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Vintage Bones: Yanks in the U.K.: Part 2


Hello, hello!

I like this second part of the season 4 premiere more than the first. I like Inspector Pritchard and I like the way B&B help solve Ian’s murder.


Like with Part 1 when I was always a little nervous that Brennan might have chosen Ian, there is definitely chemistry between Booth and Pritchard. I remember during this time, David Boreanaz would get annoyed whenever he would hear Booth called a prude. I always thought there was a more conscious effort in season 4 and beyond to sort of recognize Booth’s sexuality. And this episode is part of that, including the invitation he receives from Pritchard, and the whole “Everest” stuff. Thankfully that is in the past.


Like many people, I thought a lot Booth’s actions and interactions in the U.K. were over the top because it was such a fast transition from American Cowboy to the polka-dot tie, so to speak. But I do think the end scene does have some cute moments, including this moment of B&B:


yanks part 2


18 thoughts on “Vintage Bones: Yanks in the U.K.: Part 2

  1. I honestly didn’t remember a lot of the things people complained about in the 1st part of this episode until they were mentioned. *lol* Selective memory, ftw!

  2. Personally I thought these were fun episodes not meant to be taken very seriously. And that last scene, shot in the Queen Anne Hall at Greenwich, with Sir Seeley and Lady Temperance was one of my favorites.

  3. I enjoyed the case in this episode. The stuff going on back at the Jeffersonian I felt was beyond stupid. I have never seen two people go from being in love & making wedding plans to having a spat about why they were jealous to completely breaking up. WTH? I never understood why HH thought he needed to put a halt to the Angela/Hodgins relationship. I felt it made absolutely no sense especially since it opened the door to bi-sexual Angela which many people *not me* had a problem with, sad Hodgins and finally the Wendell/Angela relationship that everybody except me hated.

    I loved the wrap up and Sir Seeley. That was very cute. I wish Pritchard had made it across the pond at some point. I really enjoyed her character. I would have had much less of problem of her and Booth than I did with Brennan and slimeball Ian.

    • Was that this episode? I need to rewatch. Although I liked Angela and Roxie, the A/H breakup was really abrupt and came out of nowhere.

      • The whole breakup thing was ridiculous and the Roxie thing was never convincing. Don’t get me started on Angela’s seduction of Wendell. Talk about creepy. The writers by this point didn’t want to have Booth or Brennan carrying on an affair in front of the other (HH of course changed his mind by season 6) so Angela became the designated serial skank. For a lot of people her character never recovered.

      • (I would take Wengela over Camastoo any day and twice on Sunday. It was at least slightly more convincing.)

      • Roxie and Angela were reunited in episode about the crushed car art, the name which escapes me at the moment; but yes this was the episode Hodgins and Angela broke up.

      • The Skull in the Sculpture. That much I know! 🙂

  4. First, MJ , I am loving your Camastoo vs Wengela comment. Lol. And I agree. However, I couldn’t shake the incestuous feeling Wengela gave me. Camastoo, I just don’t care about. Blah.

    Second, while the England stuff was aiming for lighthearted, making Booth a stupid stereotype did not read as funny to me, and to many others. It just didn’t feel right. And maybe because I have a British bro-in-law, I was like hey! Not all Americans do this! I wanted to stand up for my people 🙂

    Third, I adore the Sir Seeley and Lady Temperance moment. Can’t you just see Booth as a proud and fierce knight protecting his land (which belongs to Seeley Booth), living with duty and honor, while Brennan is the principled noblewoman who uses her wealth and status to help her people? 🙂

    Fourth, Hodgela. What. The. Heck. Made no sense whatsoever. It’s like there was a bright red sign in the diner flashing PLOT TWIST. Nothing about it was organic or even made sense. Maybe Angela (the gal who pushes for a big wedding in a week while already married) might…but sweet, doting Hodgins who’s loved her forever?? Nope.

    • In defense of Booth (or more precisely the writers who created the episode), The Girl in the Mask showed that he was not an ugly American, that he had respect for other people and other cultures.

      • And then S9 gives us a Booth who carelessly juggles a priceless artifact as if it’s a piece of Tupperware so……

      • That piece was so incorrectly designed for what it was supposed to be I just laughed and thought, ‘Go ahead, Boothy boy, drop it.’

    • IMO, “Bones” is at its funniest when it’s not trying so hard to actually be funny. For me, that’s why some of the slapstick episodes fall a bit flat. When the humour comes naturally, it works in a way that it doesn’t when it’s manufactured. It’s easier to make someone cry than it is to make someone laugh.

    • That Sir Seeley and Lady Temperance moment redeemed it for me. Loved the opening, the stuffing of all of the gifts in the cab. The case wasn’t bad. Questioned the unneeded breakup. But like the Tower Bridge opening in Part 1, the end again was really sweet.

      Guessing these were paired in the same season so as to make the most of the on location production costs?

      I wasn’t actively watching back then – were these both aired on the same night when they originally aired in 2008?

  5. I just had to share, it’s a bit OT, but I love it! Credit to Karen (aka jmgx2) for sharing the link today.

  6. I finished rewatching this one last night. And I take back what I said. The end didn’t need to redeem the whole of the episode. I rather enjoyed it. The ending was a nice finishing touch though.

    The little jab there at the end when Brennan realizes that Pritch was hitting on Booth (associating for the viewer the whole “lift to the airport” line like Grayson and Cam), and Booth gets off a no, in the form of Bones already having a limo, but then gives what could be read as an open invitation for whenever she might have visited the states in the future. Brennan totally called him on it and he wanted to dismiss it out of hand. It’s almost like his dismissive “I do fine” in Outhouse. Which I found quite interesting as I don’t think there had been much of a hint of anyone since Cam in season 2 at that point.

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