ripped out cold in Pain (Dammit Sweets!), suppressed even deeper. On the other hand, perhaps this is why the VNM death delivers that final nudge – that even in their grief for Vincent they both realize it could have been the other that was lost forever.

      I was reading a post last night from February 2012 (Vintage series, some point in season 2, maybe in conjunction with “the line” and the advent of the Sully arc) that considered whether they had missed their moment, or whether there were multiple moments, etc. I get the nature of TV forces into many almosts, but it seems to me that since they will end up with at least 4 seasons beyond the will they/won’t they being gone, it shows the show was far more than just the UST. But that indeed they had several moments, but it all goes back to that first meeting that they were forever bound, just waiting for that “eventually” to play out. I am just thankful we didn’t see a HIMYM or Friends(Ross/Rachel) type handling. Talk about feeling cheated out – HIMYM wiped out two years of story in the last episode and 5 minutes. But I digress…

      • I agree with your points relantel, especially about Brennan; and ED was amazing. I felt the end of Wannabe and even more so the beginning of Pain really fell short. I felt even more cheated by the S6 final episodes Hole & Change (6 years!) and the jump to S7.1. “Ludicrous” 🙂

        Since you mentioned HIMYM & Friends, for me, the finale of H… wiped out the whole series. His wife deserved better. For me, Friends ended in S8 and then they dragged R&R out. I thought M&C had the best storyline. I’m glad too that Bones didn’t go those routes, but sometimes I feel Bones is being dragged out and I miss the depth and quality I felt before S6.

        When I watch Bones, I take the good, the bad, and the in-between of each episode, season, or the series as a whole. I can’t separate out parts. They’ve put so much into Bones, into Brennan & Booth, and yet I feel they’ve left important things out. Things I don’t feel should have been left out. But that’s just my opinion.

  4. I loved this episode as well especially the last scene where Booth is looking at Brennan as though she were package with his name on it and it was Christmas morning. The thing that always annoys me is that there was never any further mention or even a scar from Booth getting shot just as there was never any mention afterward when Brennan was shot. It was as if the whole sequence just ceased to exist. But the scene in the bathtub in the following episode with Booth in his beer hat is one of my favorites in the entire series.

  5. Wonderful episode. It’s so nice to revisit all these and remember the good, take-away parts.

  6. 1. Loved the joy on Booth ‘ s face watching Brennan let go and have fun
    2. The joy on Brennan ‘ s face as she was having fun with her friends and singing like she did with her mom
    3. The fierceness of Brennan shooting Pam to avenge her man…I mean partner… 🙂
    4. A cheat, but this led to: Booth. Bathtub. Beer hat. Brennan. Amazing scene! (Can I get ONE shot of Booth in the beer hat wherever they love in season 10.
    5. The delightful creepiness of Fat Pam. Oh she would have made a great recurring character! Though Brennan’s takedown of her was great too 🙂

    *I just love that Booth helped make this childhood memory part of Brennan’s present. He was good at helping her remember the good times when she tended to focus on the bad. And of course she returned the favor too when his father died. I love how they help each other heal from their traumas.

  7. Edit: *wherever they live in season 10

  8. I loved that episode!!! Emily Deschanel can really sing,, ,maybe even better than Cindi Lauper and even her sister, Zooey!!!!!!!

  9. Definitely one of my favorite episodes of Season 3 I just love the way Booth looks at her while she’s singing, he looks at her like she’s the only one in the room darn Pam for ruining that great moment. If I didn’t believe that Booth had/was falling in love with Brennan that scene alone would have convince me.

    One of the things I love about Booth and Brennan’s relationship is how much they can say with just look or touch that you can just feel how much they both care, respect, trust and love each other. We are so lucky to have such wonderful actors like Emily and David that can make us believe that what characters are feeling are real and deep.

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