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Vintage Bones: Yanks in the U.K.: Part 1


Hello and Happy Monday!

Thank you to each one for all of the kind comments on the anniversary post. It is good to love and be loved 🙂

One little thing–like I said last Monday, it’s good to take the pressure off when it comes to the show, and that certainly includes this site. Please don’t feel any pressure to comment or not comment. I noticed a few people say they were commenting for the first time. Cool! If you WANT to comment on posts but feel shy or as if your English isn’t strong enough, just go ahead and comment. I promise it will be fine.  I promise on Booth’s tongue wiggle.


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And now on to season four!

This first episode is one that I like a lot on re-watch. Whenever there were possibly other love interests for Booth or Brennan, I always got kind of nervous–like, what if one of these sticks around? Now that B&B are together, I can enjoy these older episodes more. At this point, Dr. Wexler is merely amusing in the grand scheme of the series–he’s not a threat any more. Also, he’s dead, but that’s for tomorrow’s discussion, haha!

Things I enjoy from this episode:

1. The case

2. Booth getting competitive about Brennan’s skills

3. Booth and Brennan’s conversation about luck during the London Bridge scene, aka your moment of B&B:


yanks 39


12 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Yanks in the U.K.: Part 1

  1. I liked both of these episodes, although the bit with Booth and the small car was a bit too slapstick for me.

  2. After such an emotional Season 3 finale, I wasn’t prepared for how stupid I thought this episode was. Making the Booth act the typical ugly American had me cringing throughout the episode.

    The whole Angela with Grayson thing I just thought was ridiculous. I’m not sure why Cam sleeping with a man Angela hasn’t seen in over 4 years-a man whose name she couldn’t remember, bothers her so much.

    Ian Wexler was slimy. A guy like that who’ll sleep with anybody. Uh, no thanks. I like to think Brennan would’ve turned him down without input from Booth, but maybe not.

    I liked the case and I loved Inspector Pritchard. She was great.

  3. No self respecting English person could ever like these two episodes!!! They are the only two episodes in the whole series that I will never ever re-watch!

  4. I don’t think either of them ever looked back or acknowledging the bridge was opening… it was as if that was for the audience alone.

  5. Personally I loved both episodes but I watched them when I began to catch up on the show at the end of season 4 as I’d never watched it before. So I had no skin in the game as it were. Wexler was creepy but I loved Pritchard. I wish she would visit the ‘Colonies’ and work with B&B again but I guess Indira Verma has enough work to keep her busy. This is one of the few tiny themes that the writers have carried through with over the series — Booth’s bobblehead Bobby.

  6. I like most of this two parter, except what has been mentioned, turning Booth into a stereotype. Just, boo. But it is filled with lovely moments, some in the 2nd part. I liked them meeting their British counterparts and how they could see those aspects of themselves in another person. Like looking into a British mirror :).

    I like it when shows go on location and we get a different vibe from the usual. I’d like to think that B&B go there on vacation someday (or another case) and reminisce about how silly they were for not getting together earlier and get to experience some of those things again as a couple. Thank goodness for “head canon”! 🙂

    • “I’d like to think that B&B go there on vacation someday (or another case) and reminisce about how silly they were for not getting together earlier and get to experience some of those things again as a couple.”

      Instead of just teased by it by the way Brennan turned down Wexler… so in my head thought this was her choosing Booth. Little did I know…

  7. An afterthought… for all the disconnect between PitH and Yanks 1, would they have been better off with Yanks 1 being S3 finale and Yanks 2 being the S4 premiere?

  8. I have watched the series since the pilot episode and enjoyed every episode except Yanks 1 and 2 which were embarrassing beyond belief. I would never watch these two episodes again. Booth was portrayed as the ugly American constantly criticizing everything about England because it wasn’t the US and the character of Wexler was a creep. As others have said Indira Verma as Pritchard was lovely and the only positive character in both episodes (other than Brennan). I’m surprised still many years later that DB agreed to portray Booth in such a stereotypical way aided by an idiotic script. The portrayal of the ‘gentry’ was meant to be comical I suppose, given that the ‘butler did it’ on behalf of his betters in 1 and although Yanks 2 was slightly better it was disappointing to miss an opportunity for two interesting stories set in London.
    I guess from this rant you can surmise that I didn’t like these episodes.

  9. my browsing got me to this scene study Seels did on Yanks 1, from January 2011. Interesting observations, about them being so busy bickering as to be oblivious to Tower bridge opening.

    Though in the odd statement of Booth being there to find Brennan a guy, given the other conversations not far removed from this point (Outhouse comes to mind), it is not hard for me to think he was talking about himself. And he appears tipsy enough to have for a moment lost the self-restraint on such things, perhaps is why it is more awkwardly so than the moment in Outhouse.

    Reading the scene study was as good as having watched it again, I could see it playing back in my brain. Only a little more informed for having read it. Though how many other times have the two of them tuned out everything else but them? It’s rather common, at least in that it doesn’t seem out of the realm for them to tune out the bridge.

    (And on a side note, some great content in and around there on turning points, and those that should have been but weren’t, etc. by Rynogeny among others. Kind of strange, where before I was reading from a fixed point forward, that now I went back to that fixed point reading backward. And all of it with 9 full seasons of knowledge.

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